Diablo 3 Forum Watch #101: No Auction House Blues

Lots of interesting forum threads spurred by recent datamining and the Auction House shut down notice. Here are a few from our Diablo 3 community forum:

  • Not everyone is shoveling dirt on the AH coffin, and some players are angry at the sudden change. PunkOnJunk offers his counter-argument in Why removing the auctionhouse will probably keep me off D3EXP all together. Some of the replies disagree, naturally. 
  • We know pretty much all the rewards for leveling in DiabloWikiParagon 2.0, but they’re quite commonplace. Some fans want much more, and Fizoo offers a bunch of interesting suggestions in this thread. 
  • The individual threads detailing all of the class skills changes from datamining are full of good debate (Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard), but how about a class changes overview thread? Here’s one, started off by the always-grumbling Steven Hazani in which he poops on all the class skill changes. Replies offer alternative views and the debate is extensive. 
  • The “What to do with RMAH profits?” question is a valid one, with the AH coming to an end in the not-so-distant future. Dendensan and others debate it in this thread. 
  • Does the end of the Auction House mean the end of Diablo 3 streamers? Steven Hazani argues yes, since most streamers exist as collections of AFK “viewers” who are just hanging around to try to win something in an item contest. Some replies disagree while others wonder why there are streams for an ARPG at all.
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  1. Could you add my thread as well Flux? Just posted it: http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?849041-Alternative-trading-systems

    I think it should make for an interesting discussion.

  2. Could you at least spell my name correctly if you’re gonna sneak in little barbs at me?

  3. PunkOnJunk touches a good point. Choice.

    If players want selfound mode, give them.
    If players want AH mode, give them.

    Just SC and HC is too little for todays standards.

  4. I’m against the removal of the AH. I remember all the reasons it came into being in the first place and why I was excited to have it.

    What they need to do is fix the game that puts items into the AH in the first place. More stuff that binds, have stuff BoE so it doesn’t stay in the economy permanently, whatever. There’s all kinds of solutions to fix this, with Loot 2.0 being a big part of it.

    The problem is that now trade is, comparatively, next to impossible.

    I remember D2’s trading, where there was this whole ‘system’ based on this was worth so many SOJ’s, or using runes as currency, with the rarity of the rune basically determining its value. There was like this whole community built around trading, that if you weren’t a part of, or did tons of research on, you were pretty much clueless.

    The AH cut away a lot of that. I was able to buy, and sometimes sell, the low-end gear I find, without having to have top-of-the-line near-perfect gear for either buying or selling. I didn’t have to know much about trading to be able to trade. And most importantly, I didn’t have to hunt people down and haggle with them to get a trade done.

    And the easiest thing of all was finding an item in the first place, and then not having to worry about matching schedules with the seller or even making sure we both spoke the same language. I also didn’t have to worry about being scammed.

    In short, the system of the AH itself brings about more good than bad. The problem is that the way the game is designed is, ironically, NOT about being able to trade.

    If they take away the AH, but someone comes up with some system of trade that works extremely well, just as good as the AH used to work, is safe, secure, doesn’t result in scamming, etc., and everyone starts using that, the same problems will happen again. Because the way the game is currently designed, it fails if people can trade easily.

    So, they took a game based on finding things and turned it into a game where you trade for things, pretty much only because they added the AH. Instead, they need to turn it back into a game based on finding things, and then they won’t need to remove the AH, because nobody will need or want to use it except on particularly rare occasions.

    This is the same kind of stop-gap not-thinking-ahead put-a-finger-in-the-hole ‘solution’ that they’ve been doing since Diablo 3 was released. There’s no design to this, it’s just scrambling.

    They say in the video that they want to get back to the ‘core’ gameplay of Diablo in finding items, and to make it ‘the best way to get items’…so instead of ACTUALLY making that the best way to get items, they just cut out the CURRENT best way of getting items. That seems like lazy design to me.

    Heck, you could just make it so that items are downscaled 5 item levels when put on the AH (or trade by any other method) and the only way to ever get higher is to find it yourself. Add in a BoE system so if you buy it for leveling with it can’t be resold. Poof, problem solved. Heck, the BoE system alone would probably do the trick. And that’s just one possibility.

    I think this is a rash decision made to band-aid a problem that they’re not really interested in giving serious thought to addressing. When the AH is gone and people still don’t like the game, what will they blame then?

