Diablo 3 for Nintendo Switch Coming later this Year

Diablo 3 for Nintendo Switch Coming later this Year

If you were wondering what all those Diablo projects Blizzard has been working on actually are, it appears that one of them is a Diablo 3 port to the Nintendo Switch.

The story was broken on Forbes which has subsequently been pulled offline due to the breaking of an embargo. According to the article, the Switch version will be called the “Eternal Collection” and includes the Reaper of Souls and Necromancer expansion. The article states that it will be priced at $59.99.

Switch exclusives will also apparently include the Legend of Ganondorf armour set, Tri-Force portrait frame, a chicken pet, and Echoes of the Mask cosmetic wings. Other features being touted include up to 4 players on a single Switch, 4 players can play wirelessly without an internet connection, and also will also be able to play online.

There is no official press release on this as yet but it appears that Forbes may have jumped the gun with this announcement which was apparently planned for tomorrow.

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    8 thoughts on “Diablo 3 for Nintendo Switch Coming later this Year

    1. Yeah, that was one of the “Diablo Projects” but I dont consider this important information, except for Activision-Blizzard shareholders of course.

      Also Forbes is not the same publication it once was. It’s a crappy site these days, and actually has a lot of “opinion articles” “sold” as facts on the Diablo franchise that were written by ignorant or unintelligent people.

      The amount of “Shit Articles” in today’s world is highly concerning, but then again just a sad reality that wont change any time soon. Seeking actual Facts and voicing Educated Opinions are a thing of the past it seems. These days the internet and virtually all other areas in the world are infested with people that aren’t very intelligent and/or critical thinkers. It’s one of the downsides of Academic Inflation where a lot of stupid people end up getting degrees and then jobs without actually being qualified to work in those fields or jobs.

      • Gosh, you sure are a much better person than most of us/those plebs! Thank you for coming down from your ivory tower to show us the light against Forbes and give us your Educated Opinions.

        • Ouch…

          I was talking about people operating in areas that they are not suited for, despite academic credentials.

          Intellect and Talent-Based Diversity in society is natural, beautiful and interesting, but it has become a problem in the age of the Internet where everyone, dumb and intelligent, educated and uneducated operates in anonymity. The broad availability of the Internet causes all kinds of people with all kinds of capabilities and limits to interact with each other and voice opinions. Before the anonymity of the internet (where people can literally get away with saying anything), One group would rarely talk to the other group, because neither one felt compelled to communicate with the other. Individual Groups and Demographics would keep to themselves. The ideal would be if society would embrace everyone and view everyone as unique and with unique potential to shine in a particular area of expertise. Our educational systems not only follow an antiquated industrialization paradigm, but are also designed to show the grave differences between individuals based on those antiquated metrics. What Education should do is embrace and foster individual talents to create a strong and diverse society to position us better for what lies ahead of us. Today it becomes a problem when opinions are based on perceptions or false beliefs rather than facts, knowledge, or at least the desire to understand the mechanics behind something. A lot of people voice opinions and often false-beliefs and display them as “Facts” or “Truth” due to ignorance or a “hidden agenda”.

          Last but not least, don’t make the mistake associating Intelligent and Unintelligent, or Educated and Uneducated with “Good” and “Bad”. They are just different forms of life, and any form of life can shine and fulfill potential which is unique to each individual. Why do you think Artists, Musicians, Astronauts, Soldiers, Scientists, Physicists etc. exist and are so very different from one another in terms of skill-sets and capabilities?

          Two examples: A very smart and educated person can Manipulate its surroundings to achieve highly unethical objectives, and a uneducated and unintelligent person can cause harm when put in a position of power, and there are countless forms of “positions of power”. Posting opinions on the internet and portraying them as facts or truth is a form of “abuse of power” because if there are people that can’t think critically stumble upon this piece of “information” they will potentially accept it as fact or truth and thus make decisions based on this misinformation.

    2. Wow. holy shit, stop the presses…I mean really. I know this is news related to my favorite game series, but these guys ruined any hope I had for D3 with the RoS Expansion and everything else they have done with the game since. I am always glad to see related news on here, and its not that that I am bashing, but this is purely just another money grab.

    3. Wow. Why is the response to this so salty? I, for one, am happy this will be released on the switch. I will happily fork over $60 again for the ability to play this on a mobile platform. D4 is coming, but for now, embrace the fact it is not abandoned.

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