So it seemed, when an observant fan noticed that the name of the quest in one of the v1.08 preview screenshots was different than any quests in the game today. You can see the screen to the right, with the quest entitled “Restoration of Hope” active, on Hell difficulty.

    PXjgAnQI paid that quest name little attention in the screen, and if pressed I’d have said it was the name of one of the current Act Four quests, since all of the angels’ nicknames are Justice and Hope and Redemption and such (I’m not hugely invested in the Angelic lore, to be honest). It’s not quite the same though, as a check of the Act Four quests demonstrated. I’ll just quote the DiabloNut page, since it knows the quests a lot better than I do. SPOILERZ!!11!

  • Fall of the High Heavens — Fight your way through the demonic onslaught blocking your entrance into the Heavens.
  • The Light of Hope — Auriel has been captured by Rakanoth, the Lord of Despair. Free her and restore hope to the High Heavens.
  • Beneath the Spire — Track Diablo’s corruption to the Silver Spire, the very heart of the High Heavens.
  • Prime Evil — Ascend the Silver Spire and battle Diablo, the Prime Evil.
  • Fans were speculating that this was a new quest from D3X; perhaps an added quest to transition from Act Four on to Act Five in the Diablo 3 expansion? But if that’s the case, then why is the background in the screenshot from Act One, rather than Act Four? Happily, a Blue popped in to explain (or to perpetrate a clever cover up; you be the judge):

    Nice catch, you guys!

    Our aim with these images was to call attention to the new UI elements we’ll be introducing with patch 1.0.8, such as “Players Near you” and “Private Chat,” but the image you see there is actually a mock-up of the tagging system, not an actual screenshot from the game (so it has some placeholder elements). When we’re planning out UI changes, we’ll often move around and reposition elements from our UI mock-up template that we’ve had on-hand since before the game shipped. Certain elements have changed over time, and in this particular case, one of the Act IV quests that appeared in the template was later renamed from “Restoration of Hope” to “The Light of Hope” before Diablo III was released. Also, for the sticklers out there, the background also isn’t the view of the High Heavens from Act IV, and instead is the familiar Act I background.

    That said, we apologize for any undue confusion that mock-up images may have caused, and we hope you enjoy them for that they were intended to be: a glimpse into some of the exciting multiplayer changes we’re working on for Diablo III. 🙂

    Conspiracy theorizing and possible D3X leaks are more exciting than MP changes, IMHO. 🙁

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