Three guides/builds I chewed over this morning that caught my eye which might give some of you something new to try.

    CursedDice’s guide is “A Guide to Farming Act 1 Inferno” details what his Demon Hunter’s set up is from active and passive skills to his gear choices.  With this set up he’s making between 750k and 1m in a hour and it doesn’t call for any gear swapping.  If you’re at that stage of wanting to farm for personal items or for the auction house this one is worth a try.

    The gear and skill setup I have been running is tuned for killing quickly, moving quickly, and not dying (just barely). The idea is to kill each and every Monster you come across quickly and keep moving. The faster you can move through the level, and the less downtime in between each fight, means you will find more elite packs per hour…which is what we are really after…but along the way you will kill many, many white mobs and profit from them as well (they drop lots of gold with + GF gear, plenty of blues and rares to salvage and sell with +MF gear ALWAYS equipped, gems, etc…)

    If your farming exploits haven’t been quite as productive as CursedDice’s then maybe you’ll need Odegar’s guide to “Beating Inferno with Bad Gear“.  He shares the skills essential to beating Inferno, which ones should be used in general and his situational swaps.  Which stats are the priority to concentrate on and which ones you can largely ignore also has a section. Finally, there’s a whole section at the end packed full of useful tips and even a video of him putting that all into practice with his Monk against Diablo.

    The idea is to have 50% armor, 20% damage reduction and 20% attack speed reduction at all times. One thing to note is that the buff/debuff is applied on the 3rd strike. All the Monk spirit builders are 3 strike moves. The interesting thing is that you can swap between moves within these 3 strikes. That is, you can do two swings of Crippling Wave and then a final swing with Deadly Reach and you will get the 50% armor benefit from Deadly Reach. A nice way to do damage is to do the first two strikes in Way of the Hundred Fists then finish with Crippling Wave, so it doesn’t knock back enemies.

    And last for day is a build from Genocides.  This build is for a Monk and he’s calling it “Twist, Boom, Bang!” with the tag line “Expensive but Fun”.

    I still have upgrade room for Vita, Dexterity, Crit, LoH, and of course Resists. Anything in Act 2 is just a joke including and especially Belial. I can stand in front of him and not move outside of the explosions on the ground phase when he sticks his two claw hands in the floor. I’ve had much more fun with this setup rather than the Faith in the Light Blinding Flash variant.

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