Diablo 3 Expansion Character Class Suggestions?

A fan brought up an issue that’s been one of the most popular discussion topics in our forums for well… years. What character class(es) might we see in the Diablo 3 Expansion(s)?

What class would you like to see in the future can not be any class already in any of the diablo games so something new.
Bashiok: I’m in no way aware of any future ideas or plans for classes that may or may not be considered for the future … I wish I was! But I’m not.

Demonic Arm ConceptsThat out of the way, personally I really like the idea of demonic or angelic ‘inflicted’ class. It was something we explored with the Demon Hunter, who at one time had a demonic arm (reference BlizzCon 2010 gameplay panel for visuals). I think that’d be interesting to explore, especially on the angelic side. I’m really into Paladin/holy warrior classes, and that infused with angelic powers and visuals would probably be pretty close to my perfect class I think. I just don’t really know what implications that has on lore.

The monk hits it pretty close, though, and the barbarian is definitely out for noble (if not selfish) causes. I’m personally in love with each of the five classes we have right now, and am still torn on which one to play first on launch day… (leaning towards WD)

You guys often give Bashiok grief over his theory-crafting efforts, but I think his ideas here are pretty good. He didn’t mention it as evidence, but many fans have pointed out the lack of any shield-based combat skills in Diablo 3, and obviously some sort of Paladin-esque hybrid melee character would be a great way to incorporate those in D3X.

Incidentally, if you weren’t following D3 during 2009-2010, trust me when I tell you that the “what is the next char class?” question drove an incredible amount of debate. Check the Other Classes article in the Diablo Wiki for archived evidence of that. You can even see it in the hit counts, as that article has more than 200k views, which is a drop in the bucket for total DiabloWiki views, but is still more than any of the other class pages. And I will guarantee that in a year or two, once DiabloWikiD3X is approaching, we’ll see much the same frenzy of debate on this topic.

So what class do you want to see added next? And no, you can’t just say a Druid/Paladin/hybrid/shape-shifter. That’s too vague, and you will no receive credit for your submission.

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116 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Expansion Character Class Suggestions?

  1. I think a shape-shifting class if done right would definitely be a worthy contender. Difficult to get right though I imagine. [Edit: A shape-shifter that is far and away improved from the D2X Druid. Perhaps a class that can shape-shift into forms that are alter egos of the existing 5 archetypes. Now that would be a riot to play, and a developer’s nightmare to design at the same time]

    But yes, in the holy/unholy vein, perhaps a dark caster aka lich would work as well. Necro 2.0, perhaps.  

    • I think that shifter class would be great, but shape shift into forms of other classes even changed would be pointless. Shifter with 3 types of changes, dps + speed, tank, support. Transformation into animals, demons and even opponents for the limited time.

      I also look forward for class like Bard, with buff songs + curses!

      OR Slav/Celtic class orientated for close combat but with elements of tribal magic!

      OR OR some kind of psionic class!

      • I dont get why a tank is necessary, we want to do some damage, not stand there and take it all…

    • if they do a shape shifter i want it to have many shapes and be constantly changing. i dont want to turn into a bear and be a bear for the entire game. make the class where you are pretty much changing shapes with every skill.

    • YES……a druid pl.     
      a druid plea.
      a druid pleaseeeeeee
      wolfy with fury would be awsome      🙂

    • Ok i totally agree with you on the Lich idea. I loved the necro class and it was my favorite. if they could bring that back id be so happy but what about something like a Death Knight from wow. Except he can be called “GRIM KNIGHT” not saying to copy WOW but another tank/melee character who can use more dark magic like plague/poison/rotting spells and even summon skeletal minions or warriors.. Resource could be a dual resource like demon hunters and splits into DARK MAGIC-spells and the other would be SOULS- every enemy killed gains you a soul and then you use those souls to summon bigger stronger minions to help fight too.. haha just an idea ive thought of in the past figured maybe throw it out there…. so who would love to see a Grim Knight class?? =))

  2. A pit fighter. Barbarianesque but a bit more sleek and agile . Maybe gladiator styled weapons – net, spears etc.

    • A shield+spear wielding gladiator would actually add a very interesting dynamic. Think Amazon but much hardier, better crowd control (nets etc) and less focus on ranged damage.

