Diablo 3 Expansion Changes to AH and Always-Online?

The Diablo 3 Expansion is the perpetual topic of interest for everyone in the Diablo community, and since IGN coughed up an article focused on it today, we might as well have at it. The article gives some summary of the Diablo 3 plot and basic game features and suggests what we might see in the Expansion plot, but it’s not one of those, “my top ten expansion wish list features” forum posts.

Rather, the article discusses how the expansion might change Diablo 3 structurally, mostly in terms of he Auction House and the always-online requirement.

As the updates to Diablo 3 already released have shown, though, smaller foundational changes are more meaningful to the exact nature of the game and a full expansion will likely be no different. Lords of Destruction’s biggest change to Diablo 2 wasn’t the addition of Assassin and Druid classes, but how it overhauled the gameplay. An expansion could conceivably remove Diablo 3’s most divisive features, particularly the need for a persistent Internet connection and the game’s Auction Houses.

An Auction House-free Diablo 3 on PC certainly sounds like the dream version of the game. Rather than a delicious, engaging adventure that yielded the best rewards as its difficulty scaled, the biggest problem with Diablo 3 was how the Auction House drove all of the game’s long-term systems. The very best loot didn’t drop regularly enough for even the most diligent player, so they were forced to farm gold or pay out actual cash for the gear they wanted. This reliance on the Auction House even crippled the game’s campaign, and Blizzard’s known it since the game released. While the new crafting system was brought in to “refocus players away from farming the Auction House and onto farming monsters,” it’s still only a half step.

So really, this isn’t an article about the expansion. It’s about how the author doesn’t like the Auction House or always-only requirement, and how he hopes those are changed in the future. Which is a valid set of topics, but it’s not like we don’t see 50 posts a day about one or both in the forums already.

I wasn’t a fan of either feature when they were first announced, but over the year of release I’ve come to like the AH and not care about the always-online. I suppose a SP-offline mode of D3 would be useful once in a while, such as during the weekly maintenance periods, but all my characters are online (obviously) and I have friends on my list I like to play with and talk to and public games are nice once in a while, and if we ever get a decent dueling system I’ll be all over that. And all those things require online-only characters for security. Plus, let’s be honest, Blizzard isn’t going to give up on the online only thing unless/until some magic occurs and PC games stop being pirated at a 90+% rate.

As for the Auction House, like most players today, I feel like it’s essential for my characters to progress, and I quite enjoy selling and reselling and flipping and get more excited by the “your item sold” pop up than most anything else during a play session. (And I really wish I could hover on the text to see which item it was and how much it sold for.) That’s much less true now than it was upon release, after multiple patches of Inferno difficulty-nerfs, but there are so many super-rare, highly-specialized items required for most builds in the game that it’s infeasible to find them all yourself. I’d love to see an DiabloWikiIronborn mode (though it didn’t sound like Travis or Wyatt were really grappling with the separate-ecosystem requirement of such a feature), but I think it should be optional.

Of course that’s talking about the game as it is now. As the IGN article points out, the Diablo 3 console is *not* going to feature an AH, and will presumably make big changes to the item quality and drop rates in order to let characters find enough good gear, and find it quickly enough, to enjoy Inferno. And a game with such generous drop rates basically wouldn’t work with an AH, barring lots of binding or other such features (items reduce in quality when sold/gain a buff while kept?) since the AH would instantly flood full of all the best gear, with the over supply driving prices down to pennies.

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73 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Expansion Changes to AH and Always-Online?

  1. quote:

    “I quite enjoy selling and reselling and flipping and get more excited by the “your item sold” pop up than most anything else during a play session.”

    This is the problem with the AH. It has rendered combat kinda useless such that it has become like an e-bay simulator with an RPG mini-game attached.

    The thing is, I don’t want to play an e-bay simulator and that is not what I paid money for.

    • I cant say better. Let just add: I pay to have fun finding loot grinding the game, not the AH.

    • Look, we can probably all agree that the drop rates *and more to the point* the itemization mechanisms of D3 are royally messed up. However, there is still this lingering romaticism of D2. I have a hard time believing that everyone on the forums here has found numerous zods, SoJs, and WF’s. It didn’t happen. The loot was beyond duped and EVERYONE had the same outfit.

