Diablo 3 Forum Watch #86: Could We Find More Like That?!

If I were to provide a list of all the good threads in our Diablo III forums of late, that post would take days to write and hours to read… at which point I’d have to start over again, in painting-the-Brooklyn-bridge style to cover the 5000 more posts made since I began writing the previous one. So don’t consider this a best of; just a sample of some good reads that are active right now. These are mostly from the Diablo 3 community forum, but you might find posts more relevant to your interests in the Diablo 3 strategy forums, where there are dozens of new threads every day in all the class forums, Hardcore, Stats/Theorycrafting, etc.

  • swayzesghost started one of the funnier threads I’ve seen since release in which fans are complaining about and celebrating the maddening and yet somehow enjoyable way the Followers repeat the same few lines of dialogue over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Why? Because that’s how we do it in Kingsport!
  • Kaeros started a thread that hit upon a few issues I’ve been thinking about since release. Is the Auction House the source of all Diablo 3’s item problems? The extreme scarcity of legendaries makes sense if you assume Bliz meant them to be super-rare so they wouldn’t immediately clog the AH. And the GAH is behind many of the difficulty complaints, since as soon as a player gets into NM and then Hell, it’s easier to farm gold for an hour and buy a weapon that’s vastly better than anything you’d ever find or craft at your level. Also, you can buy high quality gems and items for a lot less gold than it costs to train the Blacksmith/Jeweler, much less roll and reroll to get the item you want.
  • On that issue, Mrjones wants to know if you think the Auction House is cheating? I wouldn’t say it’s “cheating” since it’s not against any game rules, but it’s certainly a very good way to corrupt (or accelerate) your play experience, since you can so easily obtain items that will push your characters well out of the designed DPS/exp/difficulty curve. I have personally bought and sold nothing in the GAH post-release, and done very minimal self-twinking, since I’m trying to see how the actual game balance and difficulty curve works as I level up self-found characters. Yes, I’ll probably regret not racking up easy millions during these early days of economic chaos. Hell, I already regret that Azzure is doing so, since he keeps ****ing telling me about his millions in profits.
  • All that said, I think we can all agree that the RMAH is a better funding method than having to pay a monthly fee for D3 would have been… right?
  • Marshmallow started an informative thread to talk about rare and random events in Diablo III. There are so many unusual and odd ones in Acts One and Two, before you get that sense of rushingtothefinish you got in D2, where Acts 3 and 4 seem to lack the care and variation and bonus features (and destructibles) that filled the first two, much-more-polished acts.
  • Yovargus started a thread for everyone to share their favorite monsters from Diablo III. Lots of different monsters named, including Grotesques, Treasure Goblins, and those guys with one really long subterranean arm you get on the Act Three surface.
  • Twiik wonders if D3 was really polished for years or thrown together at the last minute, and points to things that seem rushed and incomplete. Such as: the skill UI, all the missing “didn’t they ever use ebay?” features for sorting and organizing auctions, the constant litter of utterly useless gray and white items, the uselessness of 95% of the legendary items, the irrelevance of all types of elemental damage and resistance, big economic imbalances in item, etc.
  • If you’ve been wondering about Hardcore and Inferno, there is a lot of debate about it in our Diablo III Hardcore forum. Is Hell/Act Four the HC end game, given that Inferno trash mobs can one-shot any character without superb gear? Perhaps, but players are pressing on even before Blizzard balances Inferno (and the items needed to deal with it) in a future patch, and you can see the progress discussed in the How Far Are You? thread.
  • As I said, this is just a tiny sample of the hundreds of active threads you’ll see every day in the forums. I lost two hours writing this post when I got distracted reading about Hardcore, and then dove into a bunch of Demon Hunter and Barbarian strategy build debate stuff. Follow links, dig in, learn stuffs.

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    9 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Forum Watch #86: Could We Find More Like That?!

    1. “I have personally bought and sold nothing in the GAH post-release”

      You’re still in nightmare, right? Wait til Hell.

      Sure, it’s *possible* to progress without using the GAH. But I hope you like endless grinding on previous acts.

      • The group of friends I played with and I didn’t use the GAH (other than to sell stuff) until we hit Inferno, and we didn’t have that many problems with the game’s difficulty until then. But maybe our experience with more difficult games like WoW gave us a bit of insight regarding what to expect when comparing D3’s challenges to D2. 😛

        We were “ahead of the curve” so there weren’t really upgrades available to us on the AH at reasonable prices, so when we needed an upgrade we’d craft a few pieces and see who in the group needed them. The blacksmith isn’t such a bad investment when you’ve got four different people in your group looking for fairly different stats – more chances that someone can use the items he makes. I expect the Blacksmith will become useful later on when gold values inflate a bit, but at present it’s usually more efficient to hunt for upgrades on the GAH.

        • Yeah with a group of 4 all using the same guys smith it becomes a good investment (you get 1/4 of the training cost and a higher chance that what ever you make will be useful for at lest one of you).
          I guess soloers should look at what they make and bung it to an alt if it good for that class etc, and maybe play each class a bit in turn IE all up to lvl 20 etc then to lvl 40 then to 60. <- then the blacksmith can make items that are upgrades for at lest one of your guys, when you reach a new tier as aposed to I am a Barb these no str items are ****.

        • With four people, you have 4x the item pool to draw from, presuming you’re giving each other items that would be useful. It makes progress much easier, since it’s like a microcosm of the AH. Solo is definitely harder.

          • Yeah, the increased items you get by sharing would definitely help out, though the hirelings can also help out a fair bit while playing solo (depending on what class you’re playing). 

    2. I find the most annoying line of dialogue so far to be “The cold hand of death reaches out for you, Tyrael!” which the boss in question repeats about once every 15 seconds during a battle with him… and if you’re running him for the staff of herding plan, that’s rough.
      “Why did you leave Kingsport” also drives me up the wall, I think there is definitely a bug causing that line to repeat a lot more often than anything else.

    3. Adria was my mother, but I dont know much about her. She died when I lost track of how many we’ve killed. !!!! 😀 [from the first thread]

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