With the forum community buzzing I think it’s about time we got another Forum Watch underway and hand-pick some of the more interesting community posts from the past week.

    • Azzure asks the question what’s the point of Higher tier Armors in Diablo 3?
    • After playing the Beta this week, Risingred has been enjoying the time and has high hopes now for Inferno. Read on to find out exactly why.
    • Community memeber Rytek managed to get some time in the Beta this past weekend and has posted his impressions of the game breaking down each of the game’s features.
    • Are you going to speed run to level 60 once you get your hands on the final game? Perseverance wants to know if anyone is actually going to have crack at it.
    • With things still up in the air with the game mechanics, MathewPoland has put together a list of ideas for game system changes, specifically the rune system.
    • RGDiablo posted a video which looks at the game’s targeting system comparing it to Diablo 2 and some of the quirks he’s spotted.
    • There’s always lengthy discussions on major aspects of the game mechanics in the forums but what about the smaller details you really enjoyUrzuxo invites everyone to post their favourite small features of the game.
    • In the Theorycrafting forum, Risingred has been busy looking at the Dodge mechanics and also included a video to highlight his theories.

    While we are on the subject of the forums, we added the ability to share your BattleTags in your profile so you can easily hook up with other community members in the Beta and once the game ships.  It’s really easy to do but here’s the post I made about it in case you’re not sure.

    The forums have been getting super-busy over the past few weeks and there is a wealth of information to the garnered from reading the community’s opinions and responses. Make sure you check these out daily.

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