Diablo 3 Forum Watch #98: What Features Must D3X Fix?

One of the better recent threads in our Diablo 3 community forum starts a conversation about what features the Diablo 3 expansion must offer in order to satisfy. Here’s a quote from ADest‘s OP:

1: Loot 2.0. Whatever this means. To me, it would have to be something that makes the Auction Houses an optional feature of the game, rather than a mandatory one.

2: Skill fixes + customization: Billions and billions of builds are useless if only a dozen or so of them are even useable. I would have to see massive retooling/adjusting of the skills before I buy the expansion, along with at least some customization. Yes in D2 you usually spammed only the 1 skill, but there were at least half a dozen skills for each class you could pick to spam.

3: Gear customization: To help pull the game away from the reliance on the AH. There has to be a way to upgrade our gear from good to great without having to go to the AH for upgrades. And the prices have to be realistic. 100 million gold is totally unreasonable unless you’re using the AH, in which case it’s less than 25 cents…

You could argue that his point 3 is actually point 1.5 since it would be part of Loot 2.0, but at least it underlines the importance of itemization to the game. Other replies stress those same points, and there are several requests for more MP features, more/better story, improvements to the Purple bosses, and more.

The thread is specifically about what you want “fixed” in D3X, rather than asking what new features you want to see, but I can’t divorce them in my mind. I agree with the comments in the thread, but I’m as or more curious about getting moar. I’m very curious to see the new class and the setting for Act 5, but I also want an expanded crafting system with more materials and variety, more rewards for self-found gear, Ironborn mode w/ ladder support, the talisman and charms to return, etc.

I’m also very desirous of new, much deeper dungeons. Like 10 or more levels to provide new/better farming options and more challenge. Such dungeons could/should break some of the rules we see elsewhere in the game, offering more bosses and/or more mods per boss, larger champion packs, Gobby rooms, etc. And they should have special rewards on the lowest level, such as special purple bosses who can drop special

So, what do you guys think we’ll see in D3X, what do you most want to see, and what new or upgraded features are mandatory for you to make the purchase?

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31 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Forum Watch #98: What Features Must D3X Fix?

  1. People want more story in the expansion? I was hoping they’d go back and take it out of Acts 1-4.

    • Not more, but better. But yeah, if the expansion’s plot is going to be of the same quality as the original, they better leave the game without any story at all.

  2. I guess it’s hard for me to say because I have an expectation that they will meet certain base expectations for Diablo 3 like real quest rewards, customization, and rewarding itemization before an expansion.

    It would feel disappointing to buy an Expansion with the feature list: *New! Customized and exciting quest rewards instead of gold and experience!*. *New! Skulls and Diamond Gems!* *New! Rune Words!* *New! Play as a Necromancer!*

    Realistically though, I am afraid that I will have to get the Xpac just to get things I expected in the original.

  3. I hope they create an expansion thinking about high end farming, gearing, having fun doing it, etc more than more useless repetitive campaign worthless cinematics (beautiful but first things first)…

    So thats my wish, do a Diablo game thinking about what’s the 99% of the game, farm, farm and have fun farming.

  4. I expect all of what the OP said in the post flux, but unlike you I think I want a different things for the expansion.
    We keep saying that D2 was better, and everyone wants D2 to be back. I don´t wantthat, I want a new D3 experience. If I wanted D2 in 3d i´ll be asking for that, but I want new systems. Sure, the carms, runes, everything was cool in there, but hey, it´s been more than 10 years, we need new stuff, not the same old one (that worked, that´s granted).
    So, instead of runes and charms, I would like to see a completely revamped crafting systema, new builds to become availabe, new areas (and reworked old ones) and classes, new and more exciting dungeons (and randomness), new monsters, new monsters abilities, new skills for old classes (specially this), a new storyline (though this won´t happen), not even mention the escape from the DPS at its core
    Still not sure about the ladder. What will the ladder do? Reset the prices of the AH? Do we really need a ladder system?

  5. I want the same things I keep wanting.

    – First time you see the story, make it unskippable by other players unless you vote to skip it too. If everyone’s seen it before (not first time) then majority vote to skip. (Better yet, an option to auto-skip, or in multiplayer, auto vote to skip, story you’ve already seen before. Have this option default to on.)

    – In a public game, report player as AFK. The player will not know they’ve been reported as AFK, but you can see when others are AFK on their portrait. It only takes one person to report one other person as AFK. If anyone in the game is flagged AFK, then the game is taken out of the public games queue until the person is no longer flagged AFK. You unflag AFK by joining combat. You will automatically flag AFK if actually AFK (no mouse or keyboard interaction) for 60 seconds. When someone reports you AFK, you are not actually flagged AFK if you join combat within 60 seconds. People flagged as AFK automatically decline prompts to join the group for cinematics and have only 10 seconds to accept a prompt to join a group for a boss fight.

