The activity in the Diablo 3 forums has (as always) been quite high, so it’s more than likely that you missed something of interest on the boards! Luckily, we’ve been keeping tabs on many of the most interesting threads, and compiled a few of them down to a neat little list!

    Remember that if you find a particularly interesting thread, feel free to e-mail me at with a link url! It doesn’t have to be created in the last week, but at least have something interesting added to it in the last seven days.

    So what did we pick out of the bin this week?

    Are you already addicted?

    • bluefly resurrects his thread about your “DIII” addictions.

    Should the Barb Have Bow Skills Too?

    • An interesting DiabloWikiBarbarian design question by stillman, who also contributed with his “Barbra the Bowstress” concept art.

    Witch Doctor Essentials: Blowdarts

    Dungeons & Dragons Makes it to DIII…

    • Blizzard seems to have consulted their local roleplaying group on DiabloWikiWizard spells. Akimbo dislikes it, melianor likes it. What about you?

    Continued Analysis of Runes and Ideas

    • This thread by RawBanana is brought up again from last week. How would you like your DiabloWikirunes served?

    Diablo 3 Trading and Currency

    • DarkGoat posted the now quite old quote by DiabloWikiJay wilson on trading in Diablo 3. Damnatorius has brought new life to the discussion. Trading in D3 could be awesome or awful…

    The Sin War Pact…

    • Lore friend ZSiegfried brought up one of the most crucial pacts in DiabloWikiSanctuary, in terms of lore. Can the citizens trust that pact at all?!

    Also: Happy Birthday Jaedhann, Arkardo and PvtCaboose!

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