Here’s a quick Diablo 3 guide to finding accurate prices for your gear in the Diablo III Auction House, and thus listing them at the right price for a quick sale. I’ve been doing a lot of buying and selling of late, and I often see threads from people asking how to figure item value. It seems like many people can’t, in as much as the items I see listed on the Auction House are often wildly over their value in the market. A lot of those are surely intentional, as people throw up their mid-range legendaries with absurdly-inflated prices and hope someone clicks buyout by accident.

    I wish Blizzard released some Auction House figures, just for our curiosity. What’s the average price by item type? By modifier? By legendary? What’s the greatest cumulative amount of gold anyone has sold or bought? What percent of auctions end in a sale? Etc. Personally, I’d be shocked to hear that even 1/100 auctions sell. Probably more like 1/10,000, given how wildly overpriced most auctions seem to be.

    If you actually want your item to sell, you need to price them appropriately, but not so cheaply that you feel like you’re getting ripped off. How can you turn mediocre Rares into more gold than the 2000 or so you get from the vendor in-game? Read on. As I said in the Billion Gold Prices article and the Max Magic/Gold Find item list, I’m working on a master list of a sort of pricing guide for every item slot. Best and most valuable mods for that item, best legendaries, etc.

    This article is not that one, though. It’s just a short how-to guide on quickly finding the value of your items, so you can price them appropriately in the Auction House. With lots of illustrations, for to make glorious visual assistance.

    Let's move those items from Auctions to Completed.

    Let’s move those items from Auctions to Completed, shall we?

    Diablo 3 Guide: Item Sale Values

    Figuring out what your item is worth is the first step in selling it. Well, in selling it for a good price. You can put up anything at 500 gold and hope for the best, but there’s an odd sense of failure or regret when you post something that sells instantly. You’re happy it sold, but for me at least, I always think that means I should have priced it a bit higher. Do what you can to banish that thought from your head, and you’ll be happier. For all you know, the one person on Battle.net who would have bought your item just happened to search it out a moment after your auction went live, and if you’d asked even 5 gold more they’d have passed you buy by.

    So, how to know what your item is worth? The game provides a handy tool. While in the Auction House, just right click on anything on a character, in your inventory, or in your stash and select the “Search for similar items” option.

    Right click for similar items.

    Right click for similar items.

    This will instantly pop you to the search page, with the mods on your item entered into the variable fields. Sadly this does not work on legendaries; it takes you to the search page, but with just the base item type selected so you have to enter the values manually. (And you still can’t sort or rank items by the values for affixes that don’t normally occur on that item type, such as critical hit damage on a Witching Hour belt.)

    Click through for the rest of the guide with screenshots and some general thoughts on current market trends in the GAH.

    Search fields automatically completed.

    Search fields automatically completed.

    This is the next thing you’ll see; the search page with all the fields already filled in.

    Here you need to remove some of the irrelevant mods. No one’s going to put a value on Lightning Resistance, other than perhaps a Monk trying to flesh out his OWE res, but without any Dexterity this isn’t likely an item a Monk would want anyway. You also want to normalize the other values. Lower them a bit, no one’s going to search on “71 Vitality,” so I usually drop mine down to the next lower round number, to get a reasonable amount of comps.

    If you’re having trouble finding other similar items, drop the number a bit further, especially if it’s a non-essential figure. On these pants every point of INT adds to value. The Vit is also useful, but this isn’t Hardcore so it’s not *that* valuable. So I dropped it down to 60 just to get more results. If that still doesn’t do it, you can just

    Or remove the value entirely, and just keep the affix.


    Here you see another problem; I’m trying to sell an item in my stash, but when I look at the returns I see my own pants as the comparable. You can fix this by logging into a game and equipping the item you’re trying to sell, but there’s another quick way to work around.

    On the Search Equipment field, select the generic class you want to compare to, rather than one of your own characters. It doesn’t really matter which class you pick (unless you want to search on some class-specific item type or mod) but since these pants have INT I should choose a WD or a Wizard.


    Now when I hover on the items, I don’t get distracted by the display of other gear, plus that display doesn’t cover up the prices, which makes it easier for me to skim down the list. Also note that I’ve sorted by Buyout price, so they go from cheapest to most expensive, since in this auction (as in almost all of mine) I’m going for a quick sale at the lower end of the market.) I don’t see the comparison to the pants I’m trying to sell either, but I can click back to the sell Tab to view them again, or just refer to the search fields below for the approximate stats.


