Diablo 3: Fourth Ban Wave (Season 5)

As of the night of April 12th; a 4th consecutive ban wave has landed. Reports on one of the bot sites of the ban wave also happening. One user lost 3 accounts and is considering not botting for a while.

News of the latest ban wave first came from reddit by user Misha_Vozduh.

I’m seeing new ban reports on forums for both bots.
Looks like Blizzard is really taking care of business this time!

The Diablo forums also lit up a forum post on this not to long at or around the same timeframe. SirRight said it best on the post:

I hope the Community Managers do pass on to the Blizzard team that we, the legit fans, are very happy that they are actioning the cheating by banning their accounts – we fully support their banning of anyone who uses third party programs to cheat and we hope that this will become the expected norm.

Kudos to Blizzard in trying to enforce and maintain a fair playing experience for their player base

Check past the break for more from around the community as this latest banwave unfolds.

Rhykker also added a funny video as the latest ban wave hit. Mostly shows parts from Warcraft III’s opening cinematic but just watch it you’ll get a good chuckle/


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  1. i’m in tears 🙂

  2. This is nice, and all, but they need to change game mechanics to make botting not as profitable as it is now. Get rid of Paragon, get rid of Grift keys. Those are probably the two biggest temptations to bot.

    • And then what game are you going to play? Certainly not Diablo. After you get rid of those, what are the next biggest reasons to bot? After that? And after that?

      You can keep doing this. The only way to stop bots is to make the game difficult to automate (a technical and design challenge) and failing that, ban the players who do it.

      • You don’t bot when you’re actually pushing your Grift ceiling. Yet to get to that point, you have to bot how many hundreds/thousands of hours to gather enough keys, paragon, or gem levels/Cube boosts to get there? The actual push is human. They need to figure out more ways to make that push more rewarding. The dirtiest, quickest way, and probably the least popular way, is to disable Grift rewards after too many runs in a period of time (daily/weekly). Maybe cut leg gem upgrades past a certain point.

  3. Hehe so are the botters doing the DDOS attacks on Blizzard ’cause they are PO’ed about the bans??

    • i reckon it was the other way round legit players were doing the DDoS attacks to let blizzard know bots are bad and now they are happy it probs gonna stop

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