      • The barb is sort of gladiator type, maybe Knight in plate + big absorption of dameges.

    • The barb could do the gladiator thing pretty well already. Stomps for debuffs, melee fighting, and he’s even got Ancient Harpoon, for a net-like throw/stun/get over here.

      No one’s mentioned it yet, but consider the other changes we’ll probably see in D3X. We’re likely to get some new item types, possibly including throwing weapons. Thus the 6th class would perhaps have some skills based on those. True, the DH has Fan of Knives and Impale already, but those might as well be fireballs or arcane bolts or something, as they work exactly like other magical projectiles. They’re not based or derived from what the DH has equipped.

    • @jwbs
      Do you mean a Myrmindon
      Made the class about 3 years ago. Its a water themed shield/net and spear wielding class.

  3. It might be a Fallen Paladin of sorts. It most likely be a class that has Strength as (one of) the primary attributes, since all other attributes are shared by two classes.
    We have a monk with “light” type auras. We have 3 ranged characters and 2 melee characters.
    We have 2 light/noble characters, 1 probably neutral (wizard) and 1 dark-type character (DH).
    No classes that have shield-based skills. So, yea, probably Dark Knight or something to that extent.
    Or they can go into a completely different direction. Who knows.

    Hell, I just want to play what D3 currently has. 

  4. I really like the idea of a hybrid angelic/demon class, maybe a character that can call/summon the powers of Hell or Heaven on his side. 

    • Why go for one or the other when you can have both in one lore-friendly package?  A nephilim class!  A former human who has awakened the latent powers of their angelic and demonic heritage now that the weakening influence of the Worldstone is gone from their dimension.  A melee/caster hybrid.  Could use angelic and demonic weapons and armor as class specific items.  Would have demonic offensive spells (Diablo’s electric/fire breath anyone?) and curses, and angelic buffs, heals, and support skills.   

  5. I would love to see some kind of caster holy class, for example like wizzard but with lots of shields, heals, offensive holy speels… hmm. some sort of holy casting frenzy class, without melee spells, so its not connected with paladin class.

  6. The Gladiator thing sounds good. Angelic Paladin not bad eighter.
    I do not like shape-shifting stuff. In fact the druid was the class I never played past lvl 30. NEVER.
    And I spent years with d2.
    I miss a little bit the fire bolt. Why not a char blessed with fire power. Well maybe I did not explore the witch doctor skills enough. Fire is for the evil side and devided to meteor, hydra and some explosives. maybe thats why its no wizard “tree”.

    Hahah but if shape-shifting. Why not a class that can take the body of a slain enemy. that would pic up the necro revived skill and hybrid with the druid. A char, that can controll souls. shift into a fallen, but more powerfull. well, could be too near to WD. 

  7. I like the idea about the holy/unholw infused characters. Some kind of fallen paladin/angel and maybe some kind of Horadric priest but that might be somewhat too close to monk.

  8. I’m normally against just rehashing old classes, but I’d love to see them redo the druid. I loved the lore and theme of the druid in D2, but the class itself always seemed like a missed opportunity. I always thought it was awkward how one playstyle locked out others. I think I’d like to see the shape shifting come in the form of a temporary buff instead of something that is essentially always on forever.

  9. I like the idea of a gladiator, props for those who came up with it. It would be great in Arena PvP!..! 😯
    Personally, I would like something along the lines of a highwayman. A rawdy fighter that primarily uses traps and stealth, and deals massive amounts of damage when hitting creatures in the back. Obviously, some of his/her skills would be to increase the loot found.

    • That’s sort of like what I was hoping for before they announced the Demon Hunter.
      I was looking for a sort of “thief” class — the lore being he came from some part of Sanctuary where he had witnesssed demons destroying say, his family, and that now the skills he’d learned to use to survive he was now using to combat the legions od hell. So not so different than the DH. But concentrated on attack/movement speed and huge single-target damage without much AoE. Skills would be centered around this aswell as perhaps poisons, single-target CC, and increases to drop rate and mf.

