Should Diablo 3 Followers Share Gear?

I’ve seen the issue come up in clan chat, and today it got a Blue reply on the forums.

wouldn’t it make sense that the followers gear carry over from each character that you are playing? Why do I have to regear all of my followers for each character that I play? I know I can painstakingly transfer the gear each time I play a different character, but wouldn’t this be much easier? Just a thought, I would like to hear what you all think about this?
Grimiku: I think this is solid feedback, and I’d be happy to pass it along. A lot has changed with the followers since Reaper of Souls was released, and it might be a good time to take another look at them. We don’t have any current plans to alter how followers are equipped, but I’d still like to hear your thoughts about it.

  • Do you currently share follower gear between your characters?
  • How often do you swap follower gear around?
  • Would you use a feature that allowed your max level characters to share follower gear?
  • Just posting from the hardcore perspective…it would be nice, but I still think this should just be allowed on softcore, sure it sucks to die on HC and lose the gear that you had on your follower, but with that said…thats kinda the point of Hard Core.
    Grimiku: Thanks for sharing your perspective on this, and it’s definitely a good point that would need to be addressed if a system like this was ever implemented.

    Also, Grimiku, please deliver this feedback:

    – when you die an are about to respawn, your follower respawned seconds before you did, instantly dying, then you revive -> no follower there.

    Fix: give him the same “ghost time” that you have.
    Grimiku: I’ll put this on my list of things to talk about at our next meeting. It’s something I certainly notice when I’m playing my normal mode characters, and the followers would probably like it if they took less dirt naps, too.

    No, I do not share item between class because each class has different requirement and the specific follower that best suit that build. I may switch follower for a character but the item are different between classes. Even if I have 2 class of the same, I will have different builds and require different follow setups.

    No. Please don’t force it on everyone if it must be added. I would like to keep each of my follower different. If they are all the same, the fun of gearing these “pets” will be removed.
    Grimiku: It’s certainly true that there are plenty of situations where a player would not want to share follower items, and that would need to be considered if a feature like this was implemented. Personally, I know that equipping my Scoundrel with a Windforce is fine on my Demon Hunter, but a pain when I’m trying to keep monsters stuck in a Piranhado.

    And then there were three...

    And then there were three…

    Obviously Character A could just take items off her Follower and stick them in the stash for Character B to retrieve and put on his Follower, so any request for shared Follower gear is purely a convenience. That said, conveniences are… convenient. There would be issues changing between types of Followers, with their unique items class-specific and the same mostly true of their weapons, but for most players, the Eirena running behind their Monk is indistinguishable from the one running behind their Wiz, or Barb, or Crusader, etc. So you’d seldom want to change what a given Follower was using, no matter which char you were playing.

    How about this approach — all the Followers on your account would work like two-legged stashes, so whatever gear you put on them is what they have for all the chars on your account. Basically there’s only one of each follower for your account, rather than as many different versions of them as you have characters. If you wanted to change the weapon your Scoundrel was using when with your WD vs. your Barb, that would be easily done, but you wouldn’t have to stock 2 versions of Lyndon with rings, amulet, and unique item. And you would never have to change which char you were logged on with to fetch item X from a different char’s follower. (Plus the Followers could share gossip and insults between your characters! Lyndon: “I was running with a female Monk yesterday and she was much faster killing than you are.”

    Convenient! Cheesy and wrong?

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    1. Since I don’t use scoundrel anymore, not having to move my legacy puzzle ring around would be nice – as long as they don’t insert a bug that eat our irreplaceble items.

      If I find the legendary follower special, there’ll be another thing to move…

    2. There’s another “problem” with followers in HC. Normally I’m a huge supported of risk in HC–you die, you lose it. But in multiplayer, HC games if you die, your followers eq should end up in your stash.

      Why? Because technically every time you switch between solo and multiplayer you should take all your follower gear off and put it in the stash manually. Normally I don’t bother but I have the leg follower tome that gives the templar access to all his abilities at once. When I remember, I take that off before 4-man rift runs. And have to remember to put it back before soloing.

    3. This is a no-brainer. I already do the thing moving all my follower gear over, because I don’t want the clutter of having a separate set of gear for my followers for every character. One grand vizier is enough, the game dropping it a lot notwithstanding.

