Diablo 3 Expansion Within Three Years

Activision Blizzard COO Thomas Tippl continued the investor presentation this afternoon highlighting some of the ‘exciting’ new Activision Blizzard products. During his speech he mentioned that Activision Blizzard plan on getting the first expansion for Diablo 3 complete in within three years. Three years is quite a long time to wait for an expansion so let’s hope that the RMAH and economy can keep players hooked into the game until it arrives.

Most of us were expecting it sooner, after Blizzard’s leaked production schedule put an 18-month timeframe on the expansions. Perhaps they’ve changed plans, or simply don’t think they can complete the first expansion that quickly?

We have some of the slides from the presentation, some here and the rest after the fold.

Diablo I
Diablo and Battle.Net Trading in Diablo Trading in Diablo


Diablo II

Diablo II and Battle.Net Diablo 2 and Battle.Net

Diablo III

Diablo 3 Business Model Diablo 3 Auction House Auction House Transactions

Diablo 3 Additional Details Features Diablo 3 and Battle.Net

Banner System Play Together, Stay Together

Success & The Future
Diablo Fanchise Success Blizzard Pipeline Activision Blizzard Presentation

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36 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Expansion Within Three Years

    • Good luck, this company has been trading flat for the past 3 years, and averages right around $10 per-share over 5 years.  They haven’t gotten any real boosts when they have released any of their games (be they Guitar Hero, SC2, WoW x pacs or any of the 100s of other games they publish).  You will likely only make money if the entire market trends up – even so, there are MANY better stocks to buy.

      • Sadly, you are correct. I managed to make a few hundred bucks off of ATVI maybe 4 years ago, and then realized that their stock was inexplicably immune to success and moved on to greener pastures.

  1. I imagine they’re just giving themselves plenty of room to manouvre. This is Blizzard after all.
    If it does take three years, then it better be one huge-ass expansion!

  2. Im fine with 3 years. Will have time to enjoy the Classic version of D3 and the expo will be a refreshment , not a forced new start with new feature that can ruin a RPG like it happened with WoW .

  3. It comes down to how often they will add content to the game via patches, if there is something new added every 4-6 months then I don’t think there is that much of a problem in waiting 3 years for a full fledged xpac.

  4. I don’t care much about what Tippl says. The leaked (and confirmed) Blizzard product sheet says one Diablo 3 expansion every 1.5 years or 18 months.

    • So the COO, sat next to Bobby, Rob and Mike reads out (from Blizzard’s powerpoint presentation slide) details of the next 3 years Blizz releases and you don’t believe him? Why would that be? Because you don’t want to believe it or you think he intentionally lied and they didn’t want to correct him (even though it’s Blizzard’s document)?


  5. Perhaps someone can clarify on the 3 years tidbit.  Perhaps it was mentioned that multiple xpacs would be released WITHIN a 3 years and not AT the 3 year mark?  This would coincide with the leaked Blizzard Product Sheet that @nobbie mentioned.  On that sheet, 2 D3 xpacs are released WITHIN 3 years (one mid 2013, one Q4 2014).
    I ask this because Blizz, speaking to investors, would want to let them know that they should expect additional box-sales on the inside of 3 years.  We may want to look into this – the “within” and “multiple” tidbits.

    • Heart of the Swarm isn’t here yet. Is Heart of the Swarm more work to produce than Diablo 3: The Balls of Baal, or is it less work?
      A 2-3 year schedule is realistic.

  6. Wow, those slides. Are they really trying to sell the investors on us poor single players being left out. I”ve got a lump of coal they could try to sell as potential diamonds while they’re at it.

    I know simple numbers showed a significant difference between the number of D2 games sold and the number of D2 keys used on bnet, but that doesn’t means a significant number of those couldn’t find the big button in the middle that says “Battle Net”, it may mean they preferred SP, preferred lan parties or had bad internet connections, none of which are being solved by D3.

    Yeah, I know its a bit of dead horse, its just shocking to see us poor left out SP’ers being used as a selling point to stock holders.

    • I hear ya pal… Sadly, there’s not much we can do about it… It’s something terrible indeed.

      People can say “you can still SP!” but that’s not the only problem here, its a matter of connection speed really.

    • “poor single players being left out”

      Blizzard really does seem inconsistent


      quote Bashiok :
      I don’t mean any offense, but you don’t represent the majority of people that will play the game. For better or worse. People here, logging in with their Diablo II keys to talk about an unreleased product – – on an essentially hidden forum – – do not represent the vast majority of people that will play the game. Which doesn’t mean we don’t want the game to appeal to you or be a lasting game you’ll want to play as long as you played Diablo II, it very much is our intent to be, but we have a broad range of Diablo fans to appeal to.

      Looking at Diablo II the amount of people that bought the game, never logged on to Battle.net, and never went beyond Normal are not insignificant. In fact, they’re a substantial portion of the people that bought copies throughout the life of the game.

      end quote

      if the claim in that quote is true then you would think (from a business perspective) it would make more sense to only develop a normal difficulty, single player version.

      Why spend all these resources, time and money developing nightmare/hell/inferno difficulties and online features which their own research shows most players never even bothered with in D2 ?

      It seems they’re spending time and money developing features that only a minority of players want or will even experience.
      Blizzard could have developed only a normal difficulty, single player version a year ago, brought in a ton of money for investors and already be well on the way to releasing the first expansion.

      (I have no problem with online only or the RMAH and I can’t wait to try Inferno, but I just don’t see any consistency with the claim in that quote and what is actually being developed)

  7. Hmn… WoW in brazil? That possibly means they are going to add a bnet server on South America… That’d be good news and that would make the “always online” thing more… reasonable…

    Heh, 3 years? Well, it’s better than getting mediocre new xpacs every 4 months like in the Sims…

  8. Three years is quite a long time to wait for an expansion so let’s hope that the RMAH and economy can keep players hooked into the game until it arrives.

    Seeing as how I don’t care about the RMAH and plan on playing HC anyway…let’s hope they have other plans.

    • HC inherently adds replayability, not 3 years, but we’ll certainly take longer with the game than the softies.

  9. In within 3 years doesn’t mean exactly 3 years, but as we know the length of Blizzard’s game development times, nothing is impossible. Still the 3 years until first expansion doesn’t mean that there won’t be any content updates before that. Optimism will be my end…

  10. Does that mean 3 years from now or 3 years from launch (sometime in 2012 or so most likely)?
    Also, I see this as good news. Blizzard mentioned they definitely want to do more than one expansion so if the expansions are – at least – spaced out over five years that means the game will be massively supported by Blizzard (regular patches, bug fixes, hack bans etc) throughout that time. I’ll be playing this game on and off for years so the longer it stays clean and supported the more I will enjoy it.

  11. Sigh…. This is why I can’t wait for TorchLight 2, cuz i’ll spend 1.5yrs on D3 and 1.5 on TL2 till TL Online comes out. Then well….. Blizzard better come out with a pretty damn cool XPack, otherwise it’ll go back on the shelf or a box….. 😯

  12. So at this point in three years time I would have played Diablo 3 hundreds of hours and be waiting or just beginning to beta test Diablo 3: When Bad Demons Go Good or whatever it’ll be called.


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