With the new, level 15 gem coming in the v1.07 patch, the prices for Diablo 3 gems have increased dramatically across the realms. I noticed last night when I went to sell a Star Topaz (just something I’d cubed up from idly picking up Flawless Topaz while doing runs) and was surprised when the suggested auction price was considerably higher than I remembered.

    Quick GAH profits from spare gems.

    Quick GAH profits from spare gems.

    I checked back on my past gem auction sales (I pick up most of the gams that drop, if they’re in front of me at least, and enjoy cubing them up and selling for a steady profit. One benefit of not playing much spin2win; getting to actually see and pick up gear.) and saw that yes, prices are up considerably for all gems, and especially for Emeralds.

    (But not greatly for Rubies, which surprised me since the only stated patch gem change is coming to Rubies with a much higher damage per hit in weapons. No one seems to care, probably because despite what Wyatt says, like 1% of skills in the game do not benefit from DiabloWikiCrits, so the Ruby-in-weapon DiabloWikiend game market will be quite small, and spending 27m x 3 + 20m upgrade cost for 2% more exp from your helm won’t be a real wise investment.)

    Here are the current prices on the Americas softcore GAH for gems, based on an in-game check 15m ago. Prices are likely some/much higher for Hardcore and on Europe due to their smaller economies/less inflation. (As always, your actual price will vary slightly as the market waxes and wanes, but I just sold several Amethyst, Ruby, and Topaz stars for roughly the prices below.)

  • Amethyst: Flawless Square 1819, Star 739,000, Radiant Star 24m.
  • Emerald: Flawless Square 10,700, Star 1,011,000, Radiant Star 31.1m. (Update: 8 hours later Radiant Star emeralds were up to 32.6m.)
  • Ruby: Flawless Square 5795, Star 859,000, Radiant Star 27.5m.
  • Topaz: Flawless Square 1485, Star 743,000, Radiant Star 21.7m.
  • Tomes of Secret have more than doubled in price as well, since they’re in demand as gem upgrade reagents. (A week ago, before the patch preview, Stars were something like A 620k, E 800k, R 700k, T 630k, and prices for Radiant Stars were around 17m, 22m, 20m, 18m.)

    Before you seek quick profit by prying every gem out of your spare gear and striping your Alts like a Cadillac left in the bad part of town, (see our past guide on that econ strat) or stock up now before prices go nigher… bear in mind that attempting to profit on a volatile market is called “speculation” for a reason. Prices may continue to rise, stabilize, or start to drop, and you’re betting your pretend gold on what you think is most likely.

    One thing that is certain is that you can make a much nicer profit selling gems now than you could a week ago. Unless you’re much too rich for your own good, you’ll want to take a second to pick up those Flawless Squares, at least the Rubies and Emeralds, for a quick sale and profit, or a slightly slower sale and much bigger profit if you cube them up to Stars or higher. Refer to the tables on the Diablowiki DiabloWikigems page for the full costs of upgrading to every level of gem, but it requires 27 Flawless Squares, 54 Tomes of Secret, and 500k gold to make one Star. (Thus if you find the ingredients yourself you’re profiting over 500k per Star emerald, less the 15% gold fee, at the current prices.)

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