Diablo 3 Expansion: Beta Test Confirmed

Okay, not exactly shocking news here, but it’s nothing to do with Jay Wilson (for a change) and it’s nice just to see the words in this tweet by DiabloWikiRob Pardo, in which he confirms that Blizzard has plans for a beta for the Diablo 3 expansion.

And any plans for Beta for Blizzard All-Stars and D3 DX1 ? not date but any plans for it? –MrPaNtsONhEaD
We will do betas for both for sure –RobPardo

And there was great excitement! Start your calendars…

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57 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Expansion: Beta Test Confirmed

    • Some people never learn. Today’s Blizzard sucks big time. That’s it. Stay away from their games and you’ll be happy panda.

      People make games, not the fucking company names.

        • Definitely agree with this statement. People talk about D2 like it was some kind of turd on release. D2 was already an “excellent” game by most accounts… nearly perfect by my own account and it generated nowhere near the hatred we see today with D3. D2X just made it an even better game knocking it firmly into the legendary category. D3X has quite a massive job ahead of it. I’m betting (hoping) it will make a below average game just excellent…. as legendary as D2X??? I’m not holding my breath on that one. The baseline is just way too screwed up especially with the auction house being a deal breaker for some. I’ll wait and see the community reaction first maybe give it a solid month before purchasing the xpac this time.

          • Seriously? It took around until 1.04 just to get stable. Amazing on release it was not.

            Whether the D3 expansion has the same impact as the D2 expansion remains to be seen. Not expecting too much however, if it’s in beta soon it was probably in development at least as long as the game’s been released.

          • D2 and D3 launches both had glitches (as expected). For me the D3 authentication glitch preventing me from logging into the game for months was far more severe than anything I had with D2 out of the gate. Anyway… We all played D2 (and WoW if you want to consider that) right up until expansion. D3 every single one of my friends quit then eventually myself with a very long time to go still. Clear quality difference in my eyes. It is what it is.

          • I went back and played D2C for a few weeks towards the end of the D3 beta, just to remind myself of what the base game was like. And it was fun, but very limited and tedious and actually quite hard to advance into Hell, since there were very limited ways to get better gear and big damage weapons.

            The only farming was act 4 (endlessly), there were no elite items, no uniques above normal gear, no way to upgrade items (socket adding quest was in d2x), no charms, no jewels, no runes, not a single viable set item, the best way to get a big weapon was to mule white items to a new char who could imbue them at level 25-29, players mercilessly exploited numerous bugs, WW barbs were wildly overpowered compared to all other builds (okay, that one’s a tradition), etc.

            D2 was awesome out of the box, but that was by our very different 2000 standards. It would be considered unplayable if released today.

          • Most certainly agree that if launched today D2 would be garbage by the new standards (as it should be). I think the problem here is my friends and I wanted to go from D2 (excellent) to D2 Xpac (Legendary) to D3 (Legendary Plus). Instead we felt like we went from Excellent to Legendary to mediocre… but yeah that horse has been beaten a couple times here and the official forums. Hopefully two years from now the cycle will read Excellent–>Legendary—>Mediocre—>Legendary only time will tell I suppose. Our fate is in… whoever is the xpac lead dev’s hands I suppose.

      • But the company’s name sets the quality standard of the game those people are working on :).

      • Like you don’t buy anything you own because of the brand. THe brand tells us that the item associated with the brand is usually higher quality. Blizz has earned that trust. Not one game has sucked yet coming from Blizz. Most have faith that they will right the ship with D3.

    • D3 XP will not and cannot save D3. It’s like trying to fix a leg laceration with a plaster. The only right thing to do would cut off the leg and grow a new one.

  1. Very excited about BAS. A PvP game from scratch. That sure is something to look forward to.

    Present day Dota games are way behind in engine and graphics.

    Combine the graphics/engine of D3 with the PvP mechanics of a Dota game : dynamite.

    A pity BAS is the reason for the lack of PvP options in D3.

    You need balance in e-sports. D3 can never be balanced due to its gear system.

    • I agree with you there on the Dota thing, the original version with war3 was great, but Dota2 went backwards in graphics by like 10 years and it is heroes of newerth style terrible looking.

      I played league of legends for well over a year, to me it is what Dota 2 should have been.