      • Zods, found 1 in 10 years of on/off playing. SoJ’s, Windforces, found them both several times over. Hell, found 2 Windforces in the span of 10 minutes once.

      • Found one SoJ, one Tal amu, no rune higher then Vex, one Windforce etc during 5 years of 100% legit play on Hardcore. All those rune words were a joke to legit players, absolute minimal chance to get the runes for the highest rune words in a legit way.

    • I think its the other way around.. A ARPG game with a bonus feature you can ignore to use: AH. Those of you who are more on the AH then playing the actual game need to play other games.

    • Enable offline play.

      Disable auction house.

      Fix items.

      Fix ingame music, story and atmosphere.

      Bring back skill tree.

      Update graphics to be more realistic.

      I think they can get the game back into a respectable state if they do some of the above changes… A pipe dream? Yeah. But maybe they can fix some of it, so I want to play it again… A Diablo game has so much potential, and they screwed it up severely. Stop making a dumbed down game, for gods sake.

  2. I’m sorry when you get the most excited for D3 is when you see your items on the AH are selling, I think it’s safe to say development went wrong somewhere.

    • There are other fun things. I found a witching hour last night (in HC) and was pretty happy to see it. I’ve found orange belts before without any joy, so it wasn’t until I had the Inv open and saw lvl 63 on the tooltip that I got excited. (Conversely, I actually get angry when I find an orange hat, since I’ve found at least 30 Andy’s hats so far, and 1 Mempo ever.)

      And the Witching Hour rolled nicely also, with 85 dex and 56 arcane, plus 9%/42%. Looks like it’s about 60-80m comp value, though I’m probably going to keep it since my Monk is using Arcane for his OWE and I wanted to upgrade to this belt at some point (my last Monk died at P65 and was wearing one not quite so nice).

      But that’s kind ofmy point on the AH and D3’s hugely varied items. When something sells in the AH, I know it’s a few million for me (I don’t list stuff below about 2m these days) and I can use that gold for exactly what I want. When I find an item it’s 99.999% not good, and when it is, it’s very seldom exactly what I want for my particular character. That Witching Hour wouldn’t have been useful for me had it rolled with cold, fire, lightning, str, etc.

      And that’s where the AH comes in handy, since it’s such a convenient way to turn stuff I don’t want into stuff I do.

      I’d prefer D3 to have better drop rates and Ironborn to be more viable, etc. But I have zero desire to return to the WUG days of D2 trade channel spam. I’m not sure how the devs can really bridge that divide, though I think various item upgrade options (Mystic = binding), or I like ideas of items losing some quality each time they’re exchanged. There are definitely improvements possible to the current system, but returning to D2’s methods would not be amongst them.

      • It’s actually not that hard to make self-found drops more appealing without turning it into WUG. For one, separating gear based on STR/DEX/INT was a huge mistake, and changing that alone would have a huge impact. Next, they need to make stats other than crit more appealing. Honestly, crit damage and crit chance should be conbined into 1 affix and made weaker. A high dps char in D3 does 95% of their damage from crits minimum (and no, that’s not a made up statistic). Diversity should be more than what class you picked, it should be about what build you play. Right now everyone stacks crit, so anything that’s not crit is bad for everyone. They successfully made an item system were 99% of loot is crap, but the problem is the 1% that is good is basically split equally between the 3 primary stats. We don’t need to rely on legendaries to make different builds viable, we need to change how stats work and how abilities scale.

        Lots of builds are based on crit, and the rest only see it as the best dps stat rather than necessary for their build. Endless Wrath of the Berserker is a problem, but that aside, the uptime is based on crit chance. Monks need crit both to keep sweeping wind going and to spawn tornadoes with it, which is a big dps factor for them. CM wiz needs crit or else they can’t keep their arcane pool full and their abilities off cooldown.

        Now how many abilities scale with attack speed specifically? You could argue it helps keep short duration buffs up like frenzy and bash buffs, but there’s really no difference between slow and fast for dps, and it plays the same way just with more rampup time. I played a thorns WD for a while when inferno was really tough, but my damage capped out really low because I wasn’t stacking crit, and in the end it was only efficient for playing with a super tight budget.