  10. I’m thinking:
    1 – A Dark Dwarf\knight melee with summoning dark creatures Golems\Devil spawns
    2 – A semi god with swords\axes on chains like Kratos – God of War
    3 – A shapeshifter with either demonic or angelic form 😈

    • Cabalist, demonically inflicted class with an emphasis on shapeshifting, the warlocky foil to the Wizard and Monk.

      Inquisitor, Sword and Boar knight with a touch of Lance play thrown in.

  11. I like the idea of a Corsair. There have to be sailors in Sanctuary, right? Meshif was one, but I wouldn’t build a stylized class on his character..

    I guess lore could be something like: A hardy, seafaring people, grown strong by constant exposure to the elements. They run supplies all over Sanctuary and know it’s geography like no other, at least the places that can be reached by it’s waterways. Generally feared but misunderstood by coastal towns, they harbor a secret that only those borne on the waves know about..
    I suppose I like the aesthetics of it the most.. I’m really not sure how you would go about building skills and weapon specialties without including gunpowder, which really isn’t very Diablo-universy. If I were to guess I’d say proficiency with cutlasses, damage over time effects, increased magic find or drop rates, weak but large-ranged CC.. I don’t know. I guess if you stylized the class it could fit in well with the others while bringing it’s own unique taste to the game. Just a thought.

  12. Some sort of a shielded melee fighter, with tricky skills like disarm and shield stun. Also some dark curses and illisions and crowd control.

  13. Dragoon, (no for gods sake don’t associate with SC!).

     Utilising, pole arm/lances with high single target damage, think d2amazon but no throwing. Leapattacks, charge attacks (maybe dash through a whole pack like a manned piercing arrow?). Can even go one step further and stick some lore in that they’re protectorates of some Mage clan, impaling the earth could release area of effect magic. Could go even further and make it a dark character and give an ability to summon a dragon spirit. Loads of possibilities! X

  14. Illusionist similar than Mesmer in GW2. Able to cast mirror images and all kind of illusions, defense and attack forms. Master of time and lightning. Does not have direct spells, but can enchant any weapon to do spells like lightning attack from sword tip or electric force field from shield.

  15. Oh please god, not a paladin. Somehow the whole idea of a warrior that can heal attracts the absolute worst kind of players, most of the time.

    The class I’d love is a knight. Shield based, disciplined, tank based attacks. NO HOLY SPELLS. NO HEALS, NO AURAS,NO FISTS OF HEAVENS WITH SPARKLES AND UNICORNS for pity’s sakes.

  16. with all the rockets and hand crossbows and whatnot I am pretty sure we’ll see a tinker/engineer class in the expansion. I wouldn’t mind if it’s done right, it could have a lot of potential.

  17. Something that fits in the lore. No stupid random classes. Anything summoning demons is out of the question after the Mage Clan Wars. New lore however, can always be written.

  18. I would’ve just been happy if they gave the DH some whip based skills/weapons. Oh well.

    • I’ve never understood the calls for the DH to use whips. Demon Hunters are all about KILLING demons, preferably from a distance. Whips don’t scream lethality to me. They’d be a much better fit for a torturer-styled class.

  19. Just nothing that heavily limits its use of weapons a la the DH. Some shield-based skills would be cool but not so many I’d be unable to use 2-handers and play well. Weapon restrictions are annoying.

  20. I like a lot of the ideas already given. My take on them…

    DEFENDER – Shielded brute of a badass. Massive hit points.  Ridiculously large damage single hits.  Maybe he doesn’t even have a resource, expends his own hit points for some skills.  But he has crazy defense and armor.  Somehow he also absorbs portions of damage for his partners in MP games.
    Pros: Single target (Boss) Killer, high survivability. Cons: Limited crowd control and limited multiple target skills

    BARD – A crowd control, buffer, and pet class.  This bard does minimal direct damage, but controls a few powerful “pets”.  Either animals, or perhaps some other type of human-companions similar to the followers. Can play powerful buff songs for partners, and powerful debuffs for enemies.
    Pros: Awesome buffs, great for MP games. Cons: Weak without “pets”, low direct damage skills.