    These are quite similar in stats and going for 100k, with just a few hours left in the auction. My pants had 8% more All Res, and the other auction was about to end, so I tried to be greedy and listed them for 111,111.


    Though I didn’t do it with these pants it’s a good idea to use the Buyout option to try to leverage your sale price. Set a lower price, say 90k for these pants as the bid, and then put the Buyout at something higher, such as 111k. The lower figure might catch someone’s eye, and then if they’re impatient they’ll just do the Buyout. I almost always do buyouts myself, since when I want an item I want it now. The only time I bid is when there’s a huge disparity, like 300k bid and 800k buyout, but there’s a whole psychological angle there that many people are susceptible to.



    These pants did not sell for 111k, but I cut the price to 94,444 the next day, and they did sell at that. Which is a fairly rare state of affairs in the GAH these days, as you can see by the many other non-selling auctions in my recent results.

    Current Auction House Trends

    I’ve been using the GAH a lot for the past month+, and it seems to be getting harder and harder to sell anything. Maybe that’s related to the time of the year; many people are home from college for holidays, others aren’t finding as much online time with family and other real life distractions, etc. But it’s making selling tougher.

    All through Oct and November I had little trouble selling 8 or 10 Rares a day. All fairly low-end stuff, 30-100k or so, of the type of items that are very easily found while doing farming runs in Inferno. High MF helps with finding Legendaries, but it also boosts your odds of 6 affix rares, and those have made up most of my item sales.

    For the past couple of weeks though, I’ve had to really cut prices. Search, find comparables at 250k, set my item to 166k, and hope for the best. Lately I’m lucky to see 1/3 or 1/5th of auctions go through, even offering items at a very good price. (I’m probably not an ideal GAH profiteer, since I don’t have the patience to keep relisting the same item and waiting for it to sell. I’d rather move a lot of inventory and if that means taking an 80k sale over a 110k maybe, I’ll do the 80k just to free up a sales slot for another item sitting in my stash.

    I have noticed a few things selling; dual find gear, with both MF and GF, has more value than I’d expect. I’ve moved quite a few junky rares for 20-40k just because they had 18% GF and 19% MF, or values like those. The following 3 items recently sold for 25-40k.


    I’m not sure who is so hard up for GF/MF that they’ll buy those items; maybe they’re getting ready for Followers being able to wear more armor in D3X?

    Pickup Radius

    The hat below I’m trying to get 450k for, and I think it would have sold in a snap if it wasn’t a stupid Monk hat. Comparable helms for all classes are 1m and up, and this is part of the reason why I don’t usually pick up rares of class-specific gear; it limits the potential sales market too much.


    If you’re wondering why a helm with such mediocre survival stats is (theoretically) worth nearly 500k… pickup radius. It’s all about the pickup radius. The socket and double find and another decent stat are nice, but pickup radius is wildly valuable these days, since everyone wants it and since it is so seldom found on Legendaries. And with Legendaries dropping so regularly in v1.05, it’s getting cheaper and cheaper to equip even a low budget character in very good green and orange gear, but that often comes at the expense of their pickup radius equipment.

    Thus any rares with even semi-decent end game stats and pickup radius are very valuable. Case in point:


    If you can’t read without clicking, those pants sold for 1,275,000, and they’re crap. Seriously, without pickup radius as a mod, they’re probably vendor trash. Maybe 25k on the GAH, but I don’t think I’d have even bothered to list them. Lately I’m not trying to sell anything for less than around 40-50k (which means comparables are 75k or more) since I’ve got a backlog of good auctionable items.

    But with nice vit, pickup radius, and 2 sockets, these sold in a snap for well over 1m. And honestly, I should probably have set a higher price and waited patiently.


    I’ve got a bunch of other recent GAH observations and theories, relating to item types worth picking up, the wildly-inflated prices of most jewelery, the weird price premium a perfect seed puts on any legendary, and more, but I’ll save those for another day.

    I’m curious how others are finding the GAH of late, though. How are you guys doing on sales? Finding it harder to move stuff? Or are there things selling that you’ve found that aren’t mentioned here?

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