Lots of interesting conversations going lately in our Diablo 3 community forum, and here are a few highlights.

    New Trading Systems:

    With the coming end of the Auction House a lot of players are wondering what will replace it. Hardrock started the Alternative Trading Systems thread and it’s full of interesting ideas and suggestions, starting with his own:

    You could flag items you want to sell right in your inventory (even outside of games) and these would appear in an AH like list (from any of your characters), no named games or chat spam necessary. Items would appear in this list only when you’re online, so no posting items to the market (giev moar stesh). On the other hand you could flag as many items as you want for sale, not just 10. The limiting factor would be how much free space you would be willing to give up for trading. Specifying a target price (or potentially even a list of items for bartering) should still be possible, but the trade would happen in-game or possibly directly through the chat, where you could still haggle or negotiate to use items as payment. No buyout price or bidding.

    In the same thread ZappaFan argues that gold botting and sales were one of the biggest causes of inflation and AH problems, and suggests a way to fight that issue:

    The currency needs to be something that cannot be botted and/or sold for Real Money. Something like an AH credit system that is account bound. AH credits are earned by selling things in the AH, and then in turn used to buy things in the AH (items, commodities, etc.). I would also make anything purchased in the AH have a period of time where the item would be account bound so that item sites aren’t buying stuff in the AH and trying to sell it for Real Money. I wouldn’t make it them permanently BoA, because people that are buying upgrades and would like to be able to sell the old gear still need to be able to do that. Perhaps make a purchased item from the AH BoA for a month.

    I think that Blizzard must be working on some new trading systems, I hope they give us some ideas about it at Blizzcon, and I really hope it’s good and will be live when the AH shuts down in March. If they seriously expect players to endure D2-style trade channel spamming again, we’ll see 1) a massive rise in usage of item sales sites and trading forums, and 2) massive petitions demanding the return of the AH.

    A Fourth Passive Slot?

    Scythemage says characters should get a fourth passive slot in RoS. We know lots of passives are being upgraded and improved, but is that enough? How about both, with the 4th slot awarded at lvl 70, with extra sparkles?

    New RoS Build Theorycrafting

    A much more ambitious thread was begun by Snurrfint who poured over the datamined character skills (Monk, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Wizard) and new item passive mods and applied them to create a new build which he calls the Strafe Speed Rocket Hunter. The build uses Strafe, Vault (cheap with the Hatred cost ring), blazing ground effects from another ring, and various speed boosting skills to create a very quick turret of destruction:

    The idea is to always move forward. When monsters are on the screen, use Strafe and let them chase you. When no monster or a very few monsters are around, just use Vault to move forward with blazing speed. Minimum cost for both skills free up space for practically anything for supporting skills. A strafe build might be the the deal now when double WW barbs has been nerfed to the ground.

    Other players have taken the bait and offered up their own theorycrafting, and Mortalo’s idea for a ranged Barb that uses primarily Weapon Throw and Seismic Slam sounds fun. Of course this skills and item mods are far from final at this point, but it’s fun to look at the changes and plan ahead. Way, way ahead.

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