Diablo 3 Forum Watch #95: Hardcore Free Stuff and Economic Evolution

The main page has been quite busy of late, with numerous news items drawing 50+ replies with good back-and-forth in them. That’s awesome, but by their nature news item thread conversations burn hot and fast before newer news pushes them off the main page. For deeper, more detailed and thorough conversations about a wider array of topics, you’ll want to hit our Diablo 3 forums.


For instance, there’s some interesting stuff going on with the Diablo 3 Hardcore forum of late, and Hardcore in Diablo 3 in general. Xanth has been writing columns in the HC style since pre-release, and his recent offering urging charity upon Hardcore newcomers inspired BLueBeRRy to make his first post ever: O Free Items: The Generosity Thread.

How does it work?

A list of “generous” players is kept up to date here on the first post. You’ll find realm, contact information, and a link to some available items. You get in touch with them, you get your stuff, you might even get along and what happens next is none of our business!


  • No expectations: you’re not entitled ot anything. If something suddenly isn’t available or the owner doesn’t want to give it to you, don’t come here whining;
  • No trading, no price checks: you’re looking at gifts;
  • No requests: you don’t get to ask for specific stuff. Some items are already quite good.

The OP has been updated with a handy table listing would-be donors, and while the whole thing is just getting off the ground, feel free to join in on the giving or the asking end and help the concept grow.


On the other hand, you might argue that such a project isn’t needed since the price of really good gear in Hardcore keeps dropping as more players survive to build the economy. That’s exactly what Delano talks about in his Thoughts on the New School HC Economy:

As players are living longer, the need for lower end items, other than reduced level requirement, are going down. However, since they’re living longer, when they die, the lost items are going to be better. We can kid ourselves as we want, but in HC, all characters have the same end. That’s a sink the SC community doesn’t have, although infinitely escalating gold in SC looks similar to only good items being removed from the economy in HC. Psychologically, this can work against the community, as with a higher percentages of deaths being well geared and leveled characters, the frustration to take a break or quit may be higher than before.

What does this mean for the new player or player new to HC?

First of all, there has never been a better time to dip your toes in. As gear inflation drives the price of entry level mp1 inferno gear down, it get easier and easier to assemble something that can farm in a group. Finding a public game is rarely an issue. From there, it’s up to the DiabloWikiRNG how quickly you progress, but it has also never been easier to stay safe so higher PLs and better drops has never felt more inevitable.

There’s a lot of discussion on the thread as other HC players (including me) weigh on how recent economic fluctuations and offer predictions for the future. It’s a fact that the HC economy is changing rapidly. Whether the change is moving in a good or bad (or both) directions is very much open to debate.


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  1. The changes in the economy are good for most people, a bit negative for the very well established HC players as the high end gear is still very expensive and it’s getting harder and harder to get a decent price for anything else.

  2. I’m with Zappa on this one. As a middle of the road HC player (in terms of riches at least), I can definitely tell that leveling up and gearing a new char for mp1 inferno has become a whole lot easier nowdays, while at the same time, getting upgrades for chars in their plvl 20+ is nearly impossible unless you stumble upon a great 100M+ find.

    I like this trend, mostly since it both opens up HC for many new players who have always wanted but never really dared getting their feet wet in HC, as well as it enables many other “non traditional HC” builds, and letting players play more daringly and with a bit less perfectly tactical and defensive builds.

    All in all, the great work done by Xanth in his columns, Zappa in the forum and you, Flux, both in your podcast and in giving HC it’s much needed focus… all these factors chime in, in create a much better HC community for us all, thank you! 🙂

  3. Lol at all you kids desperately holding on to the franchise you once loved. Time to find another games kiddos summer is almost out!

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