It’s been a month since we’ve had time to post a forum watch because honestly… we haven’t had time post a forum watch! We certainly haven’t *needed* to, in terms of driving more traffic to the forums. There’s hardly ever fewer than 200 people viewing our Diablo 3 community forum at any time of the day or night. I certainly haven’t had time to read every thread of late, with pages of new ones every day, but come to think of it… that’s not a bad reason to do this. Think of this as the “Greatest Hits” of recent forum threads. See what great stuff you might have missed!

    • Blizzard has often asserted that DiabloWikisalvaging will prevent inflation, and that item binding wouldn’t affect it. Xavier explains why they’re wrong on both counts, and makes an excellent case. Most of the dozens of replies agree with him, at least.
    • We’ve seen a million D3 vs. WoW comparison threads in the past, but this new one by Goishen takes a different approach. It’s actually positive about the similarities!
    • This clever thread by lilbuddha has run to over 100 replies. What prediction will you make about D3 now that you’ll look back on a few months after release and say, “I told you so!” Predictions abound and often contradict, but there’s plenty of food for thought.
    • Another thread that demonstrates differing predictions/opinions was posted by mrpinsky. He says Clvl 60 cap will kill replayability since there’s no long term character progression. Most of the replies.. disagree. For a variety of reasons.
    • The Diablo 2 community will never be ready for a sequel, or so asserts Kiroptus. Good thing Diablo 3 can be more accurately described as an entirely new game, made by new people, that shares a few of the same elements as D1/D2 did. (This is not necessarily a bad thing.)
    • Even though the selling of characters was known to be a feature of the Auction House (not necessarily on release) it slipped by without much discussion. With the release a new auction house image the other week, showing characters for sale, discussion sprung up in a thread by Varquynne. It’s a divisive subject, as you’d expect, with some arguing it’ll shorten Diablo 3’s shelf life because new people will simply buy a character after running through normal difficulty. Others argue that it’s bordering on cheating or a cheese at best or on the other hand so what if people don’t want to be bothered with levelling? Another opinion put forward is that characters will be pretty cheap and it’ll be the gear they’re in that will make the difference.

    There’s also been increased activity in the various Diablo 3 subforums, and that will only increase as we get into the beta and it’s finally possible to talk in detailed specifics about each class, the story, and more. Plus we’ll have a beta forum with special tags for confirmed testers, which will be super-busy, but will divide up the action so the whole first forum page isn’t all new threads every 4 hours. Soon. Moar. Hongry.

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