  21. I think that we definitely need a Melee class that actually uses all the weapons! A paladin comeback would be great, but i would give him the Castlevania style, with the whip included!!!

    Whips in the game would be absolutely epic and innovative!!!

      • I dont consider the monk being a class that uses all weapons, it can but its almost certain that it will use fist weapons or Daibos… im thinking more about a class like a paladin but with light armor, something like the Demon Hunter but not ranged!
        Its a pity that the DH does not have some Melee skills.

        Whips would be still awesome!! 

  22. Archivist of course: http://us.blizzard.com/diablo3/characters/archivist.xml
    And they already put Pirate items up to view (since taken down but the Google Cache still works):  

    So there’s your two expansion characters. 

    There’s also whisperings of a third expansion character: Artisan Baker
    And of course they could get huge royalties from George Lucas if they add a Jedi Knight.

  23. What i wonder nobody mentioned  is some sort of technomancer or engineer. like the steampunk armored tank guy in Torchlight 2.

    I like the idea of some sort of illusionist, with confusion spells, invocations and stuff.
    Also the idea of bringing more pets is nice, pets with direct control and with cooler looks and attacks/spells than zombie dogs plz.
    About shapeshifter, and the holy/angelical thing, i also think they could make something cool with that.

    And btw about ppl straight out rejecting druid, the d2 druid was something i diden’t like much, but that doesn’t mean that a druid can’t be cool. I really liked the wow druid and I don’t think he is the end of the what could be done with that class by any means.

  24. my idea is for anything non human. i want a beast race. i dont care what the skills are just let me run around as a goatman or something

    • This isn´t wow dude, so I hope you are joking. All the classes have to be humans. If you were a beast or vampire and what not, then how do you think the towns and cities would react to you? :d

  25. They should probably go with Batman or Iron Man classes.  At least that’s what Bobby would like to do.

  26. I hope there will be 2 new classes, not only one…

    Maybe a vampire (or some kind of demonic character) with pets like bats, rats or wolves, a capacity to shapeshift, some debuffs and poison attacks. Or a necro 2.0

    And a shield wielding fighter.

  27. Iv always kinda thought it would be cool to have a Fallen Angel or a Possessed Hero class (hybrid human/demon).

  28. I plate/shield class. Low damage aoe with mass survivability. Like a shockadin from BC and earlier wow.

  29. I would like to see all diablo 2 clasess and something lika a samuray class, something like a bard class, something like a tamer class… like a necromancer but with good kind of animals…. ( no monsters) 🙂 

  30. Well if we think about it, we have 2 dex classes and two int classes but only 1 str class furthermore we currently have 3 ranged, but only 2 melee classes. Thus there is no question in my mind, that we´ll see a melee class in the first expansion. It´s also very likely, that we´ll see a paladin type class with weapon and active and passive shield skills, since no other class has those, and there must be a reason why they removed the shield bash from the barb. So my first choice is a shield based melee class.

    I was really disappointed, when I found out, that the necromancer wouldn´t be included in the main game. The argument from Jay Wilson was, that the class was too perfect! too perfect?! Blizzard removed the only gothic character from a gothic horror ARPG! I mean come on man! What the hell were they thinking? So my second choice would definitely have to be a remade necro.

  31. A Terminator with removable arm to change weapons between minigun and rocketlauncher!

  32. A Fallen Crusader , something like the D2 paladin , but dark.
    With a demonic form , good offensive tools , and shield user.

    A Spearsman , like the Act2 mercenary from Diablo2

    A Samourai/ronin style , from the same country the wizard of D3 comes (Asian culture it seems. don’t remenber the name of the country) Probably a 2H master , with some katana and elemental attack.

    And a pure invocator class , maybe a desecrated zealot of Sankekur , who can invoc some mighty hell beast to obliterate his ennemy.

