Diablo 3 Gold Duping Ban Victims Plead Innocence

If you’re the sort of person who likes to read despairing forum posts from Diablo 3 Gold Duping
people who were banned for cheating at Diablo 3, then you’ve come to the right place. There are lots of such posts in the B.net forums of late, all boldly proclaiming their innocence and the injustice of their bans.

To be clear, I don’t know if these guys are guilty of anything, and none of them seem to be amongst the infamous “415” gold dupers. They all say they’re innocent, that they only sold some gems, etc. Maybe that’s true, but if you’re anti-duping and you want to scrape some of the digital tears off the screen to savor them in your leisure, I’m not going to stop you. All the following are partial quotes because TLDR, and they all got form letter Blue replies.

This is not a reasonable banned on my account, Blizzard company has not stated by receiving gold from others players is against violation, if it does then please banned all players out there that has also done so ( which i believe you won’t have anymore players left by then )

This account has not done any sort of duping/gems selling and violate to Auction House and i have the transactions logs to proof it, My friend trade me free gold for 30bill before he quits and i didn’t realized until the trade is completed that i have received 300bill instead I have played diablo since the very first day and there were no commas on trade menu and i have suggest this issue but none of the blues ever reply so i don’t think i should take the blame.

Got rolled back since I sold radiant star gems at GAH when I saw high prices… Now all my gear is BOA. I have very high end gear on my char. What am I suppose to do with it now?? If I wanna upgrade a 1b piece for 2b one? just throw it away? I got screwed without even knowing there was a dupe bug at that time.. Im pissed off at point I might just stop playing now. Anyone experience similar situation? Sent a ticket 3 days ago and never got answer, blizzard really cares about customers apparently
Hi all, I just wanted to jump in the thread here and let you know that we’re still in the process of reviewing some aspects of the RMAH issues for accounts that were affected by the audit. If you have any specific questions or concerns about where we’re at with an auction on your account, or why a specific course of action was taken, please feel free to message us. Please keep in mind that due to the high volume of inquiries surrounding this issue, we may not be able to immediately respond. During the normal phone hours for our various support regions, we do offer live web chat which you can use to chat with us directly.

Thank you for your patience and for your understanding 🙂

Blizzard Customer Support

Click through for more schadenfreude-dripping tales of woe, if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy.

When Tuesday happened, I had 122 dollars in my bnet balance. I saw gem prices were high, bought gems on the rmah and then sold them on the gold ah (this was when they were selling for like 45 million).

On wed, I get the email saying my account is locked. Try and log in today (haven’t gotten an email back yet) and everything I own is account bound and I am short $122 dollars out of my bnet balance. How is that possible or even legal?

There were people who accidentally duped gold who were banned. I know not all dupers did it by mistake. I never duped gold but I have done the actions required to dupe gold before the patch. All you have to do is cancel a gold stack option. I never cancelled a 2b+ gold stack sure but I don’t see the difference. If you ever cancelled an auction you deserve to be banned. Oh no wait you don’t.

What the hell is this? After four days of “investigations” Blizzard has banned my diablo 3 account.

And I can tell you here and now that I have in fact not participated in this scandal, I have not used the RMAH and I have not had any interactions with dupers/cheaters. I have however sold my gems on the auction house at a whopping 35m each. That’s right I have sold my radiant star gems ( acquired prior patch 1.0.8) at 35m each because hey! I just logged on and the floor cap of gold dropped 10 fold so it’s only natural for me to assume that the prices of gems would go up. But what I did no expect is to get a suspension and NOW I am completely banned….Why!?
Hi all, through reading the posts here I see that while some of you have had the accounts reviewed, others may have not yet asked for our assistance. As ever, we do encourage you to let us know if you have any questions. Although we’re not always able to go into specific detail about why an account action may have happened, we’ll do our best to provide as much detail as possible and/or address any further concerns in regards to the account.

If you have an account that you would like us to review, please submit the ticket here, and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you guys breaking out the world’s smallest violins, or do you love to hear people who were (allegedly) cheating despairing at the doom and ruin that’s come to all they knew and loved?

Also, this is a great chance for some haters to wade in and assign blame like a bonobo on a bad day. Clearly this is all Blizzard’s fault. They probably put the bug into v1.08 on purpose to allow players to cheat and dupe gold! Then they were slow to shut down the realms, which allowed more players to cheat, just since they wanted to ban them and get an extra $60. Plus then Bli$$ard didn’t rollback so the Auction House downtime would be longer. Clearly, JW/Bashy/console/RMAH is to blame.

