Join or die: the Self Found HardCore League. The SFHCL, founded by Lord Vega, organizes and motivates the hardest of the hardcore, players going entirely Ironborn in Hardcore. There’s no Auction House access and players in the league are permitted (though not required) to trade with each other, but only loot they find/craft/vendor themselves. Most of the participants are cooperating and handing down equipment to others following the same ruleset and there’s a handy organization to the league provided by their custom group on Diablo 3 Ladders. It’s basically a preview of the no-AH / Ironborn style that many players hope to see officially-supported in D3X, and the main thread is huge and full of interesting tidbits.

    Lord Vega: Basically, it’s a group of players which (mostly) know and trust each other and are focused on playing the game in a HC perspective from a different angle, the one where there is NO AH, and the only way to get better items is actually finding/crafting/vendoring them, and sharing them with the group!

    Tougeznut: Me and Katniss have been doing the self-found HC thing for a little while. I love it, and would love to join this league! I haven’t had much time to play recently, but have a lot more free time now. I’ve been working on a wizard for 6 attempts now, and have high hopes of actually making it to inferno with this one :-).

    ClaytonH: I will still play my barbarian, and have no illusions of transforming my entire account into self found only. I have no problem with the AH, and I like being able to source new items for my barb regardless of where they come from, in order to make him more powerful to handle higher mp levels, get more xp, and hope for better drops. This said, I am thoroughly enjoying the SFHC play style, and I like the camaraderie and friendly atmosphere that comes with it.

    …I haven’t used an untwinked character in so long I had forgotten that playing like this is actually quite doable at the lower levels. She has built up a neat pile of cash (like… 48,000 gold) and I have found some very nice items at the vendors, notably the boots and chest piece. It is unbelievable how much you value every single gem drop, no matter how tiny the gem. Also had a good few items from Vega dropped along the way. I was very surprised to get the current main hand from an elite pack, and it has replaced a superb mace I was using at around level 23. If anyone is coming up from below me let me know, you’re welcome to the stuff I have outgrown.

    That’s just a tiny excerpt of the over 100 posts in the thread, as players report on their progress and assist each other on the way up. If you’re bored with softcore grinding or even hardcore and want a new way to play that puts the challenge back into Diablo 3, and a great group of players to join on your quest, check out the SFHCL and give it a try.

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