We’ve been doing (sporadic) forum watch posts for years, and they’ve usually been about promotion. Especially during the various DiabloWikiDiablo droughts™, the goal was to find some recent posts and news them up, to try to encourage involvement from some of the thousands of daily site visitors who read the news but don’t get into the forum discussion. Sometimes we had to hunt to find enough good new posts to fill out a news post!

    Those days are clearly in the past, and as the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta grows ever closer and fan interest continues to build, creating a constant flow of new forum posts. Threads that were brand new when I posted last week’s Forum watch are now down to page six, and that’s in my “display more posts per page” forum settings. No more are forum watches about promotion, and there’s certainly no more struggling to find enough good threads to include. The hard part now is limiting the number I mention to avoid DiabloWikicriting you with a WoT attack!

    And no, two paragraph intros don’t exactly help with that. *cough* To the threads, all from our Diablo 3 community forum!

    • As D3 approaches we’re seeing lots of threads wondering what nostalgia might wreak upon Diablo III’s content. In just the past few days there are threads asking what items, characters, and monsters should return in updated, D3 form. We know some of the returning characters and monsters, but I hope the others are kept secret. It’ll be more fun to encounter them if I don’t know they’re coming.
    • Speaking of returning items, how about a unique item that boosts your Gold Find like 500%, that’s called “The Gleam in Bobby’s Eye?” That would be the best DiabloWikiEaster Egg since the DiabloWikiSecret Cow Level, and I could post screenshots of the item, instead of Bobby’s squinty eyes when threads like this one, by MRR show up in the news. Micro-transactions: What would you pay for in D3?
    • We’re also getting lots of pornographic threads, as people discuss their plans for D3 play rituals, how they’ll play their first time through the game, to preorder or not, even wondering which time zone will get D3 first.
    • Some threads that are just interesting. Coolest/lamest skill so far? What class are you NOT playing? Alabaster rune found in 1986 anime, and was D2 good because it was NOT convenient?
    • What do Rune Find and Gem Find do? those properties are granted by at least one DiabloWikiScoundrel ability, but when you think about it… how do they work? DiabloWikiMagic Find increases the quality of items, so do Gem Find and Rune Find let you find higher quality gems/runes? Or do you just find more gems/runes? And in that case, does that mean more total items found per X monsters? Or does it mean that some drops that would have been items are instead going to be DiabloWikigems/DiabloWikirunes?

      Finally, in one of the odder threads in recent memory, Floydman asks if readers can vote on the name of my first character. To my shock, there are like, 25 replies?! So um… sure. Why not? It’s not like anyone can try to PK me for being “famous.” I should probably start a thread so you guys could vote for what class I’m going to play first, since I have no more idea of that than I do of what I’ll name my first character. As for the name… just so long as it’s original, and class-appropriate! Conan? Merlin? Dali Lama?

    We’ve got a bunch of other D3 specialty forums as well, and while the Suggestions and Fan Creations forum see a decent amount of activity now, it’s going to be great once the beta starts and there’s finally detailed new info to spur talk in the five class forums, as well as info about the Story and Lore. We’ll be adding a new Beta Forum as well, with special tags for confirmed testers, so you’ll know exactly who to grill for all the juicy details. After all, they’re sure to want to answer forum questions about D3 rather than wasting time playing the game.

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