The Blues remain quiescent on the forums thus far this week, so if you’re looking for some good conversation our own Diablo 3 Community Forum is a good stop.

  • Azzure wants to know why the demons in Diablo speak the same language as the humans. The obvious answer is that no one want to read subtitles in the game, but the thread goes into some pretty interesting pro and con arguments, in terms of physiology (can demon mouths even make human sounds?) and lore. Does the Nephalem’s ancestry of Demons and Angels permit humans to understand? Do the Demons and Angels even speak; or is it more a sort of telepathy/thought projection?
  • Bobby's Red EyesIn the Name of Zod wants to know what level of RoS sales will mean that Diablo 3 was a “success.” D2X sold a fraction as much as D2C, but most fans consider it a huge success. Do we even define success or failure by sales? I’m pretty sure Bobby does, but there’s always a big debate over artistic vs. critical vs. commercial success in other fields of entertainment.
  • RazeBarb wants auto-pickup for materials in Diablo 3, and I concur.
  • ToeTag rages over the lack of a “skip all the stupid dialogue and cutscenes” option, and is only partially assuaged by what RoS datamining seems to promise for “adventure mode” vs. “story mode.”
  • And to end with a laugh, ElementEight offers some satire:

    Blizzard Presents: Butter a Toast

    Have you ever wondered what kind of sweat, tears, and ritual sacrifice goes into buttering a toast? Or perhaps even entertained the idea of buttering a toast of your own? Well, hang on to your hauberks, Sanctuary, and ready your anvils. It’s time to get crafty.

    The “Butter a Toast” Project

    Inspired by the many passionate discussions we’ve seen about toasts (particularly buttering) in Diablo III, we wanted to take some time to expand on our evolving design philosophies and practices, as well as reiterate our goals for buttered toasts. As we started to put our pens to the proverbial paper, though, we had an epiphany: “Hey, instead of just telling players about buttering, why not actually show them?”

    And so the butter a toast project was born.

  • I eagerly await the raspberry preserves expansion pack.

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