Possible Diablo 3 Expansion Titles?

While we’re talking about D3X, there’s an amusing thread about Diablo 3 expansion titles and on the B.net EU forum.

If they had to pick between “Mists of Diablaria” or “Wrath of the Skeleton King”, which one you guess they would pick?
Nakatoir: “Diablo: A New Hope

Well, if your gonna be like that: “Diablo III: The Hells Strike Back” :p

This is a very interesting topic though; it will definitely be cool to see what people think the expansion might get called.

The B.net thread is full of snark and bitterness (shocking, that) but it’s a legitimate question. We’ll almost certainly find out the answer before the official announcement, as people always seem to sniff these things out via legal trademark filings, but it’s fun to speculate now. (Blizzard might even trick us by using some title they bought long ago, ala they got Diablo Salvation back in 2000.)

For reference, here are some other Blizzard game/expansion titles.

  • Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
  • Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
  • World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
  • StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
  • Seems like 3 or 4 words, ideally with an “of” in the middle, is a pretty safe bet. Some suggestions, basically Mad Libs versions of the others: “Legacy of Cain,” “Beyond the High Heavens,” “Angel of Destruction,” “Wrath of the Witch Queen,” “The Fiery Descent.”

    Chip in your own?

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    75 thoughts on “Possible Diablo 3 Expansion Titles?

    1. Diablo III – The Void of the Legacy

      No, seriously.

      Diablo III – Shodows Over Ureh, noooo, I dont know. Don’t care.

      • Coming up with good names for people and locations is one of my weakest points as a writer, but seriously, Metzen or whoever came up with it…. “Ureh?” That sounds like a painful medical condition, or else a sticky part of the lower digestive tract.

        How would it even be pronounced? ur-eh? u-ree? ura? your-ee?

    2. Diablo III: The return of Cain.

      They will bring back zombie Cain so he can identify all your items.

    3. Seriously, I hope (and no way it will happen) that they release the expansion and not a single copy sells.

      They’ll sit back and say, “hmmm, that’s a boggle. What happened?”

      The best way to fix this game is to vote with your wallets. Otherwise you will continue to get crappy Blizzard games

    4. You forgot a couple of Blizzard games from the main franchises, namely:

      Warcraft: Orcs and Humans
      Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness
      Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal

      Diablo: Hellfire (the unofficial expansion for D1)

      • Hellfire wasn’t an “unofficial expansion”, it was definitely official, although Blizzard North had practically nothing to do with it.

      • I didn’t forget, I just didn’t list the oldest games or games without a subtitle (so no d2 or sc1 or wow). Though in retrospect, I might as well have; those old ones follow almost exactly the same naming style as titles in the last 10 years.

    5. Seriously with all the bashing still? I love this game! Then again I never played 1 or 2 before 3. When I did I despised them. The new game is so much better.

      Diablo 3: Angelic revenge

      Angels could some how see humans as the cause of heaven’s destruction?

          • 3 did its best to appeal to new audiences, and your an example of how successful they have been. Idn diablo 3 just turned into the next casual game for the genre, like how people will say cod is the best fps when css or halo players say their games better because it takes skill, d3 has no appeal to people who are hardcore arpg fans, its a herp derp game and it feels like theres 0 drive to farming besides just… farming, smash smash flashy animation hopefully you won’t get bored, because theres not much other reason keeping you grinding.

    6. No love for Brood War or Beyond the Dark Portal?

      And how about Tides of Darkness or even Orcs and Humans???

    7. Diablo 3: The Corruption of Tyrael

      do people really believe he was held immobile by Adria and Diablo

      it was all part of his grand plan so that you and Diablo would kill most of the angels in heaven

      now that a place of leadership has opened, Tyrael steps in and grabs it

      he’s solidified his power, and any who would oppose or question him are dead

      • that would be a nice plot twist, but I don’t think bliz has it in them; they clearly love tyrael much too much to make him other than the default blizzard “enigmatic” strong solitary hero type. Their one trick ponyism seems to be corrupted females becoming powerful and then maybe nice again, as the SC Kerrigan Again chronicles show.

        In that light, probably Leah gets resurrected and she’s grown bitter and jaded by her experience, but she still wants to be good, but can she control the power inside of her while seeking her mother for revenge/answers, etc.

