With the Blues on break let’s take a look at more local forum action and some interesting threads going in our Diablo 3 community forum.

  • Clueso started a thread pondering the villains of of future Diablo 3 expansions, but the conversation soon spread out from there in various lore-tastic ways. I liked the posts there, but I had to point out that we don’t even know what’s going to happen in this expansion! Despite the RoS beta containing 90% of Act Five, and the certainty of a final battle against Malthael, we don’t know if he’ll be killed or somehow sent back to Heaven to rehab, if the Black Soulstone will be lost or smashed, if that will free the souls in it including the Prime Evils, what will happen to the Nephalem revival in humans, etc. Surprises await.
  • Sutasafia wants to know which character is the best grouper in RoS, and gets a variety of replies. The Crusader has Aura-like powers to share to all, but the Monk’s party Mantras are improved as are the Barbarians, and the other classes have some new party-boosting talents also. Well, all but the DH. Since Blizzard hates the DH.
  • HardRock asks what players think about Blood Shards. He suggests they be removed entirely, an idea I don’t agree on since I like a currency that you earn via bounties (or other special events?) rather than just picking up from the ground (or bringing over from D3), but I think Shards are really poorly-implemented in the game at present. See the thread for more debate and ideas to improve gambling in Reaper of Souls.
  • Finally, BohemianStalker resubmits an epic post from the Battle.net forums, in which a fan compares many old predictions/promises by the Diablo 3 devs to the actual features that eventually found their way into (or out of) the game. It’s a bit of a biased enterprise, with only the “worse than expected” stuff included, but the amount of research included is impressive, including many links to our archived articles in DiabloWiki.net. That said, if you enjoy the complication, remember it the next time a dev gives vague, non-specific replies to interview questions, because they’re always in a “damned if I don’t share new info, damned if I do share info that changes” sort of situation.
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    Good posts galore there; join one of the conversations or start your own discussion.

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