  33. ……it looks like the next D3X will be an mmo upgrade with vampires and bards…..
    lolz…….children these days……     -_-

  34. The obvious missing niche is a nature themed class. Whether they bring back the Druid or come up with something new, I don’t know. The Druid certainly gives them a lot of options since he was part spellcaster, part summoner and part melee so he could fill almost any archetype they need.
    It’s been suggested a lot, but the idea of a Necro/Paladin hybrid is somewhat appealing – a strong defense melee caster. Lore wise it could be interesting, with the fall of Zakarum the paladin from D2 forms a new order with the necro whom he had once despised…

  35. the nephalem idea by Kadaj is brilliant. Combines angel/demon and maybe even shapeshifts into a demonic or angelic form. Make it a shield using STR melee character as Sdemon suggested and you’re all set.

  36. I think a class that really focused on using possesed enemies would be interesting.  I mean possession that really lasts until they drop, not just 4 seconds off attacking neighbors.  The notion of ‘recruiting’ from one area to get past another would open up some interesting tactics.


  37. I absolutely love the idea of a Dark Knight, sort of the anti-Paladin; that’s one of those classes in the back of my mind I’ve always wished they would incorporate. With a focus on shields, shield attacks, and mace-class weapons. Even better if he had a few spells similar to the bone magic the Necro had, or auras that cause negative buffs to enemies similar to the Necro’s curses. Or just straight up curses to slow enemies, lower their damage/defense, etc. This actually seems like something Blizzard might do, given some of their hints (\the story of the Paladins isn’t over yet\). I also felt that the druid wasn’t well iterated in D2X, and could be done better, where you shift to different forms for different situations. I would like to see a shapeshifter who can take bird form, perhaps a flightless bird, for mobility and more strategic combat, or a reptilian creature for tanking. The trouble with shapeshifters is each of their forms can just feel like you’re playing an already existing class, like the Bear just feels like a Barbarian, and the Wolf just felt like the Assassin, so it was kinda like, \Why don’t I just play one of those classes instead?\ But Blizzard could come up with cool things, maybe have different spells and summons linked to different shapes.

  38. I would simply like to see “Warrior” class from diablo 1. He fits in all the shield stuff as well as other combat styles. 

  39. I would like to see a native American type class. They could fill the role of more “nature” based skills like the Druid of D2, but could also use ranged weapons andpossibly summon ancestral spirits alongside them in battle.

  40. Hate to say it but a Death Knight class would work in Diablo I think. A hybrid melee spell caster type. I also like a Shapeshifter idea and I am thinking some kind of 2-h weapon specialist.

  41. I was hoping for a pet class for the original release, either a necro or something in the spirit of him.  I was really disappointed when the WD turned out to go a different direction because they had him lined up for it with skills like the original design of locust swarm.  I’d still like to see one come back in an expansion because the skill system would be really cool with a summoner.

  42. Bring back the druid.

    If not, then I’d like to see an aura-user class. A supportive character who you could co-op play with. Buffs, good crowd control things like that.

  43. Made up a few classes back during 5th class discussions:
    Alchemist – a gypsy magician originally from Ureh with potions, stones, powders, scrolls and summons learned while in Lut Gholein
    Occultist – a lanky shapeshifter from Caldeum that can impersonate demons; demon attacks are modified by runes, dual resource like Demon Hunter (calm and rage)
    Knight – an experienced battle commander from Westmarch order of knights; sword and board warrior with group buffs and big attacks

  44. Let’s get back to the expansion when I’m bored of inferno difficulty.
    Anyway, I want the good ol’ druid. 

  45. Just some.
    Zealot- A member of a cult based on Tyrael after his heroism, Zealots could be individuals that can transform into angelic beings and destroy their enemies with their polearms/Lance/scythes. Their only purpose is to find and serve their demigod, archengel Tyrael.

    Planewalker- Ancient protectors of the planes, planeswalkers have to descend to stop this greater evil. Planewalkers are spellblades, a jack of all trades. They can use the “possibility” magic , cast defensive, illusive, absorption spells and imbue their weapons with conjuring and elemental powers.

    Keeper- Keepers keep the ancient lore and fight in the name of it. They require runes written all over their body so that they can call ancient powers against their enemies. Their favorite weapon is the dagger and they wear robes to hide the Keeper mark behind their necks. Runes give them the power to summon or invocate spells and weapons no mind can comprehend. Their speciality is ranged fighting, throwing weapons and spells from a distance. Spells are mostly to empower weapons and increase the impact damage. As they keep casting spells, their runes glow and they become even more powerful.
    Druid- A druid fighting in the name of nature is always welcome. Perhaps with a different name, “Elder” or “Keeper” ?