        As long as items are distinctly grouped by STR/DEX/INT, and as long as there are only a few stats completely dominating the wish list, the item game will continue to be incredibly stale and self-found will be only a dream.

        • I’m all for a full reworking of item affixes and character attributes, but what’s that got to do with the Auction House?

          Even if (when?) they redo the item affixes, and it’s an improvement, I wouldn’t want to go back to WUGing chat spam for trading. I’m open to changes in the AH, and I think the idea of items losing quality when sold, and/or boosting quality if not sold, has a lot of potential. But the basic function is awesomely convenient and adds a large dimension to the item-game. It just shouldn’t be mandatory to succeed in Inferno, and too many players now feel that it is, in D3.

          • The problem is the AH is necessary. As you said, you found a witching hour, with dex and arcane resist. Basically the stars aligned for you. If you don’t get the exact stat that’s right for your class and build, you either have a worthless or tradeworthy item. The problem is currently every class has 1 build – stack crit with as much primary stat and attack speed as you can get. The only thing making an item something you wouldn’t want for yourself but tradeworthy is the distinction between classes, which mostly comes from primary stat.

            Self-found is nothing more than a dream until they remove this distinction and instead create more reasonable build-relevant stats. You’re never going to want to use an int belt on a monk when playing self-found, but if you found something that was good for a different monk build, you could potentially use it by switching builds, or perhaps it’s less good for your current build but still usable.

      • I doubt anyone meant to return to the D2 days. Why you keep saying that? If after all this time they had available, they return eventually to the D2 system… I don’t want to even think about it.
        You already named a few ideas. You know they would simply ignore them (and anything similar) if we had Jay’s team still here. Let’s remain positive and hope these guys will do something on this.

      • Surprised there hasn’t been an article here yet about Blizz resetting their Titan mmo and moving 70% of the devs to other projects. I was hoping to read a tin foil hat theory about how the D3 auction house experiment has failed and they based Titan on the same RMAH/GAH and realized this isn’t going to work out to be very fun and had to start over.

  3. They should increase drop rates to a point where the AH doesn’t even cross your mind anymore. However, when that happens, everyone will get the loot they want in a matter of months, (if they don’t go and buy it up for cheap first) and after that’s all over and done with no one will have reason to stick with the game anymore since it’s not like you’re going to roll a new character or anything.

    They banked on people grinding for loot at a less than glacial pace and obviously that didn’t work out. I mean, Diablo players like the loot grind, but their masochism only goes so far.

    I hope Travis has a magic wand to fix this.

    The game needs varying levels of reward beyond finding that one in a million GG item. I few ideas I have: Add something that drops fairly often and gives you small boosts in power, whatever that may be. While at the same time, fix the randomization on legendaries, add a TON more, and make them drop slightly more often. And beyond that, add “grailer” items that are stupidly rare, but equally game breaking (similar to Zods) so that the truly dedicated hyper masochistic can go on for months.

    • As opposed to not finding the items they seek and getting frustrated and quitting in less than months? Even after 1.08, I’ve seen several people return then quit again in a matter of days, if not hours.

    • “Add something that drops fairly often and gives you small boosts in power, whatever that may be.”

      That’s exactly what runes did. They were an excellent addition to the game providing frequent rewards in small quantities with the promise of always building towards something big. Of course you had to play offline or self found only to actually appreciate them, far away from the messed up economy run by bots / dupes.

      • Not really. Say you wanted an Ist. Get a Mal? Cool, halfway there. Um? More likely you use it directly than treat it as a quarter Ist but ok. Anything 3+ runes lower than Ist (or your target rune)? It might be useful in its own right, but cubing up 3+ levels just isn’t practical. If for no other reason than that 1 Ist is more common than 8 Puls.

        The lower runes have a 3:1 exchange rate. It’s worse for them.

  4. “Plus, let’s be honest, Blizzard isn’t going to give up on the online only thing unless/until some magic occurs and PC games stop being pirated at a 90+% rate.”

    Holy crap, source please? (or is this sarcasm?)

    • Developers often throw out such figures, based on how many people are torrenting their titles, or connecting to online hubs where the devs can tell if a copy is legit or pirated.


