Diablo 3 Gold Dupe Bug

Along with the amusing bugs, the Patch 1.0.8 brought along a serious one; a way for players to dupe gold by posting and then canceling items in the Auction House. The Auction House has now been taken down and there is much player speculation about roll backs or other radical steps to fix the economic destruction.

Blizzard hasn’t yet commented other than with their default security message, but hopefully we’ll get more news on this shortly.

Reporting possible hacks, exploits, or cheats these issues is incredibly important to us, but at the same time, we ask that players please remember to report them through the proper secure channels. As stated in this sticky, and the Forums Code of Conduct, under NO circumstances should a hack or exploit be reported on the public forums.

If you believe you have information pertaining to a possible dupe or exploit, we ask that you please email [email protected] with the steps you used so that we can investigate the issue. Thanks for your help!
vaeflare you do relaise this is real, there is guy on stream that just made 420bil gold in less than a minute.


How long will the auction house be down?
Vaeflare: We don’t have a current estimate at this time.

Just speculating, but you might not want to play until we hear more about this. If Blizzard does have to make some sort of realm-wide rollback to erase the duped gold, anything you accomplish between now and then might be erased.

Update [4:00GMT] : The patch is live on the EU servers now, we assume sans the gold bug which would suggest Blizzard have a fix for the bug to apply to the US server.  No word on this or what will happen, if anything, to the trillions of gold duped or the accounts taking full advantage of the exploit.


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  1. Wait, online-only stopped all dupes, bots, and other cheating, didn’t it?

    **whistles innocently**

  2. oops, there goes the neighbourhood.

  3. Maybe they have a bigger problem than a bunch of gold floating around:


    Some people made trillions of gold and are selling for millions of $. I could see a rollback happening…

    • D2jsp will never die, apparently. Also, there’s no way of offloading that. I don’t begrudge the financial fraud team at B.net tonight…

  4. I guess it’s not worth playing tonight then…

  5. Ouch. This is a huge embarrassment.

    Blizz just can’t get anything right with D3.

    I would hope that they rollback the realm.

    The game economy that they preached so hard to remain legit and relevant just isn’t really panning out due to the item dupes and mass amount of bots in the game.

    Massive and easy gold duping will just be a final nail in the coffin of the game’s economy if there is no rollback.

  6. Tbh if you try defend the current issues; i ask why? they had plenty of time for the changes, even so the changes were pretty minor.

    Absolutely unprofessional

    • @ “Absolutely unprofessional”

      This pretty much nails it. Yes, errors occur, but such an error where you simply dupe gold by canceling your auctions .. WTF??

  7. I see some rollbacks and bans after tonight.

  8. I hope they have a 24-hour-something time frame between real money transactions in place, othwerwise this could turn out to be a complete desaster.

    • There is a delay before RMAH transactions, especially in terms of adding or withdrawing money via paypal.

      The real mischief is apparently going on via 3rd party gold sellers, where duped gold can be sold instantly and moved to new accounts, where it can be spent on items (via 3rd party trading, even if the AH is down). Basically laundering the dupes, or at least spreading it around so that many other people are affected by a rollback.

      • How sketchy do you have to be to try and 3rd party RMT in a game that already allows it? Is this for real criminal money laundering? What other reason is there for it? Only thing I can think of is people trying to trade perfect Mempos or something for something higher than the AH caps (gold/cash).

        • I haven’t checked it, but a lot of crit mempos/top tier items vanished from GAH, streamers started to buyout trash for 2bi gold. Essentially, people used a lot of schemes to turn gold into gear, planning to sell the gear for gold later. I.e. Makes 100tri, buyout lots of gems, sell gems later when dust settles, if no rollback happens.

          Also, iirc, people can trade gold in-game, so there’s a risk of duped gold transfered between accounts even with AH down.

        • Yeah, like Baron said, the 2b cap was moving all of the highest quality items to 3rd party selling (and that’s going to massively accelerate now that gold is 1/10th the previous value, unless Bliz also increases the 2b cap).

          Also, pre-v1.08 gold was considerably cheaper via 3rd party sites. Like 1/3 to 1/5 cheaper, the last time I checked, since via the RMAH the lowest it could go was 1m for $.25, which was well above the free market price. (Gold via the RMAH will likely drop a great deal in value now that v1.08 raised the basic sale block from 1m to 10m.) Plus, 3rd party sales had much lower transactions fees, especially to/from Asia, since PayPal charges like 10x the fees to Asia as it does to US/EU.

