Diablo 3 Expansion Info Next Year – Game is Running on Consoles but not Official Project

We’ve known that a console version of Diablo is in experimental development at Blizzard and they are yet to commit to announcing a port. Based on comments this week, it sounds like work is continuing, although it is not an “official project”. Rob Pardo commented:

“We’re still kind of exploring it.”We’ve got builds up and running on it. We’re hoping to get it far enough along where we can make it an official project, but we’re not quite ready to release stuff about it, but it’s looking pretty cool.”

Jay also chipped in saying that they were still “exploring” the console version but nothing is official.

As far as future plans for Diablo 3 are concerned, it sounds like next year we’re going to see some expansion news starting to surface following comments from Jay:

The whole team is essentially working on the next big Diablo thing. A lot of that stuff will show up next year at some point.”

According to Jay, the v1.03 patch has been the best received update to the game so far.

“When it came out, we saw a big uptick in the number of people playing but mainly we just got really good feedback from the community and that’s what we always look for.

Source: Polygon


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    33 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Expansion Info Next Year – Game is Running on Consoles but not Official Project

    1. what I see :

      PVP , Skill balance / diversity and itemization overhaul can wait. our top priority at the moment is to make our mediocre product available to a broader audience.
      expansion packs also have a higher priority because we actually earn money with them 😀

      • PS: xoxo best community ever.
        we heard so much positive feedback over the months.

        we’ll keep ignoring the feedback about the obvious flaws and shortcomings though and keep you in dark about the real thought process and progress of the game design.

      • the problem with your assessment is that you are only considering one aspect, the hardcore players. When blizzard makes a decision,it needs to think about finances, pr, shareholders and stakeholders. fan feedback is valuable,but it is not the only thing that can affect their decision.

        after all, they are running a business.

        • ATVI Stock – May 15, 2012 13.01 (s&p 1330)

          Two weeks later – Jun 1, 2012 11.52 (s&p 1309)

          Right now – 11.48 (s&p 1425)

          Uh, yeah, the D3 team definitely knows how to disappoint players AND investors.

          • The increase has probably more to do about SC2: HoS and MoP than ANY Diablo related patch.

            The drop however, is completely Diablo 3’s fault.

    2. They have gotten enormous amounts of good feedback. I do hope that they will continue to show that they’ve listened to it in future patches!

    3. I wonder how they justify it to themselves that they could actually make back the cost of the game with a console release. It seems like it would be hard to sell the game since it is hard to overcome a public rating of less than 4. Add to it that the gains of a console are usually in the easier matchmaking/online that they offer over PC games but this is neither the case nor is the multiplayer experience that strong of a driving force in D3.

      • The Metascore is what matters, not the user score. The user score is a just a place where morons go to vent their frustrations by giving the game in question the lowest possible score. Nobody in their right mind takes that shit seriously.

        • Right, trust the pros! Reposted from a battle.net comment:

          “Was listening to Rebel FM, a podcast put on by Anthony Gallegos (the guy who reviewed Diablo 3 for IGN). On Rebel FM’s recent episode, they were talking about getting back into games that released earlier this year and Arthur (one of the other podcasters) mentioned that he was getting back into Diablo 3. Anthony pipes up and says, “Yeah, I really want to play that to.” There was an awkward silence when Arthur than says, “Didn’t you REVIEW Diablo 3 for IGN?”. There was another awkward pause then Anthony says, “Oh…you’re right! I DID play Diablo 3!”

          Anthony gave Diablo 3 a 9.5/10 for IGN.

          That is all.”

          Yup, take the words of people paid by sites that are paid to advertise and have a few days with the product instead of ten thousand or so people without a commercial agenda, some of whom have played the game for weeks are months. Solid logic, like only a wow player could provide!

          • You are both correct:the metascore and the user score are equally worthless. The real problem is that people THINK they do, which is what keeps Metacritic alive.

          • Hold the phone! One random battle.net comment suggests that 1 out of the 81 professional critics listed on the Metacritic page didn’t review the game properly; that must mean that ALL professional critics are incompetent and that their professional opinions are less trustworthy than those of people who didn’t hesitate to give D3 a rating of 0 on launch day because they were experiencing login issues.


            • I’d still trust a few thousand regular people over a couple dozen critics any day. Critics regularly reveal their lack of interest in the heart of many games. I generally rely on the intelligent fans who address key points and make a compelling argument about the good and the bad as opposed to a critic who just posts fluff to fill an article. I will always give pause to any game that scores as abysmally as D3. It’s only a shame that my expectations got the better of me and I pre-ordered. Console buyers won’t have that problem though.

            • The take home point is to actually READ THE REVIEWS. It just takes a few lines to tell if they’re filling you full of crap (most major reviewers) or they’re butthurt (most user reviews).

