Diablo 3 Expansion Trailer Rated

Every video to be shown publicly needs to receive an age rating and a rating for a Diablo 3 Expansion trailer has been posted on the German ratings board site USK. It gives the trailer a rating of 12.

Update: As there’s some confusion in comments, note that this rating applies only to the content of the video to be shown publicly at Gamescom. This rating tells us *nothing* about the content of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, which will in all likelihood be Mature, the same as Diablo 3 and all previous titles in the series.


Blizzard’s public DiabloWikiGamescom 2013 schedule begins on Thursday but they are scheduled to hold a press conference for media tomorrow where the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Expansion, Reaper of Souls is expected to be revealed. That or a new wallpaper.

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    23 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Expansion Trailer Rated

          • Um, try harder. D3 was rated Mature 17+, unless you’re asking for the AO rating reserved for porn games.

            • There is a big difference between 18+ and 17+, and it is not because of porn, the best example is D2 (18+) vs D3 (17+).

          • Diablo 3 was rated M for Mature in the US and comparable ratings in other countries due to violence and adult themes and such. There’s no way Diablo 3 expansion won’t have a similar rating.

            This is just for the trailer, so it can be shown publicly at the show. The way every R rated movie has a PG trailer that can be shown on TV. (One year during pre-D3 the gameplay was rated 16+ or whatever they call it in Germany, and Bliz had to hastily rearrange their demo area so that people waiting in line outside could *not* see the demo machines.)

    1. Getting ready for tomorrows… Got fridge packed. 😀

      Watching on twitch… so far its all exclusive content “at launch”…

      That sure is progress from few years ago when some games exclusive to a single platform.
      Now they can only squish out some maps/skins. 🙂

      Can’t beat the $$$.

      • 12+ tells me: This cinematic is just a slight teaser of the evil D3X1 antagonist at best (because they don’t want to give away the story in advance), and a strong teaser for the next class (possibly druid or a new druidic class). Can we show some druid vs. monster action to 12 year old kids? Yes, we can!

        • You’re probably right on content, but the rating tells us nothing about the content of the trailer. It’s purely a “mature content” rating that says there won’t be graphic violence, or nudity/sex, or drug use, or other stuff the ratings boards oppose.

          Thinking about it, would anything in any of the D3 cinematics qualify for that? I can’t remember anything in any of D3’s FMV or 2D sketch movies that wouldn’t get a PG-12 rating. All the gore and blood was in the game, not in the movies.

    2. At what time does the conference begin? (my english has become a little rusty, so if I make any serious mistakes, please point them out):)

      Also, does anyone know of site where a very hyped up person like me can watch the whole thing?:)

      • Conference is 11:30 CET in the morning, but I’d expect the “opening ceremony” at 11:00 CET.

        • Thank you, kind sir:) May you be blessed with a brand new, perfectly rolled Mempo for your kindness:)

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