An interesting Diablo 3 guide from Draba in our Diablo 3 community forum, in it he details exactly how to level a brand new character to 60 in just a few hours. That’s not hard if you have a high Paragon level friend to play with you, as you can just follow along on DiabloWikiMP10 while he devastates monsters in Act 3 and shared the huge experience to you. But what do you do if a friend isn’t willing to give up 3 or 4 hours of play time to kill things for you?

    You do it yourself, with a DiabloWikiHellfire Ring.

    There are two catches to this build. You need to get a little help from a friend or a good samaritan on B.net to get a quick Diablo kill and Act Three waypoint on each difficulty, and you need a Hellfire Ring. Two, ideally, so you can put one on your Follower as well. You require the ring not just for the experience bonus, but for that “explosive ball of Hellfire” the ring launches every now and then with your attacks.

    When the Hellfire Ring was new on the PTR, the Hellfire attack dealt damage on some sort of percentage of character damage, and was wildly OP. People were getting crits in the 3-5 million range, so Blizzard nerfed it (details in this post), cutting the Hellfire ball damage down to a level where it was a decent bonus, but wasn’t that impactful in Inferno. I assumed the damage was some % of the character’s damage, but for some reason the devs went with a flat damage of around 22,000 per hit (and it splashes). That’s pretty minor in Inferno, but it’s a sure DiabloWikione-shot all through Normal and Nightmare, even on Monster PowerDiabloWiki 10.

    The Monster hit points on Acts 3 and 4 of Hell difficulty, on MP10, are about equivalent to MP0 on Inferno, so you won’t be one-shotting monsters with 50 or 60k hit points. But since reduced level requirement gear isn’t hard to come by, you can pretty cheaply outfit your new character in low quality Inferno gear by the time they’re level 48 or 50, and in that, plus the Hellfire ring, they can tear through MP10 Hell and rack up huge experience on their rapid treadmill to 60.

    His guide covers the basic strategy, ideal equipment choices, how to get the rush, why Eirena is the best Follower choice, and more. Here’s the basic starting advice, and check the whole forum thread since he answers some questions in follow up posts.

    Start a new char, equip hellfire ring on it. Rings with vit, socket, attack speed are preferable(but no way mandatory), if you have one of those you can tank a few hits even on mp10, otherwise you’ll have to dodge everything manually.

    Ask someone to get scoundrel/enchantress + kill normal Diablo for you, and then drop you off on an act3 quest after Ghom (takes around 10 min total). Equip the fastest weapon available on both you and Enchantress and start killing mp10 keep2(or the area of your choice) with Hellfire blast procs. Get a socketed helm+ruby when you hit 15, all other slots are optional as you could do well totally naked with just the 2 hellfire rings on you and follower. Attack speed is a great bonus to have so it’s a good idea to grab some. When you hit 25 go nightmare.

    I haven’t tried it, and I’m not likely to since I’ve got all 5 classes to level 60 and as we know, rerolling isn’t exactly necessary in Diablo III. But if you’ve been meaning to level up a new class and haven’t found a good excuse/time/friend to help, this strategy might work for you.

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