    – Prevent players from skipping quests. You cannot join a game that is farther in the quest line than your character has unlocked. (Ways you can do this now are the ‘any act any quest’ once you hit level 60, or joining a friend’s game or maybe even joining a recent player’s game, I don’t know.)

    – Allow ‘any act any quest’ and ‘any quest in this act’ options for characters before level 60, using only quests they can actually join based on level-appropriateness and what their character has unlocked.

    – Be able to set a range of MP level instead of a specific level, when searching for a public game. Simply set minimum and maximum MP and it will search for anything in that range. If you set both to the same, then it will only search for that MP level.

    – Require that each MP level be ‘earned’ by completing that difficulty (or higher) on the previous MP level. A secondary method of ‘earning’ MP levels would be to achieve Paragon levels. 10 would unlock MP 1 if not already unlocked, 20 would unlock MP 2 if not already unlocked, etc. And in addition, the quest progress of each MP level would be unique. After beating MP 0 you’d start at Act 1 Fallen Star to play MP 1, have to complete all the way through the end to do MP 2, etc.

    – A filter to block interaction or item labels for items you don’t want to see, such as white items or maybe even blue or rare items. The more options this filter has, the better, so make a whole new option window for it. Have a button to show filtered items, and it has the same options as the current show items button does.

    – Automatically pick up collectibles (things that currently have a light blue name.) Have an option, pick up all collectibles, or pick up only collectibles that have a partial stack currently already in inventory. Default to pick up only ones you currently have.

    – Be able to select both the ‘can equip’ and ‘have materials’ filter at the same time instead of just one.

    – Remember the ‘can equip’ and/or ‘have materials’ filter settings between game sessions so you do not have to manually set these filters every time you come in to another game.

    – An additional crafting filter (or add this as the default functionality of the ‘can equip’ filter) that does not show items that are lower level than the item level of the gear for that slot that your character is currently wearing. For instance, if you have an item level 14 gloves, it would show 14+ gloves, but if you had an item level 9 belt, it would show 9+ belt, and an item level 63 helmet, it would show only item level 63 helmets.

    – The ‘stat changes when equipped’ tooltip finally got added to the AH. Now I would like to be able to search the AH for ‘upgrade to damage’, ‘upgrade to life’, ‘upgrade to protection’ (or any combination). Being able to sort the results, just like you can sort results for searching using the current filters, would be awesome.

    – Be able to sort AH results by bid value.

    – When setting a ‘maximum buyout price’ filter, also show bid-only auctions that have a bid below the ‘maximum buyout price.’ Change this label to ‘maximum price’ instead. A checkbox (default to on) for ‘show bid-only auctions’ could be added.

    – When searching for a particular item quality, include all item qualities of equal or greater value. When I search for magic, include rares, sets, and legendaries that also match the other filters I’ve set. When I search for rares, include sets and legendaries. When I search for legendaries, include sets.

    – Set the automatic minimum bid when you post an item for gold to include the 15% AH cut that will be taken out if it is actually bid on and sells for the minimum amount, so that you still make as much as you would if you had just sold it to a vendor instead, and not 15% less.

    – I’m not a big fan of the party system. I particularly dislike how when I form a party, it pulls me out of the game I’m currently in. And, if I’m the party leader and leave a game, it pulls others out of the game along with me. I don’t understand the point of this at all. Why can’t it simply be ‘join a friend’s game’ (if there’s an open slot) and if you leave, the only one that leaves is you? What’s the point of this whole ‘party’ thing? I don’t care if others hop in and out of my game, especially if it’s a public game or friends-only game, they don’t need my permission. Please stop with the ‘will you form a party’ or ‘please join my party’ requests.

    – When your character talks, such as needing healing, recovery from needing healing, or kills a lot of enemies in one hit, have other players be able to hear that.

    – I really miss the random dialog between player and follower when playing solo with a follower. Multiplayer seems so very quiet in comparison. Possibly come up with lines that players will say to each other instead? Or allow followers in multiplayer (see next suggestion). Or both.