    8. Im missing female element in Blizzard’s nameology so Id go with:

      Diablo III: Duchess of Corruption
      Diablo III: Vile Countess
      Diablo III: Matriarch Rising
      Diablo III: Shadowitch
      Diablo III: Priestess of Chaos

    9. Was trying to think like the D3 lore team and chose something that really reflects their actual abilities here…

      Diablo III: Finally Another Incredibly Lame Blizzard Offering About Ter-roar


      Marketing campaign slogan: “ALL ABOARD THE FAIL BOAT! You know damn well you’re going to buy this crap.”

      Features could include…

      – “Loot” will now be known as “stat stix”
      – “Stat Stix” will now have even higher numbers than before so you can handle the increased difficulty of…
      – Monsters that have all higher numbers than before
      – Monsters and “Stat Stix” now come all in new colors and stuff (some can glow we know you like glowing stuff)
      – A collectors edition with lots of glowing “stat stix” and a Mists of Pandaria panda with a Chinese hat pet that follows you around and offers occassional sassy jokes and comments many of which are self defacing inside jokes to the D3 community like “double it” and “nice stat stick… I bet you’re thankful”
      – ZOMG Onyxia has settled just outside of Tristram. It is a new 8 player raidable bossfight instance with a big dragon as the boss that drops only bind on equip stat sticks. It has lots of health so 8 players are for sure required to do it.
      – Crafting… Crafting got better. All bosses now have a very small chance to drop “Fell Foreskin” which you will need to craft a new array of trinkets and charms. While these these trinkets and charms offer none of the benefits that our new “stat stix” so they can then be used to trade to the vendors for VERY large sums of gold that you can then use to gear up on the AH.
      – PVP will now be held in Whimseyshire only. “Dueling” is no more we have introducted the new “Ticklefight” system in the joking spirit of Whimseyshire. 3v3 team ticklefights with a SCOREBOARD (yayyyy scoreboard) that keeps track of how many times you got tickled with a stat stick. Team with the most tickles wins bragging rights on the forums.
      – Wait till you see who the boss is… You wanted Cain back right? Well now prepare for DEMON CAIN!!! Sheablo’s ashes fell on Cains grave causing him to rise infused with the spirit of sheeablo’s saggy demon boobs and wreak havok on the land.

      >Your face when some of these things are actually implemented on some level because they don’t know how to Diablo.

    10. It’s not a funny thread at all, why would a Blizzard blue say that.

      They should fix this stupid broken game first, it’s not fun and has never been fun. There is fundamental flaws here. Perhaps brick back a skill tree would solve some problems, I dunno but this is not an action rpg, it’s a boring action game. Roll playing is about building up ur character to me..there is none of that here.

    11. Diablo 3: The Devil’s Auction

      Act V takes place entirely in the AH interface, and your goal is to become Sanctuary’s next mogul.

      The Collector’s Edition includes a free copy of Billionaire Tycoon and Diablo2, to add insult to injury.

    12. Why did the hero toss diablo’s body and the black soulstone down through the clouds? Seems pretty fail, given the first thing you see in game is people burning dead bodies to prevent more zombies.

    13. Diablo III Expansion: Kripp vs Moldran
      Two fans enter, one fan leaves

      wait, that’s already happened

    14. A couple:

      Diablo 3: F**k Those Loosers
      Diablo 3: Moar Terroaaaaar

      On a serious note, D2X was named after Baal, the one that was left alive in the original, so why not:

      Diablo 3: Adria´s Return
      Diablo 3: The Archangel´s Treason (With Malthael the big boss)

    15. Hmmm… How about “Diablo 3: Horror inside” ^^.

      Or, more seriously meant: “Diablo III: Heirs of Horadrim”

    16. I play CS:S and COD and yeah, CS will never die because it is much more competitive than any other FPS, everybody may choose the same gear and doesn’t have stupid perks to \run more\ and sh**.

      D3 wont last as expected with this lack of randomness gameplay and PvP (which adds randomness gameplay).

      @Bazkur, if D3 had been released in 2006, it would be a nice game. But we are in 2013, Blizzard got more money than that date and released it as \the truly successor of Diablo franchise\.

      I keep reading the news in hope to see if changes like the \leaked\ (or not) Expansion specs got real.

      captch: bruce lee

    17. The disaster goes on

      and btw my i loled by this

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