  46. I never cared too much for holy skills or auras but please give me back my plate/shield/sword “meat grinder” Fanatic Zealot 😀
    Or, if that fails, something akin to Wardancer from Warhammer Fantasy universe. Lightly armored flurry of blades hitting everything around him. Yes, I know, I know… Monk is doing the same right now but he has different feel to it, OK?

  47. Demon class.  

    None of this one-demon-arm thing.  A powerful, lesser-evil Demon that has turned traitor against its own because it wants the humans to win, and both the Demons and the Angels to be destroyed/banished permanently from Sanctuary–itself included.  It sees the humans as the logical conclusion, and compromise to the Great War.

    THATS what I want!  

  48. A nature themed class would seem a likely candidate.

    If there are 2 classes, like LoD, expect one to infuriate/bring the cheese like the Demon Hunter. Such as someone else mentioned, some sort of tinkerer/engineer who drops auto turrets and things of that nature.
    I want a shield and spear class to fill the void of the amazon.

  49. I’d like a proper D&D 3.5 style Cleric, which isn’t too far removed from the Paladins we see in Blizzard games.

    • the D&D clecric is a lot like the necromancer from the diablo universe, so why not just call him necromancer, than a crappy name like cleric.

  50. D3 is sufficiently different to D2 that i would like to see some other characters return. the game mechanics will make them feel vastly different to how they played in D2. My choices:
    1 necromancer
    2 Druid
    3 Paladin

  51. I think that an angel that had fallen from heavens grace that had his powers diminished dramatically would be sweet. I think that he could be melee that has class-specific sabers and short spears. He duel wields them and uses stealth and speed vs straight strength.

    I also like the idea of a humanly demon that is sympathetic to the cause of Sanctuary. This could be your shape-shifter. He can take different shapes depending on the situation, but all shapes are demonic. He too would be melee and would have a different focus depending on his shape.

    This way we have our heaven and hell classes that could also be pretty bad-ass.

    The Bard, if done correctly, would also be interesting.

  52. GRIM KNIGHT–Warrior/Necromancer– Dual wield class specific Scythes or scythe/shield
    RESOURCE–Dual resource- Dark Magic and Souls – colors Black/White
    Dark Magic Spells– Poison/Plague/Rotting/Bone — also Strength buffs or shield attacks
    Soul Spells– Summoning Skeletons/Fallen Demons or Angels/Ressurection

    Imagine that class.. who wouldnt wanna play it? 

  53. Interesting how many want to play as some kind of angel or demon. I think it’s highly unlikely, though. The game designers have said that the core of these games is that humanity is in the middle, and “whatever isn’t human is pretty much bad,” (a hint that antagonistic angels may appear in D3, which should be a lot of fun). As Bashiok guessed, I think even “partly” angelic/demonic characters would conflict with the lore and the theme that this series is about mortal man’s place in the eternal conflict. That said, I think we will encounter more Nephalem and entities such as that in D3.

  54. i would like to play some demonic character like succubus (incubus) with crowd, mind  control , or balrog – big tank with flame breath  and increased damage aura (knowledge aura -i know this demon from pub, he is weak on the legs) etc.

  55. I think we should get an “Industrial CEO” class. He has the special ability to pick up gold from all characters, not just his own drops. He wears cloth exclusively, with crocodile leather shoes. He can summon minions called ‘Vice Presidents’ that also pick up gold but give away most of it to the Hero. VP minions can summon other minions themselves. Depending on the level of the Hero, these minions may summon more minions till you are left with a large group of minions that do all the work (and give away all gold to the hero, via the manager minions).
    Obviously, the Industrial CEO uses gold as his resource. Some spells he can use:
    – hire Banker: Rapidly inflates the gold stack of the character with a small risk of losing it all
    – hire VP HR: minions get better at generating gold for the character
    – hire Rating Agency: Weakens the monsters by changing their rating from AAA to B-. This is a channeled spell, more resources spent means more rating change.
    – Armored car: Summons an armored car around the character that increases his movement speed and increases his armor by 4000%. This channeled spell gold use is directly linked to the price of a barrel of crude oil.
    – Merger and Acquisition: Merge or Acquire another Industrial CEO. The target CEO is transformed into a top minion. This spell increases the damage output of the character depending on the level of the acquired CEO.