    – An idea for followers in multiplayer is to allow only one of each type (Templar, Scoundrel, Enchantress), first come first serve. The gear and chosen skills for that follower matches that set for that follower by the person who chose that follower, with the exception of MF and GF (no bonuses are given from these in multiplayer because you have the multiplayer buff for MF and GF instead). If a follower is active for another player, players can interact with the gear on their ‘version’ of the follower by interacting with an object in town that the follower has left behind, in the spot where the follower would normally stand. Players can also interact with the followers directly, when they are following other players, by right clicking the follower’s portrait. Players can have only one follower, and if a player with a follower leaves, the follower will either follow the closest player that does not have a follower, or return to town. Finally, if more than one follower is present out in the field, they may initiate conversation with each other similar to what they do when they are back at town together instead. Also, they may initiate conversation with any player present, not just the one they’re following. Otherwise followers would work the same way as they do solo.

    – A method to access the AH without leaving the game would be nice. Perhaps even have a physical thing to interact with, like the crafting stations.

    – This may be wishful thinking, but I’d love to see pickup radius and movement speed be something that paragon levels increase, maybe a super tiny bit for every level or just a tiny bit every couple of levels, or something.


    So all of those, except maybe that last one, are stuff I’d like to see ‘fixed’, and almost none of them involve actually making any ‘new’ content (except the additional lines of dialog between players.) So yeah, there’s a lot I’d like to see ‘fixed.’

    • It would be a big +1 for me, but I don’t agree with everything :

      -to oblige you to clear all the mp before going to the next one is extreme. You already clear the game 3 times before getting to inferno, it would become such a pain to go through the full quest line 10 times more. If you level an alt, have wealth to gear it, you have to be able to go and farm wherever suits its ability. The thing with parangon level makes it really bad for hc characters also as they can easily have high level gear when they pop 60 but would be obliged to farm the first mp for quite long.

      -followers in multiplayer, why ? the screens is already so messy just when a dh and wd join a game. Adding followers to that would make it super messy.

      Things you didn’t mention:
      -to reveal the tooltip for things on the ground : the function of ctrl is convenient but it can’t be bound to another key!

      -why to force to have 2 skills on the mouse, sometimes I would just like to have move or basic attack on it (like to break things without using resource).

      • If you have the gear to do a higher MP level as soon as your character hits 60, it should be a breeze to swim through the lower MP levels.

        That said, I know it’s a bit harsh, but short of having some system designed on DPS requirements, it’s the best way of keeping people out of high-MP games that don’t belong there. If you have an alternative method, I’m all ears. =P

        As for followers in multiplayer, it’s not so much to clutter the screen (I don’t think it would really clutter it that much) but because they already have coded lines of dialogue which in multiplayer it’s just too freakin’ silent and boring. They don’t really add that much DPS, you could easily not bring them with you since they wouldn’t benefit MF or GF anyway.

    • The AH stuff and other changes seem okay, but you want to block rushing and player choice? Are you here to praise D3 or to bury it?

      I think making the leveling up process much more tedious and time-consuming and denying players the ability to play where and how they want would be one of the worst changes the devs could make, in terms of general fan approval.

      • The companion to this list would be suggestions that are things that are ‘new’, such as an alternative way of leveling, like endless dungeon or no-story mode or xp from PvP or being able to go anywhere in any of the acts or having monsters respawn after a period of time so you don’t have to create a new game, etc.

        But if you’re going to do the story, then do the story! The problem is that there aren’t other options. =/

        Also, the suggestions I make don’t block you from playing where you want, once you’ve earned it. As I said to the other guy, if you’re strong enough that you belong where you want to be, then you’ll get there QUICK.

        Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve taken an MP-5+ level character and gone back and played MP0. You sneeze and stuff dies. Even if you have to do every single quest, it’ll take you less than an hour per act (faster in multiplayer for those parts where you can split up to accomplish multiple objectives.) WAY faster if you have a movement speed build of some kind.

        I really don’t feel like the suggestions I made really slow down rushing at all.

        Also, as far as the unlocking MP level goes, that really only applies to Inferno since once you beat Normal you’re going to Nightmare, not to a higher MP level of Normal, but that pattern doesn’t hold for Inferno, since there’s nothing after. So therefore Normal through Hell, MP levels would unlock on an account-wide basis (if not just automatically available to all), Inferno would be the only one that unlocks on a character basis.

        And, like I said to the other guy…the problem those suggestions are intended to address is the idea that people with paragon level 0 and a fresh level 60 hop into MP 10 public games. Sure, some of them may be geared enough to be there, but plenty aren’t, and there’s nothing that keeps them out except vote kicking, which eventually reaches the point that you can’t do it anymore because you have to do it so much. I’m happy if my suggestions aren’t used…as long as that problem is addressed somehow, in some other way. So feel free to come up with your own suggestions. =P

  6. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this. I read a lot about people complaining about dungeons. What if the expansion had a dungeon builder so the community can make their own? Voted at the end, those with low votes are cycled out while high votes are kept in? Just a thought.

