Kind of a weird “news” item today saying that the Diablo 3 Expansion has been delayed into 2014.

    The Diablo III expansion was never announced with a specific launch date in mind, but many were expecting that it would arrive in 2013. We have learned from a source that it has definitely been delayed. And even with some reassigned employees who came over from another project, it’s clear that the expansion will not arrive until 2014.

    It’s odd they’d put this up, even for the links and gossip *cough*, since no one seriously thought we’d see the Diablo 3 Expansion this year. Though early word has it testing very well internally, the title hasn’t even been announced yet, and won’t be until Blizzcon in November. Did anyone seriously think Blizzard would reveal a game in November and release it a month later?

    Honestly, I’ll be delighted if we see D3X in late 2014 at the soonest. Crack that whip, Josh!

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    Flashback, if you will, to the internal timeline revealed in that leaked Blizzard Product Slate. It projected 18 months from D3 to DiabloWikiD3X (and another 18 to DiabloWikiD3Y), but that was as of early 2010, at which time D3 was projected for release in Q4 2011. Delays happened and D3 didn’t ship until May 2012, which meant Q4 2013 was the most optimistic possible date for D3X. Now that it’s mid-2013 and the game hasn’t even been announced yet, that’s obviously not on the table.

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