  56. Shapeshifter paladin.
    A paladin, maybe already fallen, who growing in skill, he can gradually turn into slightly different forms, and eventually will be able to turn into some kind of human-angel, or an angel.
    These transformations could be for some seconds, giving some benefits, threw an active skill.
    Or something such as constant changes to the core figure, as the player advances in clevel/passive slevel… something like this.

  57. I would like to see several class types in the expansion.  My top choices would be a fallen demon and fallen angel.  both would be humanish, and have two forms.  They could be warrior type in one form while changing to a spell caster/ranged in their true form( demon/angel) ala Princess Zelda from super smash brothers.

    Another type that I would like to see is Psionic type mind caster.  Things like telekinesis or mind control,  pyrokenetics (bursting into fire as opposed to being lit on fire) or I think they could take a cue from D&D psions for the abilities.  I would love to see a Blizzard take on my favorite class in D&D.


  58. Well, as some said, being “part” demon or angel might be conflicting with the lore, but how bout a character that sought to, and partly succeeded in, channeling demonic AND angelic powers, after extensive studies of both? His idea would be that, as human is the middle of both extreme, where they are neither, it also means they have the potential to be either. As mortals, channeling either power alone can harm the phisycal and mental health, so it will be important to find a balance and use both equally, as the positive cancels out the negative and vice versa. 

    Is up to the designers to make it work, but maybe the use of only the demonic side takes away health point while replenish stamina, and using of only the angelic side burns out your stamina (replacing mana?) and heals your health point. Drop of stamina would result in overall reduction of speed, damage and defence, thus suicidal if you are trapped in a group of monsters. 

    Demonic powers can range from fire elemental damages to summoning of demons and undeads, while angelic power can be aura, shield-sword skills or something…… holy. 

    Now we just need to think of a witty name to call it…… Demi? 🙂 

  59. ArcaneSmith or a Battle-Mage, he/she conjure weapons and armors infused with magic/element.  This class is a melee warrior, only uses magic to enhance his battle prowess.

  60. I think that a great onme would be a magic gladiator that would wield a 2 handed sword that is dragged on the ground and skills could be a line of flames shot from the blade when swung or perhaps a similar concentration skill from diablo 2’s barbarian.

  61. Another one could be a holy/darkness paladin that can only chose one path but can also have a neutral
    skill tree. With that being said they can chose to change into an angel or demon for a high leveled skill.

  62. Seriously. It should be a druid. With the rune system, there is SO MUCH POTENTIAL for this guy.
    But let’s get some things straightened out first. If you’re starting with the D2 druid, remove the entire “elemental” tree. Fire and cold winds and stuff like that belongs to the Wizard. The druid should focus on three things:
    Animal summons
    Nature (=trees, NOT volcanoes)
    I would give the guy 1 shapeshifting skill and 2 summon skills; big and small. Small is for wolves, eagles, wolverines (which are not relates to wolves) and things like that – they’ll all have different specialties, and you’d select which one to use via runes. Big summon is wolf, tiger, rhino, bull, whatever they feel is appropriate for the setting. You could even throw in some magical nature stuff into that, such as walking trees for the big summon.
    Nature would correspond to the old vines, but should be explored much more deeply. You have the possibility for rooting vines, pulling up large tree roots as shields, heck, even Bulbasaur’s razor leaf. Maybe even terraforming stuff, although like I said, stay away from the volcanoes. If he has power over “the earth”, he could get some burrow thing for his movement skill, like the Ultralisk is getting in SC2 expansion.
    Shapeshifting, you don’t really have to go with more than werewolf and werebear. But I’d appreciate some more diversity in their skills. Also unlimited durations.
    Try to tell me this guy wouldn’t be flippin’ awesome.