      Such high figures are often disputed, and there’s the whole argument that many people will try something out for free that they wouldn’t have bought (hence a pirated copy doesn’t necessarily equal a lost sale), but I have long been of the opinion that Bliz’s main concern with the online-only D3 was as an anti-piracy effort.


      We’ve got like 50 news items with the tag, so it’s been a topic since it first was revealed in August 2011.

    • There’s almost no good/reliable data available regarding actual PC game piracy rates. He’s probably basing the 90% figure on comments made by Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot late last year. The company later redacted most of those comments, saying that the figure wasn’t accurate and that piracy rates actually vary drastically based on geographical location (shocking!). The funny thing is that those comments were all made around the same time Ubisoft announced that it would be eliminating its always-on DRM policy for current and future titles.

    • Even if there was a way to actually tell how many people downloaded your game illegally, the figure is rather meaningless. You can’t just assume that is all lost revenue, only a fraction of those people would be willing to pay full retail price was there no other way for them to play.

  5. The AH sucks, I’ve been playing blizz games since the 3 vikings and pay-to-play ALWAYS ruins games.

    d2 trading/bartering was the best, if they would simply create a “barter” ah where you post something and other people can offer gold, items or a combination of them it would go a long was to creating trade diversity.

    500 soj for a dual leech ring, sure!

  6. That was probably the best feature of D2, having to barter for items. It was nice to have some currency like SOJ’s but really it was super fun to show someone an item and see what they have to offer for it. I got some good trades through that.

    • And personally I hated it more then anything else in the game. WUG games and chat trades were just awful… AH is a blessing, especially for hardcore where I spend my time.

      Also, good luck completing any heavily item dependent build without using the AH. Without the AH, the build diversity will just diminish to a few builds per class that are playable with decent items without key stats like crit chance or attack speed.

      • Yeah, I thought maybe he misspelled “worst” at first.


        Whole debate/discussion about Diablo games and currency. TLDR: all Diablo games have had a currency. SoJs, runes, chippies, etc, and now gold in D3. A barter system is unfeasible and unusable for various reasons outlined in the post. Currency is essential for any kind of functional economy. Players need to be able to ascertain an accurate value for their gear and exchange it for some fluid currency that can then be exchanged for desired goods.

        Anyone pushing for a pure barter system has no appreciation of how economies function for the vast majority of people in RL or video games.

        • I’m sorry, but that is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard.

          How much are they paying you these days mate?

        • I don’t follow. The whole appeal of a barter economy is that it’s inefficient compared to gold. Diablo 3 is a game about acquiring gear. Trading is a strategy for acquiring gear. When one strategy dominates a game to the point that it becomes unfun for a large number of people, guess what you nerf that strategy.

  7. “I quite enjoy selling and reselling and flipping and get more excited by the “your item sold” pop up than most anything else during a play session.”

    If this is true for even a significant minority of people, I could hardly think of anything else that would more clearly scream D3’s failures. (I’m self-found so it’s not true for me, thank goodness.)

    • It’s true for me. I could find 2 or 20 legs in a day and am approaching 3k self salvaged tears from the not 100% worthless rare types only. Occasionally I get a sub 1M sale. That’s like 1-3 extra farm hours!

  8. A) I don’t like the AH, but I prefer it over some sketchy third-party websites.
    B) The problem is not the AH, but jealousy. By means of the AH you can really see how much good loot is out there – which you don’t have.
    C) The only way to \solve\ the AH problem is, to make it more fun to play the game than the AH. Removing the AH doesn’t make D3 more fun. Increasing drop rate just shifts the problem – there will always be a set of rare high end items which the ordinary player will never find.
    D) The notion of efficiency in D3 is ridiculous. People derive fun not from the game but from some kind of imposed meta-standard.

    I’m sorry. This rant is probably very confusing, but I would need a wall of text to make it clear – and you wouldn’t read it then. So what’s the point.

    tl;dr \D3 players\ do not think through what the consequences would be if their demands would be fulfilled.

    • It is not confusing just flat out wrong. How can the AH make me jealous if I haven’t opened it once? Why on Earth would I have a problem with not being able to ever find certain items? If I had everything that is possible to get in game that’s when I would stop playing so why would I ever want that to happen?

