With the open beta weekend giving thousands of long time Diablo players their first chance at Diablo III, our Diablo 3 Community Forum and Diablo 3 Beta Forum are blowing up with conversation and debate, with numerous first impressions type posts. Quoting them all would make for a very long post and defeat the purpose of the forum posts, most of which have many-page reply threads going on, but I wanted to excerpt a few as I read them and took the mood of the community.

  • ZwanZigZwolf was a long time Diablo player who had lost interest in D3 after the cheesy, anime robot looking Inferno armor was revealed. He tried the open beta weekend anyway though, and… loved almost everything about the game, aside from some of the Battle.net features and shared quest exploits.
  • Chaosmage isn’t pleased with most of the noob friendly early features, but he did think the difficulty felt alright. Naturally, others in the thread beg to differ.
  • Kiroptus has a terrible feeling of meh. He blames intangibles, but says D3 lacks that feeling of gothic immersion he got back in the old days. The thread’s gone 130+ replies in one day, so clearly it’s food for thought.
  • Our frequently-banned curmudgeon Septar returned and graced us with his beta reactions in the modestly-titled, Beta Impression by Someone Who Actually Matters. It’s a bit of a bait and switch, since Septar mostly just vivisects a “a terrible thread written by some idiot” from an MMO site forum. Read it to find yourself in shocked agreement with almost all Septar says in praise of D3?
  • Nysyarc liked his first playthough, but thinks the linear, unvarying progression of skills and rune effects will suck replayability out of the game.
  • Thunderchild is that rare individual who loved D1 but didn’t care for D2. How does he feel about D3? I can’t sum up his excellent post since he touched on at least a dozen topics, but he likes the quests and levels and exploring, but misses the feeling of progression with a level up, and hates the skill UI.
  • Joeb has a mixture of good and bad, though he felt the early game progression was too linear and felt bottlenecked.
  • LucianDK liked almost everything, especially the gothic horror feel, and he shares his reactions to all 5 classes. He likes the Barb and DH best.
  • Dator loved the game and rated all the classes. He likes Barb the most and DH the least, but thinks they’re all pretty good.
  • There are numerous other first impressions, often posted in replies to the above threads, so click through a few and see much more than I can quote here. Thanks to so many players for sharing their opinions about the game most of us have been waiting years and years to play.

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