  63. I find everyone is just rehashing old Blizzard ideas.  I’m also surprised that no one has suggested anything more Asian based.  The monk is almost there but he seems to be more Siberian than anything.  Something that is clear about the classes is they seem to pick a culture or a part of the world that the person is from and then theme it from there.  Why not a samurai class, Ninja might be too close to Monk but not if you look into classic Ninja styles of fighting (invisibility, smoke, deadly area effect ranged attacks, lethal hand-to-hand), and especially when you look at more modern concepts of the ninja such as the manga/anime Naruto.  I think in general for video games (MMOs mainly) the Samurai and Ninja cultures are ignored, which I think is unfortunate considering how cool and popular these genras are in mainstream media.

    Another note on the Samurai because that is mainly what I think would work best for Diablo 3… is they can be that “tank/paladin” class everyone wants.  Samurais fight for honor and spirit, not to mention wear some of the most impenetrable armor ever made.  Their masters of ranged and close combat so people could have the option of tuning their character to a bow and arrow style fighter or a hand to hand… Samurais are masters of spears and pole arm weapons as well as one handed or two handed blades of any length. 
    I went a bit all out with this but mainly because I have always wanted an MMO (not final fantasy 11) where I can be a Samurai… Ninja would be satisfactory but please… give me my Samurai class.

  64. a Spartan class or something similar. there you have your emphasis on shields and it’s another melee character using spears and swords 

  65. The best class would be someone who could control nature and use things like tornado, hurricane, earthquake, thunder, maybe even tsunami or valcano. That would be my favorite class. 😀

  66. um… aren’t humans, by derivation, part angel part demon already (since they came from the nephalem)? 

  67. I think a class where the person is born half demon/half human would be very interesting.  Somewhat like the character from the cartoon Inuyasha.

  68. A geomancer class would be neat.  Maybe have astronomical aspects of it (meteor showers, vacuums, singularities, etc).

  69. why not make a variation of the game where you are a demon. this way you could play the other side. you could make several different types of demons to choose from. 😈 😆

  70. Okay all of us want a shifter let me get some thing out of the way… What kind of shifter! To my liking back in D2 I played a druid named DancesWithWolveds. i mostly used rabies buff and elements, a new turn is needed for 3 to make it Awesome and 100% awesome. I say we add a demonic ritualistic make the character model be half demon with horns and every thing. First arch will be Main attacks such as claws, venom spit, tail wip. In order to use those attacks you have to use the second arch type to shift in to what being uses the main attack you wish. Third arch will be fears and illusion like spells used in any form. fourth arc will be buffs like gain hp while rabid striking or some stuff like that. Fifth arch will be summoning and making demon imps and stuff. Then you got the sixth arch which will be powerful spells such as aoe damage and stuff like that. So this is my idea hope you like it have fun.  -Hameronian pants \These pants shall never be touched\- Item from diablo 😀 

  71. what about a class that permanently switches bodies with another monster and gets unique skills based on the monster that would bring a lot of diversity or something similar or another idea would be one of those renegade demons that followed that angel to make humans would be interesting dialog when people first meet you and you’re a demon lol  

  72. What about a class that is nothing like any we have seen in D2 or 3, what if they made a whole new class. Maybe something that could shape shift (for a shirt time) into a demonic or angelic form that used sort of a mantra based system as seen with the monk. So depending on what mantra or style your in would determine what your moves do and what form you take. Weather they be demonic or angelic. It could use a resource pool that would be like a demon hunter. For example if your in your angle mantra form you’ll use the good pool, if your in your demon mantra form you’ll use your bad pool. Maybe they could be called light and darkness? But I think something like this could be cool and refreshing.

  73. I thought the native american idea was pretty sweet be sneaky and deal nature damage very versatile.

    I like the idea of like a shaman type character take some aspects away from wow.

    The spartan idea would be sweet too.

    The demon/angel hybrid thats just lame

  74. four handed agile katana worior

    undead mage/fighter with powerfull spells but with drawbacks

    some robotic or other energy creature character which could use energy shields. would be based all on energy.

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