Diablo 3 from a Modders Perspective

Malu has posted a very cool video in the general forum. As the title suggests it demonstrates very well the nuts and bolts behind the debug features available to the developers. And that’s all very handy I’m sure but I actually preferred the close up shots and camera sweeps. Together with the great sound track it’s a great view, especially the last shot of the Wizard.

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  1. Wow, the most beautiful Diablo 3 gameplay movie ever! Really liked the environmental sequences!

  2. Absolutely AMAZING!!!

  3. It’s pretty cool to see all the different parts of the game broken down like that.

  4. This goes hard. 

  5. Really nice. Lot of details, can’t wait for full game.

  6. I hope the machinima tools we heard about earlier will be used to make awesome stuff like this post-release.

  7. I know you all are gonna hate this, but when I see a video like this it makes me amazed that it didn’t take longer than 5 years to create all this.

    • It did take longer…but why? It’s pretty standard fare.

    • actually 11 years (!)… I wonder if there will be dev team members from earlier builds (like MMO stage for example) in the credits of the game. Personaly I think that it shouldn’t take longer than 2 years (several aspects can be done simultaneously) even if there will be 1-5 people on one task:
      engine (even from scratch) – 1/2 to 3/4 of the year (+ physics – additional 2-4 months)
      tools (editor, plugins, scripts) – like above
      graphics – between 1 and 1,5 year
      audio effects – 1/2 year
      music (composing/scoring) – 3-6 months
      lore – 1-6 months
      beta – 1/2 to 1 year

      • I agree with your 2 year timeline.  I personally would start the D3 development at a timepoint after 2005 though.  Isn’t one of the only things they kept from pre-2005 the orchestral music performed by a European Symphony?  Then again, I suppose they had to fail with D3 v0.1 so that they could learn what they didn’t want to do.

  8. Modder’s. With an apostrophe.

  9. That….is awesome.

  10. D3 is like an ugly kid. You shake your head and wonder what went wrong but still love it.

  11. So the debug options are: wireframe mode, show physics vectors, flat shading, and no floors? Additionally, free camera control is apparently possible.
    That video was pretty good! There should be more comments.

  12. Nice vids…
    Reminds me of the machina <sp.> vid that was posted a few months back…

  13. Its cool to see community of Blizzard still (and how much) love them, and want to play with every aspect of their games (breaking MoPQs, creating machinima tools, enjoying the map editor)… Show me any other community which did the same (breaking any kind of DRM doesn’t count). Anyway the movie, I think, is very inspirational for indie devs who wants to know how do this stuff more “professional”.

  14. This is madness. Imagine the machinima and well edited pvp videos. Holy cow!

  15. anyone still doubt there will be bots?

  16. some of that was even creepier with that particular music in spots. Honestly cant wait for the game to come up and I am still not in the beta so I honestly have no idea how the game feels playing it and you dont get that sort of stuff from watching game play videos.

  17. It’s too bad modders aren’t “allowed” to play with the game by blizzard and that those who want to play a “modded” game will be shunned because they will have to work behind Blizzard’s backs to craft the very thing they love…

  18. Those boxes around objects and the character, are the actual hitboxes of the game? 

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