    • This would be entirely unnecessary if they just fixed the randomization so the dungeons we had now weren’t so bland and repetitive.

    • During dev they spoke *repeatedly* about how hard it was to make a good random dungeon generator and how much hand crafting and design they were putting into all the levels, especially the surface, non-random layouts. I don’t recall any D1 or D2 mod ever doing anything to fundamentally change the level design, so that’s apparently like the hardest thing to tweak.

      Bliz could probably make moddable random levels, though they’d just be like big lego pieces and would look very familiar once we played them a few times. Then again, you could say the same thing about most of the dungeons in the game today… 🙁

  7. 1. Memorable loots and crafting. D1 & D2 — you new immediately when something fell what it was and if it was good. In D3, it’s a soup of items and the variability is so high that everything is a rare item.

    2. Better crafting. More recipes, more fixed stats, more interesting item characteristics. Give value to all loot that drops – whites, magic items, etc (D2 did this).

    3. Changes to elite cc affixes or ways to mitigate. Freeze, jail, freeze, knockback –> death is not interesting. 2 minute cooldowns to eliminate these abilities are not fun.

    4. Give reasons to kill act bosses occasionally…

    5. More interesting pvp mode

    6. Stats to compete with critical hit damage and make more diverse builds.

  8. I can make a huge list of things I’d like improved but it doesn’t matter, even if all of them are not in, I am still buying the expansion 😛

  9. Let’s go with “offline auction house”. You know how the auction house works to let players buy the items they want? There’s no reason this should have to involve other players setting the prices, except that it saves the developers the nominal trouble of having to balance those prices. And they get the endless trouble of trying to combat duping instead.

    Also “runes that do something interesting”. Of all the creative ambitions the game showed in its development and later shredded in order to better placate the mainstream audience, I most miss the concept of collecting runes and combining them to modify a skill in ways the devs could not anticipate. Well, the mainstream swept the game by, so now you have an excuse to be innovative.

  10. A good rule of thumb would be that if something works badly, then make it more like it was in D2. Not everything, of course… although a revamped D2 with better graphics and a new collection of uniques, rares and runewords would be nice as well 😀

    AH: Make it optional, so it forms a separate realm. I’m not sure if I will buy an expansion if I cannot switch off the AH.

    Loot: Less drops, but higher quality. I played for 200 hours after the release and I don’t know if it’s still like that, but I didn’t find a single legendary item, that’s ridiculous! Also nothing which would have sold for more than peerhaps 100k. therefore, item finding was mostly picking up gold and selling crap items in town to buy semi-crappy items from the AH, so I was at least able to reach Inferno… barely.

    Legendaries: More distinctive affixes. At this point, most of them seem to be like rares. They should be more of a kind that they add a useful bonus which you cannot get on a rare item, but only for a few builds. They schouldn’t be too random as well.

    More than just 4 pgem types: I expect more stuff to socket items with gems, jewels, runes, as well as and runewords or something similar.

    Skills: Permanent decisions to skill selections or at least decisions which cost at least a few resources, else people have no reason to make more than one character of each class, but concentrate on nothing but gear, while it was gear and builds in D2.

    PvP: This MUST work. I’m not doing PvP, but I still think that PvP is important. Just don’t allow PK on people who explicitely want no PvP in their games… like me.

    • Its definitely better now in the legendary droprate department. With a paragon lvl 50 or higher, you should expect at least one legendary once every 20 minutes of gameplay, on average of cource. Sometimes you can play several ours before something drops, and sometimes you can find 3 legendarys within 10 minutes of gameplay.

      I encourage you to try d3 out again if you haven’t tried it in a long time. Even if you still don’t find it satisfactory, you might appriciate the amount of improvements they made. Legendary items, paragon lvls, Mp levels, new crafting, nephalem valor stacks, ubers and skill balances. It’s really a different game now. Not perfect of course but a lot better imo.

  11. I won’t deny that I consider D3 a great game. Few games made me play for as long as D3 has. Now that I’m done with the pleasantries, here is what I consider to be the core of what is wrong with D3. A LACK of Rewarding Experience!!!! Every action should be rewarding and a pleasure to participate or act upon.

