Planned Diablo 3 expansion content released as patches says source

diablo 3 LogoWith all the recent departures and the lack of any news of an expansion, most had given up hope of a second expansion and an article on Forbes does nothing to keep any remaining hope alive. Citing a “source” it is claimed that a planned second Diablo 3 expansion was scrapped and new content has instead been rolled out in game updates. Back in November Blizzard confirmed they would release content in free patches but there was no confirmation that there would not be a second expansion.

This could of course not be true, we don’t know the “source”, but it make sense. There was a gap of two years between the release of Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls and we would have expected to have heard something about a second expansion by now.

With Blizzard no longer monetising the game through the auction house, it’s likely they are unwilling to dedicated resources to creating new content for free. Content that was planned. and a possibly already created for a second expansion, can now be rolled out in the patch updates while they carry on tweaking the existing game to keep players on-board.

We also have to look at how Blizzard are approaching their games now, it’s all about microtransactions and monetisation with Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and now Overwatch being prime examples of this.

What all this means for the future of the Diablo franchise is unknown. We have to take some comfort in the fact that they are hiring a new game director so something new could be in the works.

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  1. we already knew that though. mike morhaime decided to ‘just release the stuff for free’ to make up for the crappy launch.

    as cool as those huge 2.x patches were, the future doesn’t look very bright now tbh.

  2. I would not be overly sad when this turns out to be true. I’d rather have them work on Diablo IV than try to expand/add to/fix/salvage Diablo III. True: the game has come a long way since release but it is nowhere near what a game in this franchise could and should be.

  3. Further development for D3 at this point just feels like they’re putting lipstick on a corpse. I’d like to see Blizzard take some pointers from Path of Exile; the skills/itemization feels really good not to mention they hold many events that truly feel rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, I love Diablo, I’ve been playing since I was introduced to it via a PC Gamer demo disk (damn I feel old saying that) I just want the series to get the development time/resources that it deserves and for Blizzard to stop spinning it’s wheels on an iteration that was botched from the start.

    • Is this site an extension of the MMO-Champion forum? They are talking just as much shit in there

      • You misunderstand me. Diablo is hands down my favorite gaming franchise. Any “shit” or criticism I have for the game is because I want it to do well and I hold it to high standards. Josh Mosqueira and the crew have done a phenomenal job of turning things around, I don’t think anyone would deny that, but can you deny that the last year or so hasn’t just been number inflation and power creep? Not to mention the endgame is non-existent. I still play D3 semi-regularly but I’m not just going to pretend the game is in a great place and isn’t in need of at the very least a new expansion.

  4. i think they should listen to the players to make d3 great again

  5. Its all about microtransactions in Overwatch? You mean the game you buy and its 100% complete?

  6. I Hope Diablo 4 will be more like Grim Dawn. please Blizzard I want game for adults not for kids. Also PC only consoles are crippling the game.

  7. Can’t wait to see the sh*t storm that the next patch brings. Wyatt thinking he can change the meta without enraging the entire player base, LOL.

  8. Nagg and rage more until they stop developing diablo completely.

    you naggers are really phatetic !!


  9. The only way Blizzard will improve is if they return to their roots and extract themselves from Activation. The entire company is now a slave to the almighty dollar and have lost sight of the artform that is making a truely great game.

    Small concessions like these patch / expansion content releases are merely a drop in the bucket of whats required to restore faith in this company imo.

  10. Idiots whined about the auction house, effectively killing the game.

    An auction house can be implemented, it’s all a matter of balance.

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