    Granted, I think some of the other changes, such as new content and Loot 2.0 basically, and the endless dungeon, will be enough to bring people back and for people to enjoy it for awhile. The irony is that people will think the lack of AH is part of what makes the game ‘better.’ The AH doesn’t make the game better or worse, it exacerbates the trade system, and this is a horrible game type to have a trade system in, at least in its current state, especially if they want the ‘core’ to be finding items yourself.

  5. I just had no idea there were people who actually enjoyed the AH so much. Always thought it was people who hated it and the rest were people who just figured they should use it since it’s there and all. Something new every day I guess.

    • Trading is something else to do w/ the gear. This myopic focus on loot and loot alone is a decaying spiral. Once you get the gear, what do you do w/ it? The AH, particularly the RMAH, was definitely something to do w/ the gear. It wasn’t “kosher,” but it was something. PvP is a disastrous mess; 24 hours after the PvP “blog” where Jay announced the complete joke of Brawling, he “stepped down.” The timing spoke more about Blizzard’s assessment of his abilities than any press release.

      Right now, all we have to look forward to is Neph Trials. Hopefully at Blizzcon, they’ll have Neph Trials up for demos. (Here’s where you say “just like arena PvP!”) If they’re compelling, repeatable, and challenging enough, then we’re talking about great content where you need the gear. A purpose. If they’re not up to snuff, or worse, go the way of arena PvP, then D3 is still a disaster. You trade one quick, easy, boring way to get gear (the AH) w/ another (face roll god mode piñata loot like the console), and yet, you still have nowhere to go and nothing to do w/ this gear. At least w/ the AH you could trade/sell it for something. Your gear had a purpose.

  6. Good Riddance I say. The GAH and RMAH are the worst thing to happen to this game. All you greedy fools who still want it in should be playing a different game. I suggest Ebay.

  7. What is interesting is that Josh M’s reasoning for removing the AH is that it takes the player away from playing the game.

    How much more so will the desire to trade the perfect item that you don’t need for another perfect item that you do need via forums or other means take the player away from the game?

    I would tend to think the auction house would actually keep players IN the game more, as you’re able to list the item you want to trade/sell and continue playing, whereas if you want to trade without the AH, it’ll require in game chat spamming or forum posts, both of which will take you out of the game…

    No type of quality loot system will remove the want/need to trade in Diablo III, So by remove the auction house, you’re telling the players that they can play with what they’ve found, or spend more time trying to trade those items than it would’ve taken just to post it on the AH.

    So looking at what the “problem” is, they want people in the game and playing. People tend to leave the game for a few reasons, one of the large chunks is to get rid of items they’ve found that don’t have value to them, but may have value to others.

    How do you solve the problem of people wanting to trade/sell items that have a high value to a large group of other players, but not to the individual that found it?

    Three options:
    1. Have an auction house that has a minimum sell value.
    Something like 20million minimum would probably do the trick. This will ensure that people aren’t spending countless hours trying to sell their 10,000g random weird rares. You’ll only be tempted to leave the game to trade high value items.

    2. Limit auction house slots
    Having only 2 auction house slots will keep you in game longer, make you want to only list the real VALUABLE items, and still be that pressure outlet for those who desire to sell/trade their items without forcing them to go to a third party website or spam the chat channel.

    3. Create a system for easily finding people who have items for trade, but not necessarily list those items.
    A trading forum on a website is just a place for people to congregate together with a common theme, that is, to sell/trade items. If Diablo III incorporates a system to allow large groups of players to trade together while in-game or in the lobby, this will be a release of pressure from the desire to exit the game entirely.
    Option A. in game custom chat channels. Maximum size 100 people. This makes sure that the people are online, and not just posting to the forum and waiting hours to try and connect
    Option B. Player trading storage. Each individual can have 15 slots of their inventory designated to items available for trade. No notes, not valuations, just the items. If you’re interested you need to contact the player.

    Lastly, an interesting point to make about the Auction House.
    Josh M had this to say,
    “In fact in the territories where we do not have an auction house, the ratio of account compromises is [higher] than the rest of the world. So the primary [idea] of the auction house is definitely making sure that players can trade without worrying that [their accounts] will get compromised.”

    Obviously, those who are compromised are those who have chosen to go outside of the game to trade, but how many more people might give it a go once there is no AH in any region?

    Thanks for reading my WWoT (Wonderful Wall of TexT).


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