    Let me clarify my point with an example. Anyone remember the small farm house dungeon where there is a satire from Hitchcock \Psycho\ with the skeleton wife and the farmer (Act I)? That was rewarding and fun. Now, anyone remember the dungeon with a bunch of hives (Act II)? What was the point of that? No reward, just some lame hacking and that’s it.

    Let me extend the example by asking how disappointing and offensive is it to battle an ending boss and get white and blue items? How insulting is it to farm for hours with more than adequate MF and get an Unique with pretty useless stats? No reward for hard work whatsoever.

    D3X must bring excitement to all dungeons. I dare to say fewer dungeons with high quality is always better than hundreds of boring and unrewarding locations.

    Also, on a side note, how about a \save build\ feature? Yes, we only got 1 or 2 good builds, but if Blizzard decides to revamp the items, (uniques w/ a purpose) then this would make testing builds a bit less cumbersome.

    Finally, I know that the this topic is probably almost impossible to fix since it would require a huge change, but it would at the very least fix the mandatory AH usage. I am speaking of the extreme reliance on gear. I understand that item hunting is the core of the game; However, the characters are absolutely useless without some good gear.

    • Save Build would be a great feature. Even if it was only allowable in town, I would love it. Since builds are based on gear and not skills, it would be great to save a gear configuration so I could swap between a HotA build and a S2W build or any of the multitude of viable DH builds. It may only take 3 minutes, but I know it’s a discouragement between runs. It’s especially bad having to sit and swap equipment for 3 minutes before and after doing an Ubers run (no one needs a Ruby in their helm for Ubers).

      Also, more stash space. Not everyone has quadfecta BiS equipment perfect for every build of every character. Some builds work better with CC/CD, others IAS/CC, etc. Stash space is the biggest limiting factor in why I stopped playing (but always keep up with news, because it is/was a great game by the end of the development cycle).

  12. 4 game modes Normal Auction Normal without Auction (so you have to trade like d2) and hardcore ah/ hardcore no ah

    also bring back the decent chat channels .. regional too! loved to socialise! I havn’t made a single new friend on the whole time playing d3! something there is broken!

  13. 600+ Flawless Square and 1000 + tomes of secrets to craft a Radiant Star already crazy…. never did one without using AH. 100M + for 1 time of upgrade is not surprised for this dev team.

  14. For me the fixes must include:

    1. Ladder reset. This is something both players and Blizzard will gain from. Blizz gets the cash they want and players have more fun playing since you have an equal chans to get ahead, with all resets comes a patch of new stuff and lots more. Just think about it.

    2. Skill tree, for funk sakes. Who wants this boring swap skill whenever you want crap. It’s suppose to make you feel like you’re building up a character, giving him a direction, making him somewhat unique. The game is rated pegi 13 or something but the skill system is aimed for 4 year olds.

    3. Either make a new act or just delete that forth act which very much feels like they scrambled and finished in 2 days. It has no joy or good art or feeling. It boobles your head thinking this game took 400 years to complete yet it feels like it took 2 weeks with those kind of things in the game.

    One or more of these changes for me to buy the expansion.

  15. Option to rebind left mouse skill to the keyboard, making left click move, interact, pickup only.

    • +1 for the LMB change. I pitched that directly to Wyatt during my interview and he basically agreed, but wasn’t able to say if that was a planned change or not. Which makes me think the internal debate about controls is ongoing.

  16. 1. all maps must be random, no more tunnel running (most important fix)

    2. delete AH completely

    3. loot easier, more uniques + good rares

    4. delete impossible enemy packs

    5. 8max player multiplayer

    6. D2 style chat rooms + join public games by choose like in D2

    7. skill tree system needs to be fixed somehow

    8. runes etc…

    9. 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 duel rooms and some kind of tournaments, leagues etc.

    10. good cow level, delete pony levels etc..

    11. improve graphics, sometimes looks like d1 has better graphics than d3

    just make the game more d2 like + add duel rooms and online leagues with real money prizes and players will return.

  17. 1. More random events
    2. Unique random bosses – have to be unique! i mean not just shit like unique name, but unique model, unique skills, unique behavior or ways to summon/activate/encounter them
    3. More crafting options – so more upgrades possible w/o AH
    4. Better loot – more cool stats, new properties, better legendary’s and more Sets, more items that change how skills work
    5. As minimum 2 new classes
    6. Better PvP
    7. Ladders and ways to play w/o AH completely (HC/SC)
    8. Charms and Talisman – and they better be good)
    9. More cool secrets: bosses, areas, challanges…
    10. Some new random affixes on Elites.
    11. Maybe remove 1 difficulty level.
    12. Option to automatically skip scripted events after 1 play-through.

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