The Blue post pretty much says it all:

    Hey everyone!

    Earlier this evening, some players experienced an issue where, upon logging into the game, their heroes failed to load equipped and they were unable to access or view the hero’s inventory, stash tabs, or gold.

    This issue that caused this to happen initially has been resolved and, overall, only a small number of players were affected. In addition, there shouldn’t be any permanent loss of hero data (including items, stash tabs, and gold) from our database. Players affected by this issue, however, may need to log out of the game and then back into the game in order for everything to reappear. Note that several relogs may be required for all items, stash tabs, and gold to display correctly.

    While this issue is considered resolved on our end, we are continuing to monitor incoming reports–particularly those on this forum! If you are still experiencing problems related to this issue, please let us know in this thread. We’d also greatly appreciate if you could provide your D3debug.txt file. This file is located in the main Diablo III game folder.

    Thank you in advance for your posts! We are sincerely sorry that this issue occurred and for any inconvenience it’s caused. We will continue to investigate your reports as they are received.

    This was not related to the shutdown of the Auction House, which has come to an end, though some last minute auction posters will have to wait a day yet for their gear to return. That would have been a pretty good joke, though. Blizzard could have included something like, “All AH-bought gear vanishes when the AH closes” way down in the fine print of the last patch and B.net user agreement. No one ever reads it, after all. [email protected]!1!

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