Diablo 3 Expansion Delayed to 2014?

Kind of a weird “news” item today saying that the Diablo 3 Expansion has been delayed into 2014.

The Diablo III expansion was never announced with a specific launch date in mind, but many were expecting that it would arrive in 2013. We have learned from a source that it has definitely been delayed. And even with some reassigned employees who came over from another project, it’s clear that the expansion will not arrive until 2014.

It’s odd they’d put this up, even for the links and gossip *cough*, since no one seriously thought we’d see the Diablo 3 Expansion this year. Though early word has it testing very well internally, the title hasn’t even been announced yet, and won’t be until Blizzcon in November. Did anyone seriously think Blizzard would reveal a game in November and release it a month later?

Honestly, I’ll be delighted if we see D3X in late 2014 at the soonest. Crack that whip, Josh!

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Flashback, if you will, to the internal timeline revealed in that leaked Blizzard Product Slate. It projected 18 months from D3 to DiabloWikiD3X (and another 18 to DiabloWikiD3Y), but that was as of early 2010, at which time D3 was projected for release in Q4 2011. Delays happened and D3 didn’t ship until May 2012, which meant Q4 2013 was the most optimistic possible date for D3X. Now that it’s mid-2013 and the game hasn’t even been announced yet, that’s obviously not on the table.

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28 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Expansion Delayed to 2014?

    • Yep, its gonna take alot longer. I choose out the option for I/2015, coz theres no saying if its gonna be out by then either…

      Even tho they would need to make one hell of X, to get me even playing it anymore…

  1. Not too big of a suprise there…..

    On a sidenote, am I the only one who saw the original Diablo boxart at the PS3 E3 conference when they were talking about PSN? Does that mean we will be getting Diablo 1 on PSN? Or am I seeing things????

  2. I’ve thought all along that we’d see the (first) expansion sometime around May-June 2014…I doubt they only just started working on it on May 13, 2012. Add in all the speculation that “deleted” features such as the Mystic and Talisman will be “added” in the expansion, there’s probably already a decent amount of development already done for the pack. Granted, this is Blizzard and normal development cycles just don’t apply to them, but I’d like to think that the devs have seen just how unfinished DIII was at launch and how much post-release work they had to do to get it into the current (semi?) decent shape. So long as factors such as art design/technical performance aren’t compromised, I’d rather see the expansion released sooner than later as it’s pretty clear Blizzard really can’t (or won’t?) identify and fix gameplay balance/exploits/features where they rely solely on in-house testing.

  3. I expect the expansion to be a deja vu. Will take absurdly long time to arrive, for subpar content.

      • Easy there turbo, no need to get butthurt.

        I’m curious why you would call POE a dumpster game though. It’s definitely for a more hardcore audience, perhaps that’s why you don’t enjoy it.

  4. Talking about an expansion to Diablo 3 is like, dunno, talking about the colour of a building when you are still laying bricks for it.

    • Unless I remember incorrectly, weren’t you consistently prematurely optimistic with your D3 release date predictions, from like 2009-2011? 😉

  5. Looking at StarCraft II, for which they spent 3 (!) years making SC2X, I’d say don’t expect D3X till 2015.

  6. D3X isn’t going to see the light of day to at least latter half of 2015. D3 itself has been out over a year and the Devs don’t even know what the core game mechanics are going to be. Since 2008 all the Devs have done is change their mind and iterate themselves to death… dumbing everything down and making it worse as they went along.

    Anyone here prefer the game we have now over the 2008 game-play trailer? Anyone?…..

    • *raises hand*

      The only thing I miss from that demo (and it’s important to remember that it was only a demo, not a playable game) is the boss-specific player death animations. Those were cool. Really thinking about it though, it wouldn’t have helped the game at all. You would marvel at them the first time, then it would be back to farming and skipping every cutscene as usual. It was cool, but gimmicky feature.

      I much prefer the current skill system as well. When I first heard about it I was really skeptical, but in practice it works really well in my opinion. With the old rune system it would have taken us more time to find ideal builds, but in the long term, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference, no matter what restriction would have been placed on rune switching. Everyone would find a build they liked and then stick to it most of the time.

