Blizzard has released a Diablo III Fansite Kit for those skillful fans who wish to create their own fansite. There are many benefits to having a good and often maintained fansite. If you are able to build a big community, and update as little as twice a week you may get accepted into the Fansites Program allowing you to play Diablo III beta, and be able to giveaway some to your visitors.

    Among other benefits, you might be invited to Blizzcon, or the Worldwide Invitationals with press badge, and/or be invited to the Blizzard headquarter and Fansites Summit. Sounds good so far? The Fansite Kit download is 35MB. You can download it at the official site.

    The assets in our official Diablo III Fansite Kit are a potential bonanza for those who wish to build their own Diablo III related fansites. This downloadable package contains the following content, including some exclusive assets:

    • Art assets including concept art, hi-res logos, and wallpapers
    • Site design elements including borders, backgrounds, fonts, and stylesheets
    • Exclusive content: Forum avatars / Messenger images
    • Diablo III fact sheet and FAQ
    • Sample Diablo III text content
    • Site building tips

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