Diablo 3 Game Director Job Now Posted

It’s time to step up the plate, Blizzard has posted the official job opening for the Diablo 3 Game Director position. Now before you apply, keep in mind what you will have to endure, this is not a position for the faint hearted.

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a highly creative individual with outstanding communication skills, proven experience in creative direction, and a track record of shipping AAA titles to lead our future efforts in creating epic video games.


  • Be the vision holder for the game, set the creative goals for the team.
  • Direct game design while successfully partnering with the production director to deliver an epic gaming experience.
  • Evangelize games to the player community via press announcements, forum posts, interviews, and public appearances.
  • Establish and maintain a creative environment, resolve personnel challenges, motivate qualified developers, and foster a culture of success.
  • Maintain an awareness of global player behavior and customs to ensure that design decisions are relevant for a majority of regions.
  • Coach, and guide creative team members toward achieving their career goals.
  • Stakeholder in studio level strategy, and provide an active voice in resolving global issues.


  • Knowledgeable and passionate about Diablo
  • A minimum of 5 years’ directing video game development
  • Shipped multiple AAA products as a game director, creative director, or in a senior development role
  • Outstanding communications and relationship-building skills
  • Recognized ability to guide and inspire large development teams
  • Able to work well in a team environment and communicate effectively with all development disciplines: programming, art, design, sound, and production
  • Exhibited ability to coach and mentor employees at all levels of an organization
  • Great sense for what makes a game fun to play
  • Unrelenting self-motivation and initiative
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
  • A love for Blizzard Entertainment games


  • Experience developing online video games, and / or role-playing games
  • International game experience
  • Higher educational degree

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. and its affiliated companies is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

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29 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Game Director Job Now Posted

  1. I think I can fake it for a while.I’ll just play it by ear and if they fire me I’ll just ask for my severance pay which should be a thousand times more then I make now.I’m living off Social Security.

    • lol, yeah, except that you’d get kicked out after 2 days on probation without so much as a “see ya”, let alone any severance pay. haha, “severance pay”…

  2. “Be the vision holder for the game”; “deliver an epic gaming experience”; “evangelize games to the player community”; “coach, and guide”; “recognized ability to guide and inspire large development teams”; “unrelenting self-motivation and initiative”; “Recognized ability to guide and inspire large development teams” and, finnaly, ” provide an active voice in resolving global issues.”

    Alexander the Great is gone. He can’t go to college or work years to fullfil everything.

    Imo, that job position could be split in two or three (senior internal project manager, work environment expert and game director, i.e.).

    The requirements left out some people that could be seriously useful to the team. It would be better promote some dev/designer they already know – or even hire, since some companies are selling big titles – and open a design or dev spot.

    Btw, I seriously hope they are moving someone from inside to the D3 spot and fill the company gap for a future tile with someone else.

    • why, because the insiders know better? Don’t forget that many times it was mentioned they engaged other teams (called them “strike teams”, I believe?) for ideas. I think the one example I remember was with regards to diminishing duration of CC effects. So if they did in fact collaborate, it seems they were still not able to please so many people.

  3. @ “Be the vision holder for the game, set the creative goals for the team.”

    … as long as they go conform with the visons of our financial/auction house team.

  4. Might as well apply. I actually played Diablo & Diablo 2 so that automatically makes me more qualified than Jay.

  5. You have to admit, being a game director for none other than Blizzard Entertainment is a seriously, SERIOUSLY high pressure job.

    • Not really. Jay & co. or should I blame Rob now? “worked” on PvP for 8+ months and we see how that turned out 🙂

  6. While I know it won’t happen… I’d get several good MONTHS of laughs watching the loudest complainers here actually try and do this job. If “I played a game once” makes you a great designer… you’d probably be doing something BESIDES hanging out on a fansite. Go ahead and prove me wrong. Anyone.

  7. “Evangelize”, I like that word. There are a few persons from the Bible who could fit their description somewhat I believe, like Jesus and God.

    On the other hand, God has already got his chance to create a world and I’d argue some parts of it are much worse than anything you find in D3… So he may fall short.

  8. I think they took some one in company, there will be internal hiring =)

    I think Rob Pardo will take over.

  9. We all trash the hell out of the game, yet NONE Of us on this forum would be qualified for the position, ROFL! I don’t care what you try to say acting like you would be. NOBODY ON THIS FORUM IS QUALIFIED! lol.

  10. *Must be be willing to take endless abuse from a small minority of disgruntled and petulant adult-children.

  11. Sorry, this one was too good to pass:
    “outstanding communication skills” –>
    “Fuck that loser”.

    I would totally have applied if I had been able to live up to just 5% of the requirements. And then go insane 5 years later from all the fans of course.

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