      Increasing drop rates would increase the reward feedback frequency which in fact would make the game more enjoyable. That’s not an opinion that’s basic psychology. Also you could give more credit to players seeing that pretty much every problem plaguing the game right now had been predicted well in advance. Whether we can or can not think through the consequences of these particular changes is irrelevant anyway because there is D2 as living proof.

      • Increasing drop frequency means that you have better gear sooner. Therefore the drops have to get better, which they can’t because there is an upper limit. You cannot have always better gear.
        You might not be jealous per se, but you feel that current drops are not good enough? But why? Because you cannot clear content fast enough? By which standard? If you die too often, the game might be too challening for you?
        And I can’t stand the comparison to D2 anymore either. Great game that it is – I want to play D3 and not D2. (If I want I can – the D2 servers are still up.) Being innovative might break some things – but I prefer it over the same old. (Mind you – I want them(TM) to fix the problems eventually.)

  9. “I hate the D3 AH, but I loved sketchy SoJ trading. 500 SoJs, yeah, that’s a legit currency. No funny business there. I also liked sitting in trade chat and haggling for hours or days instead of actually killing monsters.”

    Listen to yourselves.

  10. “As for the Auction House, like most players today, I feel like it’s essential for my characters to progress, and I quite enjoy selling and reselling and flipping and get more excited by the “your item sold” pop up than most anything else during a play session.”

    If this doesn’t say “fail at making an ARPG” I don’t know what does.

  11. Just give us structured/laddered pvp

    Remove the auction house and adjust loot drops accordingly

    Wouldn’t say no to some CoD zombie style events either

  12. D2 was so much better! Here’s why!


    If you wanted top-tier gear, instead of fussing with a silly AH you just run one area about 10,000 times without killing anything. That’s the direct estimate from this site; the number is exactly what it stated. Of course you could always buy the duped armor with duped rings and save time, but we apparently hate hackers and botters these days so that’s not cool anymore. Shame on you naughty people.

    I’d rather have a fun hack n slash with decent gear reasonably accessible than hacking it all (D2) or chinafarming to feed money to botters (D3).

    • The problem is the too many people think that anything below the absolute top end isn’t “decent gear”. As someone who has always played self-found – in D1, 2, and 3 – “decent gear” isn’t that hard to find if by “decent” you mean gear that’s good enough to beat the game.

      • If all you care about is beating the game, then the whole drop rate argument is irrelevant. I’m pretty sure the whole turmoil thing comes from people who stuck around past killing D on MP0 once.

        • And if all you care about is getting all the best, coolest items in the game…..then it should take a really damn long time or else the game gets dull in a few months instead of a few y ears.

          • The game as it is now gets dull in DAYS. There’s nowhere to go but up (he said, with his fingers crossed).

    • The problem has nothing to do with how hard it is to get the gear or even how you go about doing it. The problem is that the gear itself isn’t fun. It isn’t rewarding in its own right. It isn’t exciting and by extension the game itself isn’t exciting because loot is the primary reward mechanism. Without this the game falls flat which is exactly the situation we are in.

      What needs to happen is that itemization needs to be fixed. Affixes and gear choices need to be fun again. I don’t enjoy chasing items because it has 7 more int than the last piece. That isn’t fun, it isn’t awesome. It is the definition of boring.

  13. If you like playing with the auction house, Flux, you should give Eve online a spin. It has a far better economic-trade system and your accomplishment there will have more impact.

  14. As for the Auction House, like most players today, I feel like it’s essential for my characters to progress,

    Did you not listen to the Travis Day interview where he discusses WHY this is a problem??? He actually goes over this exact issue and says ITS BAD that players need to progress by using the Auction House, if the Auction House wasn’t here in the first place, the item drop rates would adjust so that you can progress by just killing monsters like you should! How does that go over your head?

    No AH on the consoles is a slick move by blizzard because all of us who don’t have an IQ below 90 and understand why the AH is an issue will be tempted to buy the console version.

    Honestly, Blizzard, GROW SOME BALLS and REMOVE the Auction House, stop worrying about a bunch of casuals that are satisfied with games like farmville and angry birds

  15. I understand why Blizzard added the AH, need for trading etc.. but I just feel like it did a lot more harm than good. Looking forward to the expansion.

