In the ever-changing answer to the question of “what’s the best Diablo 3 farming exploits?” has a new reply. Crypt of the Ancients (CotA) for EXP and The Core of Arreat (Core) for items.

    The Crypt of the Ancients is the dungeon on the right side in the Festering Woods in Act One. It’s packed full of skeletons with several skeleton summoners and always one Yellow boss. The Core of Arreat is the last level in Act Three, a straight line layout with lots of chests and 2-3 Elites. Both areas are quickly reached via waypoints and there are decent odds of DiabloWikiYELLOW WATER spawning to keep your +exp topped off.

    So having tested and having spoken with a lot of the people in game who consider themselves competitive players I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two locations worth doing.

    For leveling it’s CotA nothing else even comes close to comparing the experience you get in here from killing the white mobs. For legendary items, Core of Arreat chest farming.

    No but seriously though, this is a nice thread and it is cool to see you guys sharing your opinions on this.

    The CotA runs or Core runs that many people are doing right now is something that we believe to be mostly a temporary thing during this transition period between the expansion pre-patch and the expansion itself. We expect that bounties and rifts will be where people will go to farm gear and XP once Reaper of Souls is out, and if it turns out that this is not the case, well then we will likely step in to change that.

    Both rifts and bounties read like something which will reward everyone.. farming and “adventure seeker” likewise.
    Vaneras: That is pretty much what Adventure Mode is all about 🙂

    The OP offered a bunch of possible fixes to CotA and Core farming, and there were some good solutions but I was shaking my head after just a few words. The Blue is completely correct. Any little 10% more profitable whatever whatever in the game today is not worth noticing, since nothing anyone does now can compare in the slightest to the profits and fun of DiabloWikiAdventure Mode.

    That mode allows you to farm the best areas, adds Purple target monsters worth huge exp and gold and Blood Shards to them, and varies them every game. Plus there are special rewards for doing all 5 per act, which discourages game skimming to just farm the best one or two bounties in each random assortment. (I did a fair amount of that in the Beta, once I learned which the best/quickest were in each act.)

    I’m sure players will get scientific about Adventure Mode farming once Reaper of Souls is live and really zero in on the ones that offer the best return for time played, and perhaps the devs will need to tweak their reward tables a bit. This happened repeatedly during the Beta, with the easiest/quickest bounties made harder/longer, lowered in value, and/or removed entirely. That said, DiabloWikiCursed Chests and side quests are much more common in Reaper than they are in Diablo 3, and those are often worth more exp for 30 seconds of work than the entire 3-5 minute bounty you’re running in the first place.

    However that all shakes out, nothing like the various D3v2 exploits of DiabloWikiMira runs or Core runs or etc… can compare to DiabloWikiBounties for sheer gold/exp/item gains. And then you’ve got DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts as well which add a whole different experience and challenge to the play. After all, not everyone spends their gaming time with a stopwatch and a spread sheet to track what they *should* be doing to boost their gains by 2% per hour. Just doing X because you really enjoy it is still allowed, I think.

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