  2. I hope we get a beta on the whole expansion se the players can test everything. The release of Diablo 3 has proved that Blizzard can’t test the game by itself.

    • +100
      Let all players in the beta. Only 50 hours if its too troublesome. But players need to see if its worth the time and money.

      • I’m sure someone can correct this, but hasn’t Bliz been very open with WoW expansion beta slots? Like anyone who pre orders gets one, and they really throw out the invites widely?

        For economic more than game testing reasons, I assume, since they want people to keep their subs active during the months before a new expansion, and to be excited about playing once the expansion goes live. Which might not be great news for D3, since we’re not paying a monthly sub, hence Bliz lacks the economic motivation.

  3. 10 years to do a “mediocre” game, now they are SLOWLY solving some superficial problems/issues/shit. From v1.0 to 1.0.6 they did a GREAT job, but…It is in need of a GOOOOOOOOOOOD work with the expansion.

    Please…dont you repeat the same beta mistakes…listen to the community…so many work to do…

    • “listen to the community…so many work to do…”

      No, please don’t. Supposedly Blizzard removed elemental damage having on-hit effects because the community didn’t care — they just went for the highest DPS.

      • That would be their internal testers, the same internal testers that thought the story and dialogue was fantastic, arena deathmatch wasn’t fun, couldn’t beat play in inferno, completely missed how broken IAS was, etc.

        The community during beta actually clamored for useful elemental effects because it didn’t exist. So ya. Listen to the community for once.

    • only if they cut the work on 1-2 classes and implement 1:1 class of WoW like Kung fu Panda or whatever including models / skills etc”.

      “shhhh…h they’ll never notice !”
      that will also give them the opportunity to release a new lore picture-book for only $40 or € in which they retcon the whole story

      “and as you can see here on page 15. the Horadrim have been founded by Pandaren and have always been a cornerstone of the Lore of Sanctuary.”

  4. I will not got the same road as D3 beta, since I got ¨pretty much burned. I waited for the invite every day since the start like many other, and nothing since ¨Blizzard kept it so small population. So this time, fuck the beta.

  5. Let’s keep two things in mind here:

    1.) nobody said anything about public/external betas
    2.) this info is older than 2 hours (if past D3 developement is any indication, the exact opposite is state of affairs by now).

  6. blizz allstars will probably be dumpstered by lol and dota2!

    well, i dont like betas anymore, since i played d3 beta for weeks cause i mean srsly act1 from d3 is the only enjoyable thing in the whole game.
    so we tested only the best from the game, not the things that needed severe changing. sadly they didnt let us play the whole game ! would have changed so much i think.

    • i think we’ll know enough about the now to estimate wether or not they make drastic much needed changes to fundamental game mechanics. I for one will not buy the expansion if their only buying argument is +1 class which is as bland as the other 5 classes + 5 new itemtiers + 5 gem tiers and the “story”

      the only good thing about the story were the CGI cinematics , at least that department knows it’s craft.

  7. great news, can’t wait to beta test this.

    I think Blizzard have learnt a lot of lessons in the last 8 months, especially about the community and what they want.

  8. Maybe Blizzard is still learning the lesson, because most of the big issues still remain (and still will by the looks of it).
    Also take in mind that SC2 expansion took almost 2 years to come out (from july 2010 to march 2013. So, expect a long road for D3X. I will buy it just because I´m a Diablo fan, just not a D3 fan…

  9. Lets hope the expansion really improves things.
    I might look into it,. but,.. so far,. ah we’ll see.

  10. Found and sold me the Green Immortal King’s Head.

    4 million Gold in around … 60 seconds…


    D3 >>> D2 anytime when real money is involved.

    >200 Euros and counting … 🙂

  11. I think in the expansion they should implenent and Organ Donor AH, so you can offer a kidney or lung for your favorite item

  12. Expansion Beta?

    Funny, im still waiting for them to finish the original version i payed 60 bucks for.

  13. Let’s just hope they actually have a large sample pool of testers this time and listen to the community this time around. I’m hoping the expansion will be worth buying, but I’m not touching it if itemization isn’t changed, build diversity/rune ranks are reintroduced.

    • let me just add, if those changes are not put into effect, i’m botting the shit out of the expansion. So ya I guess I’ll buy it either way hehe.