              If you just look at the score, you might as well empty your bank account into $1 bills and make a gigantic bonfire, because you will DEFINITELY burn through a lot of money.

    4. Wasn’t 1.03 the patch that implemented a ton of nerfs? Positively received? Lolwut. They should have said 1.05. People actually were generally happy with that one.

    5. I haven’t played D3 for more than a month and I just started again with a brand new character playing strictly on MP10 without AH (not even to sell).
      It can be surprisingly fun this way, however I see some problems with it.
      I’m in the middle of act2, and haven’t found a single legendary, nor more than 5-6 rares yet.
      Looking at the lowest legendary item levels, I wasn’t even expecting to drop one until I got to act2. This is an issue, that needs to be fixed.
      I was making scenarios in my head of how awesome would it be if a certain legendary would be dropped, for example the Fjord Cutter. Then I realized that even though if it’d drop for me its base damage would be somewhat low to play on MP10. And if not, I could not use that item for long enough as I’d be in the need to change it for something with higher damage. This is also needs to be fixed.
      Right now for me, the top priority problem to see fixed in the game is to make legendaries upgradeable and make them viable at later levels..

      • Rares do not drop in first half of act one, I assume you do not have MF gear and no nephalem stacks until 60…

      • I started a new Barbarian shortly after the monster power patch. My barbarian is now a lvl 50 and I have found 4 legendaries. The entire time I have played this character, MP has been on 10. I wear almost no MF gear, all of my gear has +EXP and Gold Find.

        Basically, RNG!

    6. I bet a lot will show up next year. Like all of the things they took out of the game prior to launch and then spun it with their one of four buzzwords “it wasn’t awesome” as they chortled from their chins a many. I don’t know where the story will go from here, but if it was the same people who constructed the main one then we are up for more disappointment. I almost wish everyone would hold off on purchasing the expansion for just a week to show Blizzard that they need to start putting quality back into their products.

      • This would be seen as their marketing failing, not their quality. Not buying the expansion would send the correct message.

    7. You have to wonder if “the next big thing” simply means pvp patch, and that it has now been delayed to “some point next year”.

    8. Diablo has it audiences on PC gamming, it was probably one of the biggest names of the platform. It will fail miserably on consoles, especially with the constant updates/balance patches and the burocracy that it is to apply those updates on consoles networks.

      If blizzard wanted to venture into consoles they should develop a title that can be played on both ends, and Diablo isnt a game for that, they should get real. Maybe they shouldnt have scrapped Starcraft:Ghost? A third-person game could work just fine in both PC and Consoles. But a fast paced isometric RPG that has constant updates? Ha.

      Btw Word-of-mouth about Diablo 3 is currently on “avoid it”. And console gamers have better options for RPGs than Diablo 3.

      I remember when this was rumored right back when D3 was still on previews, I thought… “Great, more people will enjoy the game!” but I never expected the game to be so dissapointing and I guess not even blizzard expected the backlash that D3 generated. If they cannot acknowledge how bad the publicity of Diablo 3 is and still want to actually waste time to port the game to consoles… I dont know what to say… Blizzard is in deep denial then.

    9. Expansion info ?! Are you fvcking kidding me ?
      At this point of development of the game i swear i wont buy it.For sure.
      The game is just ….. Empty.Bot-Fest for RMAH

    10. Well, Jay, “the next big Diablo thing” better be free because I sure as #$%^ am not paying for an expansion at this point.

    11. I guess we are not gonna get the PvP patch this year unless the blog will be followed bij the patch. They promised us PvP for this year and when they make the artisans usefull I will return to Diablo 3.

    12. They’ll probably announce “we will implement pvp in the next patch. However, it will be in an unfinished state, as we would like to improve on it. As we’re always focused on quality here at Blizzard, those improvements will first be implemented at the expansion pack”.

    13. i just want to no when the expansion will come becuse theres gonna be 1 thats for sure but now its dec 19th im praying that expansion for d3 comes out early next year ive played d3 at a friends house i only played enough to say this game rocks im disapointed that theres still hard core anyone who plays that either has alot of money or they use hacks d2 for example why build a guy up to lvl 99 then play hard core and u die thats weeks months years down the shitter all i no about the expansion is gonna either the druid or the paladin will be back so yeaaaaa i wish they would make some other kind of kick ass game everything there is to do with wow is boring and its not a challenge

    14. There isnt a damned thing wrong with D3. I have played through all of the Diablo series again and again and can’t seem to find this epic fail with D3 that everyone has been carrying on about. I have played through the game on every difficulty level and enjoyed my run through everytime. I think the game is great and will continue to play and I will buy the expansions unless they are just PVP then I don’t want nothing to do with it.

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