Diablo 3 Forum Watch #100: Level 70 Skills?

It’s been two weeks since our last Diablo 3 Forum Watch since last week was busy enough with the Gamescom festivities, and interesting threads have multiplied since then, many of them spurred by Reaper of Souls. Here’s a quick survey of some of the more interesting ongoing conversations.

  • Gamescom brought news that the max level is increasing to 70 and that the original five classes are getting new skills in RoS. That prompts an obvious question — what should the new passive and active skills do? New builds? Class balancing? Here’s your chance to thrill us with your acumen, in threads devoted to each class: Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Witch Doctor.
  • Apendecto wants to know how the Crusader’s Laws differ from the Monk’s Mantras, and how both compare to the D2 Paladin’s Auras. Personally, I’m hoping we’ll see some really awesome party-boosting Laws, after the Monk’s Mantras failed to fill that roll as the Paladin did in D2.
  • Azzure’s thread about the non-build changing RoS legendaries was a point of debate on the last podcast, and it’s still going strong in the forum. I content that Azzure and others are taking “build-changing” too literally, though admittedly, it was Josh’s description and the item he chose for the Legendaries in Loot 2.0 portion of the Gamescom presentation.
  • Unicron has been forced to revisit Diablo 2 after a year of Diablo 3, and he’s not pleased with the contrast. Check his thread for unconventional assertions about the latest sequel’s superiority over Blizzard North’s classic.
  • SFHCL: The last forum watch focused largely on the enormous Self Found Hardcore League community thread. Since then that thread has grown that much larger, begun to spawn offshoots, and is running parallel to our newest columnist. (We’re giving serious consideration to creating a Self Found / Ironborn forum.) Dive in if going selfie appeals to you, and cross your fingers with the rest of us that Blizzard will provide some official support (ladders?) for DiabloWikiIronborn style play in RoS.
  • Lots of other good threads going on, but that’s enough for one post. Dig in.

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    5 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Forum Watch #100: Level 70 Skills?

    1. Azzure’s post(s) were great, I know its a long time till RoS comes out but if it seems like they don’t get this right I definitely won’t be purchasing, regardless of the newly ‘dark’ theme or how pretty their cinematics are…I’m hoping it won’t be the case but I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be on a Scooby Doo level of dark unfortunately.

    2. Crusader: Melee class with mid range spells.

      Already doing that with monk bells… so just more of the same.
      Might be worth it if decent escape abilities like monk. Specially hopefull considering currently monk+witch doctor are best in that department.

      Crusader has potential to be better then barb.
      And also since STR > DEX overall, might be worth the class change.

    3. Has anyone else noticed that every single crusader skill with a semblant of intricacy are just taken right out of other blizzard games?

      I feel like their resource is really unoriginal as well. Isn’t it technically spirit?

      Doesn’t the monk fill the niche of \holy warrior\ already? Wouldn’t a druid with shapeshifts and earth/celestial skills have been a better class to design, in that shifts could allow you to make use of other gearsets primary attributes? What about contrast between classes? Of course not, it might’ve required actually designing something.

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