We have received two big updates in DiabloWiki, one for the Diablo 2 wiki, and one for the Diablo 3 / general wiki. There is a fancy new DiabloWikiUber Diablo featured article, so if you missed out on all the new content in the Patch 1.10 release back in the days, you can read up on more of these rare parts of the Diablo II endgame, as well as be a part of it(if you are very lucky)!

    If you are a new or returning Diablo fan, you should start to update your knowledge about Diablo III by reading through the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Basics article, which is the main Diablo III Fact Sheet and located in the Diablo 3 wiki. It provides all the known information about the upcoming Diablo sequel with a brief explanation and links to read more in-depth information. If you wanted to know more about classes, item drops, release date, system requirements or any other topic, you have all information available in a short and explanatory summary.

    On the same page, you should feel free to pitch in and help the community by updating the “fact sheet” with information released in interviews or blue posts (you can find material in the DiabloWikiMedia Coverage section), or perhaps add new pages where missing. You can get further assistance in the DiabloWikiHelp sections of the wikis, or you can contact DiabloWikiLeord for guidance.

    PS. The fact sheet is really awesome, you should check it out, regardless. and if you don’t agree on that statement, there is nothing holding you back from MAKING it awesome!

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