Diablo 3: The Future of Firebirds Finery

Nevalistis on the Diablo forums brought about a post on the future of the Firebirds set as well as a bug surrounding it. But plans to fix said bug wouldn’t happen until after this season.

Firebirds Finery has been the focus of a lot of community discussion since the launch of Patch 2.4.1. As the patch and current Season settle in, we want to take a moment to share development insight on what’s coming for this powerful class set in the future.

Firebird’s Finery has come a long way since its original implementation. We’re really happy with its theme. It’s the Fire set for Wizards and puts you in a place where you can burninate all the things. That’s awesome, we like that, and we want to preserve that feeling. On the other hand, we’re not happy with the bugs we’ve encountered and it’s become clear we need to take a new approach. We’re working on a fix that will be introduced in a future patch.

So, what does that mean for Season 6? There are a lot of players who have pushed hard and reached high ranks with these unintended bugs. However, we don’t want to punish players for working within the parameters given to them. To that end, the current functionality will remain intact for the duration of Season 6. Once these bugs have been resolved, you can expect that the power level of Firebird’s will be much more in line with other sets.

Afterwards later on someone asked if action would be taken for players utilizing this bug.

Nope. We will not be taking action on accounts for this.

Well enjoy it while it lasts. Let’s see what nerfs and or power creeps we get after this. Maybe raise the damage of the other sets or just balance it all out.

Update: The said bug was with the 6 piece bonus from Firebirds. There’s a Youtube video on how it works.


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  1. I would expect a Diablo news site to tell me what the “said bug” actually is…

    • Thanks for the update, but I am not watching a 6 minute video on youtube to find out. I doubt it is so difficult that it cannot be explained in one or two paragraphs.

      • Right? I am already AT a site to learn about this stuff. And, this site I used to go to for news is redirecting me to a youtube page I can easily find on my own, but chose to come here for the info instead. I don’t want to watch a video. I want to read it in a bulletin note…you know…on a Diablo news site. Crazy huh? (And by crazy I mean this is lazy).

  2. The Diablo sites have all gotten pretty crappy in this regard. The whole Diablo community has pretty much melted. Everything is on YouTube now & it’s all just “watch me clear GRifts” videos that don’t really offer any useful advice. Sometimes people like Rhykker & Quin will post good guides, but most of the time it’s just bleh. Like everyone’s scared of Blizzard these days.

  3. Going by last few years of Blizzard, they are going to hammer down the nail that stands out rather than bringing everything else on the same level of awesome.

    • “So, what does that mean for Season 6? [Nothing].”
      It’s D3, who really gives hoot, eh Blizzard?

      I would argue that they did at least try to show some goodwill in the creation of ring alternatives instead of hammering down one very few clever gameplay introductions to the series, the Ring of Royal Grandeur. On the other hand, they called the firebird buff mechanic a ‘bug’ (when it’s clearly a design error) and said they had a ‘fix’, so they are probably not going to promote weird behaviour for other classes as well, only to balance this out – underlined by the fact, that this would require even more work, which they are clearly not interested in.

  4. Hey, that’s nice. Now how about a damn LIGHTNING and COLD set so those spells aren’t just left useless?

  5. I am more biffed at the thought of not being able to play any other build with my wizz other than archon. it is not what i was hoping season 6 would bring. Even tried a bubble machine build as a support wiz, but alas not much fun, or useful… anything other than archon in season 7!!!!

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