One of the better recent threads in our Diablo 3 community forum starts a conversation about what features the Diablo 3 expansion must offer in order to satisfy. Here’s a quote from ADest‘s OP:

    1: Loot 2.0. Whatever this means. To me, it would have to be something that makes the Auction Houses an optional feature of the game, rather than a mandatory one.

    2: Skill fixes + customization: Billions and billions of builds are useless if only a dozen or so of them are even useable. I would have to see massive retooling/adjusting of the skills before I buy the expansion, along with at least some customization. Yes in D2 you usually spammed only the 1 skill, but there were at least half a dozen skills for each class you could pick to spam.

    3: Gear customization: To help pull the game away from the reliance on the AH. There has to be a way to upgrade our gear from good to great without having to go to the AH for upgrades. And the prices have to be realistic. 100 million gold is totally unreasonable unless you’re using the AH, in which case it’s less than 25 cents…

    You could argue that his point 3 is actually point 1.5 since it would be part of Loot 2.0, but at least it underlines the importance of itemization to the game. Other replies stress those same points, and there are several requests for more MP features, more/better story, improvements to the Purple bosses, and more.

    The thread is specifically about what you want “fixed” in D3X, rather than asking what new features you want to see, but I can’t divorce them in my mind. I agree with the comments in the thread, but I’m as or more curious about getting moar. I’m very curious to see the new class and the setting for Act 5, but I also want an expanded crafting system with more materials and variety, more rewards for self-found gear, Ironborn mode w/ ladder support, the talisman and charms to return, etc.

    I’m also very desirous of new, much deeper dungeons. Like 10 or more levels to provide new/better farming options and more challenge. Such dungeons could/should break some of the rules we see elsewhere in the game, offering more bosses and/or more mods per boss, larger champion packs, Gobby rooms, etc. And they should have special rewards on the lowest level, such as special purple bosses who can drop special

    So, what do you guys think we’ll see in D3X, what do you most want to see, and what new or upgraded features are mandatory for you to make the purchase?

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