    4. From another hardcore perspective, the gear on followers tends to be the ‘sloppy seconds’ anyway. Not losing the gear from followers that you probably wouldn’t wear anyway isn’t really a big issue for me. I have better gear in stash for backup and losing or not losing follower gear feels like it would be an afterthought.

      Transferred stats are so small and follower damage so paltry that getting followers back to within a similar contribution range would be easy.

      I support shared follower gear. Heck they can still make me lose it if my follower(s) is out, I’ll just put new stuffs on.

      • Followers should be used for utility, not basic dps/hp. Fear, charm, freeze, etc.

        My wizards templar uses an echoing fury with chance to fear and chance to chill. Combined with a fast attack speed and Intimidate skill, monsters rarely get within melee range before they’re dead.

    5. It would be very convenient but there would be a problem if you happen to still level some of your characters.
      This topic just scratches a surface of a bigger issue – multiple character inventory management. There should be a way to see and move the stuff between different characters without creating a games. It’s not even about “muleing” (although it would make it much easier) but lets say I want to switch to my crusader for a change of pace. I have a very nice sword on my barbarian, good, fast boots on wizard and interesting shoulders on a demon hunter. To equip my crusader I have to create at least FOUR games, providing I remember what is where. Otherwise I have to open a dozen games to see if one of the other characters doesn’t have on them or in their inventory something I could use for a crusader.
      Late auction house had the sell interface where you could at least see all the inventory on all your characters. Why not reuse it and add the function of transferring gear among characters?

    6. Having followers equipped with their own stash would have been a good way to introduce charms.

    7. A compromise here would suit players best, although I suspect Blizzard would shy away from it, as they appear to shy away from anything that increases character storage space, for some reason.

      Have two following settings per character. Individual and Shared. You can swap between Individual and Shared while in town. Shared followers work across all of your characters who opt to use the shared one, eg Shared Lyndon on your barb has the same items as Shared Lyndon on your DH (because he’s shared…). But if you wanted to have a separate Lyndon fit-out on your Monk, who has gear and skills that tie in with your Monk’s particular build, then your Monk can choose to use Individual Lyndon without impacting on your Barb or DH.

    8. How about a button to allow a follower to move across heroes? Click it, and that follower would appear with the same gear no matter who you were playing–assuming equal or greater levels, of course. Unclick it, and the follower behaves as they do currently. Allow HC Followers to “escape” with their gear–or maybe have a percentage chance to escape. Just because you died doesn’t mean your Follower is obligated to stand there and die beside you. 🙂

      While I’m on the topic of followers, please allow them set bonuses. The equipment shouldn’t care who it’s on to activate bonuses. Let them fight as our equals! (Or at least create special Follower sets…)

    9. I’d rather see more gear on my followers. Maybe with half stat penalties or something (rather than a few pieces of gear giving you double stats). I also think it is high time we got another follower. I’d like to see something in the way of a healer/buffer. Somebody who doesn’t focus on dealing damage but rather heals me, and maybe provides stat buffs on me and debuffs on monsters.

    10. I liked the suggestion of making it optional. Not sure which would be better – if it were a menu option or some sort of in-game shortcut.

    11. I was just thinking about this over the weekend after having to load a char, pull the follower equipment to the stash, then load up my other char and load the new follower up. It’s a little clunky, but if you are going from a high-level char to a low-level one then sharing gear is not always possible.

      I would like to see maybe a follower-based stash (or tab) where all your follower gear can be stored even while equipped on one of them. Load up a different char and all the gear shows up to be equipped.

      Hardcore would be different I guess as the follower loot is also lost on death(?). I guess it is really kind of a minor complaint so no real reason to mess with it, just the convenience factor.

    12. Would be nice to have “build” tabs with gears and set of skills for your character and follower. Or make worn gears available between characters and between followers…

    13. Simply allow the introduction of named followers. So rather than having just 3 anonymous character slots per character, you have a specific amount of follower slots. At the start of the game, you select which follower you take along, just like you select your hero and whatnot. The fun thing is this would work for hardcore as well as softcore as in hardcore a follower would simply die. I think it would make them more meaningful as well. Giving names usually has that effect.

    14. Also, I’d like a ghost follower which does not attack, cannot die, cannot talk (sort of wizard’s familiar and if it is invisible, it is again better) but which can wear buff gear and can cast buff like regular followers…

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