More... because Moar.

    More… because Moar.

    A post by horadrimm in our Diablo 3 community forum asks a question I’m curious to hear more replies to: Do you Track and Organize Legendaries?

    How do you track and organize your legendaries?

    A spreadsheet or database?

    I take screen shots of each legendary then name each file with a detailed label. When needing to find a specific one I just use the search feature of the operating system to filter by words in the file name then open the pictures.

    That sounds spectacularly organized, and I can only envy the meticulous nature of the individual who originated it. I bet he never loses socks in the dryer. Or if he does, he knows exactly what color and style has the vanished stocking.

    For me… no. Neither. I don’t organize or track my legendary finds in D3, aside from occasional screenshots for the memories. (I take a lot of screens during PTR testing, but that’s mostly to bring forth articles and infos for you guys who aren’t testing.)

    Legendary (Unique) item collecting and tracking was a much bigger thing in Diablo 2, though I’m not entirely sure why. That game had fewer total legendary/set items and most of them were not worth using, but dozens of them were ultra-rare, which was, I think, the driving force behind most of the “Grail” hunting that went on. Check this Perfect Grail thread from our Diablo 2 forums for a sense of the devotion some fans felt (and still feel) for finding ALL THE THINGS.

    In contrast, there is very little cachet to finding all of the legendary items in Diablo 3. I’m not sure why, but I think it has to do with most of them being much easier to find, especially since the DiabloWikiSmart Drop system came in with DiabloWikiD3v2. There are only about two dozen ultra-rare legendary items in Diablo 3, all of which are much more common (and useful) than most of the rarest stuff in D2.

    So how about it? Do you guys seek to find all of the legendary items? Do you track your finds, via spreadsheet or screenshot? And do you wish the game supported such Grail efforts, say by Achievements like those you earn for killing all of the Unique bosses in an act, or listening to all of the lore books? Why not achievements that tracked our finds of all legendary items of a certain type, and all in the game in total? (Obviously the achievement would have to re-won every patch, when new legs and sets get added to the game. But that would be the half the fun, playing a new Seasonal char and hunting that one leg you hadn’t found yet, for the ‘chieve glory.)

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