          None of this is to recommend RMAH or gold farming/buying from 3rd parties, but there were clear economic reasons that some people were doing so.

  9. this is their chance to announce they are immediately closing the RMAH forever

  10. To anyone who is afraid that people will have made REAL money off this exploit, in order to redeem the gold for cash, there actually needs to be enough people willing to cumulatively buy trillions of gold, which seems unlikely considering that a) why buy trillions when you can do like everyone else and dupe? and b) the AH was closed long before that many transactions could be finalised through paypal/banks/credit companies. Any transaction outside the game can easily be ‘rolled back’ as well (i.e. credit card fraud protocols), so rest assured, no one has made a cent out of this. Blizzard will just do a rollback, and alert paypal and all banks that all transactions between the patch going live and the rollback are void. This is exactly why you can’t purchase things via direct debit from your account (and need 3 days to verify putting money into your blizz account), and why when you sell things, the cash goes into your blizzard account and needs clearance for you to receive the actual cash.

  11. No rollbacks will be made and no one will be banned, just like every other bug or hack.

  12. Actually, people are getting banned now. d3_inigomontoya got banned live half hour ago…

  13. Wow this streamer is such a douche

  14. “Once again the Gods spread the cheeks to Ram Cock in Fucking Ass!”

    Anyway, heads will roll and Blizzard must fire these stupid programmers.

  15. I’ve been thinking over this for a while and the classic debate about always online and single player has brought me to the point of disagreeing with Flux about the illusion of choice (as he mentioned in the previous podcast). Normally I would enjoy being online most of the time because Diablo is a good multiplayer experience but when stuff like this happens; massive duping, economic failure, and the terrible exploits screwing over the average people playing this game, I believe any game is better off with a single player experience as well. See in Diablo 2 I can just use cheats to give myself max gold in my inventory and stash without worrying about ruining everyone else’s experience and the state of the auction house. That’s no “illusion of choice.” That’s the power of allowing people to enjoy themselves even when they’re not online.

    Sadly, Blizzard believed the best experience was online only and has to pay the iron price to keep a vigilant eye out for individuals who will bot, dupe, exploit, and ruin a clean playing experience for those who want to enjoy a fun experience. Well, you can make the argument that Blizzard would have to do that anyway for MP in Diablo 3 BUT if there was a single player experience people would shrug that servers and realms are down and have fun playing a game where you don’t worry about losing a connection to Blizzard’s official servers.

    Of course, bugs and exploits will never stop happening but at this point I’m completely against being always online and I won’t support that practice again. You always end up being subject to Blizzard’s servers and there’s a real good chance (as shown today and many times before) that you won’t be able to play your game due to “maintenance.”

    • Some asshole mentioned “illusion of choice” and ever since then people have flocked to this statement and have regurgitated it a multitude of times, especially in instances where it doesn’t exist. There have been a lot of illusions leading up to D3, like death animations with bosses, Arenas, fun, randomized areas. PR illusions are the real ones. “Well a skill tree and stat system always has a top end, so it’s really just an illusion huck yuk” (I don’t know how to phonetically type the Goofy laugh). Not everyone looked up the best choice, and the math will ALWAYS have a top end spec, even with their stupid fucking rune system. Unless the designers build the system from the ground up to give the same values at the end then no matter what you do the math will always have a top end. What they should be doing is making the standard deviation as small as they can to where it is negligible across all talent combinations. Instead they boasted a trillion different build “± 999,999,999,995”. Then you have to take into account the mechanics of all of these builds, no matter the math on dmg moving faster is going to be top priority, and AoE is going to win.

  16. Blizzard, please bring back Single Player in Diablo 3 !

    As a 10+ year fan of Diablo 2 and D2X who was looking forward to Diablo 3, this is the exact reason why I never bought this game Diablo 3.

    As a Single Player, I could ignore all those dupes and rust storms in D2/D2X.

    But in Diablo 3, this above Gold dupe and rumored character/world roll-back was the exact scenario why I refused to touch Diablo 3.

    Blizzard, please bring back Single Player in Diablo 3 !

  17. Wait, are you saying people still play softcore?

  18. This is why we can’t have nice things. Fucking exploiters. Devs have to focus on fighting them instead on improving the game.

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