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20 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Gold Duping Ban Victims Plead Innocence

  1. They should ban me. I also sold gems at higher prices than i bought them. Several items also.

  2. Auction House = bad idea.

    RMAH = really bad idea.

    The damage caused by bugs/cheating and the subsequent punishments are much more severe due to the Auction House.

  3. These are probably the same kids that said their account got hacked in the early days when maybe a few people legitimately got hacked for not having an authenticator or getting key logged or whatever and then had their accounts rolled back to profit. Keep pushing that “gray area” BS please. -_-

  4. Why doesn’t Blizz just set up stings by making a bunch of d2jsp forum accounts? On the internet, no one can see your goofy cop mustache.

  5. I had no idea what was going on with the duping – I logged in and sold a small stockpile of radiants while everyone in trade chat was saying “lol wtf sell radiants this is nuts!”

    Went to work happy about my new cash, then came home and read about the duping craziness and realized that’s where the inflation came from. Anyway, as of now I am not banned, but I am nervous anyway, as it sounds like people like me who just unexpectedly got a profit are getting punished for the exploiters’ deeds.

  6. It’s impossible to undo the damage caused by the exploit because despite the group actually doing the duping being small they gave gold away to a much larger group who also gave it to their friends and so on. Everyone participating in the AH that day unwittingly exploited the surplus gold. It went everywhere and not just in large amounts of 2 billion that would be easy for them to track. That’s why people are sometimes going to be wrongly banned.

    I’m sure there will be more exploits to come because they are sloppy plain and simple. I would be surprised if the auction makes it to the next exploit. What’s going to be the new acceptable gold floor now? 20 cents per million? 10 cents? How low can we go? It certainly isn’t stopping any time soon because there are zero viable gold sinks on the horizon.

  7. Pretty hilarious how bad of a bug that was. It didn’t even take any special inputs, just normal use. Once again, Blizzard shows they have one of the least reliable QA teams for a company their size.

    I don’t think any of the sob stories I’ve seen have gotten any sympathy from me. They all either sound like they deserve the ban or loss of items, or that they’re probably lying. I don’t think Blizzard is incapable of banning someone unjustly, just that it’s unlikely that it happened on any large scale. In the end, I’m glad I was at work all day and that by the time I logged in, the AH was already locked.

  8. I question the whole thing, it’s fine if you want to blindly believe whatever Blizzard tells you is the truth but the more likely scenario is that innocents are being punished in a desperate attempt to cut down on bloat.

    Blizzard is punishing players for beating their system by outright stealing the money they invested in purchasing the game, how exactly did EA beat these scumbags for worst company in America?

    • I do, since you had to have a couple billion to make the cancel dupe work. Even with botters and 24/7 flippers there can’t be that many billionaires.

    • The number is at least plausible. The thing they don’t know/haven’t released is how many billions or trillions those original billionaire players then sent to people who didn’t use the actual exploit and might not have even known what was going on.

      Consider a player who put a 2 billion item up on the auction house as a joke or for storage and one of the exploiters then buys it. Now you have an innocent player who is a newly minted billionaire twice over and goes crazy buying legit stuff with what he thinks is real gold. Should he then get to keep those items? Blizzard says yes because there was no rollback. So then does the player he bought the legit items from lose their millions they earned without doing anything at all?

      That exact scenario was happening all day long thousands of times over.

      Then you have to consider that once the free money started flying around more than the original number of billionaires would then have enough to use the exploit themselves in a very short time if they chose to look into what was actually going on with their new billions.

  9. Does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that blizzard did this to trap some of those cheaters intentionally? maybe just my wild imagination, but if so I think it’s awesome. Maybe I am enjoying their crying while I work my ass off to build anything close to that caliber of gear.

  10. In this case is not players fault.only and only blizz team.
    that bug is their fault,devs fault.why punish players if you,as company,have such a ..”great&skillful” devs in the world and make that programming mistake?blame your damn programmers&QA&producers etc not players, who just pay your game and after that patch they take that bug so seroius.

    greed attracts greed,something innate in this world. 😉

  11. I still don’t understand why they didn’t just rollback then punish those that used the exploit

  12. So the guy who got handed 300 billion gold is just trolling at this point. Nobody is gonna hand you 30billion gold or 300 billion gold.

    As for the people selling gems… I don’t see that as necessarily exploitation on their part. There was a lot of speculation, including by FLUX on this very site that the change in stack size of gold would have an impact on the economy. If people expected the prices of stuff to jump, saw the prices jump, and were prepared to profit from that, it’s entirely reasonable that they could have done their thing totally unaware of the bug.

    Now … does this mean those people Flux quoted are white as lambs? No way for us to know. Kind of low brow to assume the worst and set them up to be mocked though.

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