Diablo 3 Fingernail Art

fmulder alerted us to this new video by Undomiele. Inspired by his admiration of the Diablo franchise he painted a set of nails in a Diablo 3 theme. As you can imagine, at this size, it’s a painstaking process requiring an incredibly steady hand (sausage fingers won’t do).

He recorded himself doing so and sped it up to about 5 minutes long. The end result is very pretty and just the thing for a launch night party.

See Undomiele on his deviantart page.

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    21 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Fingernail Art

      • Must be a momentary outage at your end. It’s displaying and playing fine for me. Give it a while and try again.

    1. When I first saw the title of the article, I thought it was about Diablo art made with fingernails.

    2. it looks like a lot of -these- kind of things will come out on this site until D3 comes out….
      not to be disrespectfull but please people for the love of shitlords you cant releate and exept everything to diablo….     -i have 3 sec before my post gona be deleted-    -_-

      • You know it will be like that, dont know what kind of news you expect…just go with the flow and enjoy the ride! This is the final lap! 😀

      • There’s an easy solution to your problem.

        When you go into a restaurant do you order everything off the menu or select just what you want? Try applying the same process here. Look at this as your favourite Indian – huge variety of Indian food, something for all palates, enjoy what takes your fancy and forget about the dishes that are too hot or too bland for your taste. Don’t stand up in the middle of a restaurant like a tool and bleat “What the f**k’s a banana fritter doing on the menu!”

      • It says in the news post. Fingernails painted with diablo pictures. Maybe that’s easier to get your head round. 

    3. Some insane detail there,  also for the people comlaining don’t click on the link if this somehow offends your sensibility for not being related to diablo enough, cause your stupid… and thats about it.

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