  14. Can’t wait for them to let you beta test one small area and say “we want to protect the story” then you buy it and right after that part the expansion is pure garbage. History repeats itself!

    • Hope you’re wrong. I’ll buy the expansion only if it’s a snip as D III was when I got it from amazon.co.uk. If not, I’ll wait for feedback. Either way, they’ve got to make an enormous amount of changes, preferably before the expansion set is out, in order to make this game worth my while. Only then can they introduce new things such as act(s), character(s), etc.

  15. The expansions isn’t even worth buying. The entire premise of D3 is so flawed that there is really no redeeming it.

    • Nonsense. Plenty of changes can be made, if anything d3 has the best foundation of any ARPG out there. Im not talking about complexities and depth of the game like itemization and skill diversity, randomization, etc. Im talking about mechanics and the game engine. It is simply stunning.

      The question is not whether it can be redeemed to be a true diablo successor to d2, but whether blizzard is willing to make the necessary changes. IMO, its up in the air whether they really truly feel the same way I would say most hardcore players feel. For one thing I can say its a general consensus that itemization is bad. It’s uninspiring, uninteresting, and just not fun. I consider this the most important aspect of the game and I feel blizzard failed completely in it. Taking a look at the changes they are making, new legendaries, new crafting etc, it seems they are just entrenching themselves further into the current system. Its like they have some self deluded mindset of “Hell ya our itemization is awesome you guys just don’t see it yet so hey we’ll boost the items stats so you see how great it is !”

      Judging purely by their patch record, they get the game isn’t where it should be, they are taking feedback into account and twisting it all into something new… some mutated disfigurement of what the community wants and how they originally designed the game , but they are missing the mark by a mile. The greater question isn’t whether its redeemable or whether they are heading in the right direction. It is a question of how they regard their current item/stat system. My money is on that they think its good overall and are not going to change it, which effectively will create a failed expansion.

      • To fix the terrible itemization with an expansion (save the franchise) they would absolutely have to release an entirely new style of gear that encourages skill building/synergy and radical new build diversity options rather than main stat/vit/res all/crit/yawn/etc. Then enable an auction house free ladder server and an open pvp no rules griefing server. This would of course render almost all of the current game useless… which I don’t see them doing. At best I think we’ll get new sets and legendaries with the same boring stat loadouts, corny joke flavor text, and another terrible plot.

        • “This would of course render almost all of the current game useless.”

          Not at all… it would render the system of stats/damage/item affixes etc. useless. Its just like when the stat system changed in beta, was the game suddenly broken and unplayable or was it previously broken before the stat system change? No of course not.

          A Ladder system without the AH isn’t very difficult to implement either. Open pvp no rules with griefing… ya thats not going to happen at all. Anyway you haven’t provided any reasons why the game is somehow rendered useless if any of these changes are to occur.

      • You’re arguing semantics, Chimpomon. If the the company designing the game doesn’t view the core flaws of the game as flaws at all, what chance at redemption does it have? This was my point.

  16. I really can’t see what all the pooplah is about. The story in D2 was solely point A-point B questline (like D3) the only thing pritty about D2 was the cinematics (like D3, also the story has pretty much only lived in the cinematics). The game play graphics are by far better than any other Diablo (granted its a bare knuck boxing match between christopher reeve and the Hulk there). The only legitamite problem I’m seeing here is the stat build (fixable with a handy stat sheet from way back and a LITTLE graphics paint, update dat bitty and boom) and the weapon (second verse same as the first. Roll out the fallen so I can put em in a herse).

  17. please add a new Necromancer, PLEAAASSSE add a new Necromancer class!! and perhaps a new kind of character class for the Monk/Demon Hunters too 😀

  18. If they made Diablo 1 with better graphics, leeping the gameplay and everything the way it is.. i would buy it … PERIOD

  19. Hopefully this expansion comes out soon and that blizzy actually listens to its customers. After 10 years of development, we deserved more than 4 acts, deckard cain NOT dying, a viable pvp system that is better than the horrible hostile system in d2, a much much better and more complex story, and a better launch. Blizzard can totally fix all of these things in a very well made expansion. The d2 expansion is what made d2 so amazing. They must give us more than 1 act though. I expect nothing but epicness from this expansion or d3 continues to suffer and die.

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