Diablo 3 Fan Film Seeks Crowd Funding

Michael Schaack, the filmmaker creating that amazing-quality Diablo fan film we posted about a few weeks ago, has put the project up for crowd funding. They’re looking for a remarkably light $18,000 for the entire project, and the page breaks down all of the various shoestring expenses, plus the donation levels and the rewards you can earn by giving. And yes, you can appear in the film for a donation of just $670 dollars.

It seems a worthwhile project, and the past work of the director shows that he can turn out cinema at a level far above that of most amateurs. You can see the teaser for the Diablo film below, and the Google translated version of the project donation page is here.

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10 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Fan Film Seeks Crowd Funding

    • If he’s not earning anything out of it, it’s fair use, I think, but then again, who knows. You American’s have weird concepts when it comes to common sense and rationality.

      • Definitely not fair use. The rules for fair use do not care about non-profit vs profit. Fair use is really restricted to using a small section of a work for reviewing it, criticism, reporting, teaching or (sometimes) archiving and parody. Copying many characters’ names and likeness for a film goes beyond the substantiality test for fair use regardless of the purpose of the film, and also infringes directly on the owner’s right to create derivative works.

        This is not an American thing. Most countries with copyright law have extremely similar fair use exemptions and they do not permit works that would otherwise be infringing except for being non-profit. The non-profit bit is irrelevant.

        Since this is an adaption of Knaak’s novel I am guessing that they have permission from Knaak and Blizzard to go ahead. You wouldn’t put in all this work without that. They mention that some of the pledge rewards (assets mostly) are dependant on getting the OK from Blizzard, so I suspect that they currently have the go-ahead for just the non-profit film distribution, but need to get extra permission for anything more than that, like distributing production photos, pre-production artwork, and so on.

        (Just to note, all the many Star Wars fan films exist without needing individual permission because George Lucas stated that he wouldn’t enforce any rights against non-profit fan film creators. That’s why they can use original characters and likenesses and planets and props without concern.)

  1. Even this amateur production looks more inspriring than Diablo 3! I loved it! Hopefully they can finish before Blizzard acts on it :/

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