    • JUST the AH isn’t a problem. The AH, with real money involved on the RMAH, and the lack of gold sinks to keep inflation down is the problem. People point to a symptom and label it the cause.

  16. We’re going to have a tough decision in 2016, buy the soon to be released D3X or whatever Titan turns out to be.

  17. There is no reason why Diablo 3 cannot have a healthy online option and a offline option.

    The arguments about online only as security against, bots, hackers and anything else you can conjure up have been proven wrong countless times and to the great embarrassment of Blizzard. This recent gold fiasco is just the latest kick to the nuts.

    I love playing my DH, and its cool to play in groups on Bnet (When I can), but for some reason with this online only stuff I just feel like a kid who has his toy taken away and is told to stand in the corner all because the kid across the room (the real hacks and cheats) was behaving badly.

    Offline mode would ensure D3 lives on for years and years. It did it for D2 and it will for D3.

    This is the one thing I will never let Blizzard off the hook for, not after thousands of hours of Diablo 2 over a period of ten years.

    • How naive can people get? IT IS DRM. Plain and simple. Always has been its primary purpose no matter how Blizzard tried to dress it. And no offline mode would not magically fix the game’s problems.

  18. I believe the AH works better on a healthy(er) economy such as the Hardcore one, where there is an active mechanic to flush good items out of the system (D/C ;P).
    What might be a solution is to enforce this mechanic. While item degradation upon transfer might sound like a sound idea (albeit funky to implement) I’d rather have Blizz go for a more radical solution, Bind on equip.
    This way items (especially good items) would be flushed constantly from the economy, even though it will drive prices crazy for good gear.
    Of course we’ll need a gold sink mechanic too. I’d believe the most viable would be through death penalties. And I’m not talking here about repair costs. But a hefty gold% cut for each death. Putting stupid prices (such as the 5m fee for marquise removal) don’t help too much because most often than not don’t affect the economy.
    I’m not a communist but a death penalty as % of the total wealth would be a good mechanic to flush a lot of gold from the system. And before I’m bashed to death by millionaires, we have such a system IRL, in Finland where driving fines are calculated according to the income of the offender: http://www.trafficfines.eu/english/finland-speeding.php

  19. People are talking about itemization problems in terms of affixes. It’s a folly. You see, D3 is designed using MMO itemization patterns. It’s INTENDED that you will stack main stat, dmg, armor, cc, cd, vita and all res. This is the way in WoW. They will NEVER change it so that you will be able to chose from hundreds of meaningful affixes.

  20. All you self found jerks can look at how awesome your 10k dps characters are LOL

    Waste your time trying to kill mp0 getting no loot cause you got no mf cause you got no monster powers and no paragon levels cause you kill so slow and no Ah to buy mf gear on and no trade avenues to play your stupid little WUG games.

    Move on, stop living in the past. If the gameplay isn’t fun, don’t play. Get over it, not everything is about you. Maybe you just grew up?

  21. QUOTE

    just get rid of the RMAH and keep the gold AH.  The rest will sort itself out.

    I have no problem with the RMAH really, for the time poor among us it mean they can actually play at a level they are happy with, but I think the system would be better if you were not able to buy gold and all item bought on the RMAH became account bound.

  22. I’ve played D3 from the start, and i take the AH for what it is: a useful tool.

    My main is a WD and I know what specialised equipment means. I don’t even look at a piece of armour without pickup radius, mana regen, or ZB reduction. So, for me stacking CD, CC, or AS isn’t the only option, as I need balance.

    Having said that, you people need to understand that whitout the AH, this kind of builds dependent on gear would not work.
    I have faith that when this kind of gear will be availible for all classes in a future patch, opinions will change.

    I agree, the AH must not be the main focus of a RPG, but solutions can be found. To remove the AH completely is not the right answer.


