Activision Blizzard COO Thomas Tippl continued the investor presentation this afternoon highlighting some of the ‘exciting’ new Activision Blizzard products. During his speech he mentioned that Activision Blizzard plan on getting the first expansion for Diablo 3 completeĀ in within three years. Three years is quite a long time to wait for an expansion so let’s hope that the RMAH and economy can keep players hooked into the game until it arrives.

    Most of us were expecting it sooner, after Blizzard’s leaked production schedule put an 18-month timeframe on the expansions. Perhaps they’ve changed plans, or simply don’t think they can complete the first expansion that quickly?

    We have some of the slides from the presentation, some here and the rest after the fold.

    Diablo I
    Diablo and Battle.Net Trading in Diablo Trading in Diablo


    Diablo II

    Diablo II and Battle.Net Diablo 2 and Battle.Net

    Diablo III

    Diablo 3 Business Model Diablo 3 Auction House Auction House Transactions

    Diablo 3 Additional Details Features Diablo 3 and Battle.Net

    Banner System Play Together, Stay Together

    Success & The Future
    Diablo Fanchise Success Blizzard Pipeline Activision Blizzard Presentation

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