      What else was there that’s different in the final game? You could argue that the atmosphere changed, but I think that’s mostly due to the fact, that the 2008 demo was the first time we saw the game. Also, it’s easier to create atmosphere in a pre-planned and scripted demonstration. I do miss the music that played under the Cathedral part of the demo, but I still have it saved in my collection.

      The most important parts of D3 (itemization, crafting, skill balance, social feature, public games, trading) wasn’t shown off in the 2008 demo, so I’m not sure why people like to talk about like it was better version of the game. Probably because it was a really cool demo, and everyone imagined their idealized version of the game around it, but that game never existed.

      I still think that D3 at its core is a good game and with more work it will be worthy of the Diablo name. D2 1.10 didn’t happen overnight, so all is not lost. There are many great games out there, so while the D3 devs get their act together I’ll still have games to play. 🙂

      • I just remembered, that the 2008 demo didn’t have the rune system yet, which was in my opinion a huge improvement over the classic skill tree.

      • I miss the Siegebreaker death animation, wherein about 80 skeletons spawned out of his corpse. Of course that would be meaningless in the current game where you can find 500 skeletons in 2 rooms of the Keep, but the idea of a boss that dies, then releases the horde to avenge its death is pretty cool.

        Certainly beats Diablo’s multi-stage lecture cut scene tactic.

        • Oh yeah, that was cool too.

          I do think though that the Diablo fight is one of the better ones in the game, but it could indeed use less cutscenes (that’s true for the whole game). I like that they brought back his attacks from D2 and the whole Realm of Terror clone fight is a really nice touch. It’s a shame that Big D’s attacks are somehow less menacing than they were in D2. She could use a few slowing attacks, because it’s really easy to dodge what she throws at the player. I’m never really afraid of her, I worry much more about the clones.

          Belial is a good example of how every boss fight should have been done. It does have a few cutscenes, but the fight itself is really well done. You have to constantly dodge attacks that hurt like hell, you have limited space to do so and you don’t have two health shrines to help. It’s an adrenaline rush, especially in Hardcore and I’m always relieved when (or if, in the case of HC) I’m done with it. I’m not saying that every boss fight should be exactly like this, but it’s a good template.

  7. I will not buy the expansion, but I’m really curious how well it will do commercially. I mean, on metacritic D3 has like 3.8. Such games often don’t GET any expansions. However, D3 sold well. I wonder how it plays out. Can people be fooled twice? If xpack sells well, it will show that the game is great, only old D2 fans have delusions of grandeur.

    • Curious, but on my computer the Metacritic score of Duablo 3 Says ….8.7 …

      Oh you mean the user nerd score ? Which is freely given by anyone wanting to mass troll popular products by creating fake accounts ?

      Ok then … Call of Duty got 2.2 as a metacritic user score … And surely that game gets an expansion EACH YEAR with around 25 million copies sold.

      Lesson learned: 200 idiots voting 0/10 with fake alts have ZERO impact on successful games.

      Happy for this. Because with sick minds are everywhere.

  8. What I’m curious about is if they’re going to majorly rework the skills and stat systems or mostly keep those the same and just dump a whole lot of new contest on top of what we already have. And would a multi-year expansion only bring in one new act? That doesn’t feel like enough, unless it’s just ridiculously huge.

  9. Playing hardcore, Diablo3 is the best game I played in both 2012 and 2013 and I did not even touch the mage nor the witch doctor.

    So with couch play coming up to play with the wife and kid, I don’t think they should publish before the end of 2014.

    I only want 2 extra things: Necromancer and Paladin along with some pvp arenas and special pvp gear.

    10/10. At the moment D3 already passed the top 10 of best games ever played. Only Star Raiders, Close Combat 1 and WoW are still ahead, but even that could change in the coming 2 years.

  10. QUOTE

    I wonder if the delay has anything to do with the console version coming out.

    Could be. They may have analyzed it and decided that there’s probably more money to be made in 2 console ports than in one PC expansion.

  11. It should be 1. half of 2014 at the latest.
    Its Blizzard though, so second half of 2014 at the earliest.

    Blizzards current expansion development times are insane tbh. At least it was for SC2 expansion.

  12. I voted first half of 2014, but I expect it to be in the summer so maybe it’ll go into second half. I’m proably way to hopeful though. 🙂

    Unless Heartstone has like 2000 hours worth of gametime for me I think this will be a very boring winter….

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