  23. All great, but closing AH renders many problems, like trading. We dont have custom games in D3 like in D2 so trading would be like pain in the ass (forums, shady links and etc). IMO they should close RMAH first so it would stop chinesse farmers a little bit.
    The second problem is that this game is super boring at the end. I mean, D2 runs was super fun. In D3 if you get those dream items, you actually have no reason to play and you won’t be tested by game itself (MP and NV are cheapest ideas ever). Act3 and 4 are like some kind of bad karaoke. Act3 sounded great on blizzcons, but it turned out to be one straight path through strange locations. Even it they make act5 great (mood and music) its still half of the game quite cheesy. Act4 in D2 was one path also but it had everything what Diablo is in core and having super items wasn’t a main reason to play a game.

  24. They have to keep the RMAH because we still need a non-ancient way to trade.

    However, they need to increase drop rates so much that it does flood the RMAH, cheapens items and gives global access to good/great gear.

    Everyone wants power and you have to give us access to it. After that you can balance the Inferno/MP to be difficult for that level of gear.

  25. QUOTE

    Enable offline play.
    Disable auction house. 
    Fix items. 
    Fix ingame music, story and atmosphere.
    Bring back skill tree.
    Update graphics to be more realistic.
    I think they can get the game back into a respectable state if they do some of the above changes... A pipe dream? Yeah. But maybe they can fix some of it, so I want to play it again... A Diablo game has so much potential, and they screwed it up severely. Stop making a dumbed down game, for gods sake.

    This exactly, and I doubt a simple expansion will give any of it.

  26. QUOTE

    A Korean complaining that people aren't hardcore enough gamers? Cliche much?
    He's right though. As much as people seem to think no AH = more gear to get excited about it'd actually mean less, because you lack DPS and MF and therefore get far fewer drops. AHing doesn't lower the chance of say... a Mempo dropping, it raises it.
    The problem is it's impossible to advance without those lucky AH sales. Even with the craft system you'll only have enough gold to use 25-50% of the essences you find without specifically farming for essences without those AH sales.
  27. the ah is a great convenience, but the economy it supports.is flawed to the core. there are no mechanics to remove.items in softcore. there are also no limits on item flipping or penalties for not selling item quickly. add more item sinks to reduce hand me down items in the economy. impose resale restrictions so gear is harder to flip. add more gold.sinks to fight bots, such as gold tax on person to person trades.

    give incentives to make alts and make it possible for each alt of the same class to level up differently.

  28. Sorry, but the AH works perfectly in hardcore.

    The gear is constantly reset due to death on all kind of levels. And so the HC AH shows an arpg can have a built in trading system.

    It is amazing that people who play HC are mostly very postive about D3. I think it is because D3 changes from a gear chaser to a game of survival. Someone mentioned EvE in this thread, but D3 in hardcore mode is quite spectacular., with grinding, crafting and trading in a constantly reset economy.

    It is sad only 15% of D3 players dare trying it, but hardcore is the real deal.

  29. You and a lot of people seem to not understand what we’re actually complaining about. You keep repeating “D3 trading = easy, D2 trading = inconvenient” like anyone disagrees. For the 9 billionth time, it’s the fact that the AH makes trading so efficient that is the source of all the problems associated with it.

    • Travis brings this issue up in the stream interview – It seems like a lot of people did not remember or hear that part but this sums it up. The devs have realized the AH right now its current form has dominated the item progression process for characters. He says, sure you can grind out hours and hours to find that one good item OR you can simply search the AH find it there click buy and its done, many may not see the problem with this but there is a problem with it – that item you just bought on the AH that is REALLY good because you couldn’t find it in-game, finding something even better will be near impossible by grinding and actually playing the game, only the AH could give you the best chances of 1 upping that item you just bought from the AH. This is how the AH is undermining the core aspect of item progression in Diablo3 and it is cancerous to the game. You go from an item you found on a scale at around 2.5 now you want something around 4.5 but you can go to the AH and see a bunch of items on the scale of 6-9. That jump in scale by that much is a problem.

  30. blizz should get rid of the real money ah

    iam fine with the gold ah 🙂

    i dont know how anyone is mad @ the ah thing
    (besides rm ah)

    spamming chat channels and hope that you find someone to trade aka d2 style cant be the slution either

    even if i miss the good old trade talk i really dont want to spam chat channels a whole day just to trade anymore .. never ever again

  31. Interestingly enough, the end of online-only is the only thing that could get me to buy a D3 xpack while it’s still at any price point higher than 9.99$

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