Heroes of the Storm Diablo-themed.

    Heroes of the Storm Diablo-themed.

    A couple of fairly dubious (IMHO) maybe teases/hints that we’ll see the next Diablo 3 Expansion fairly soon (@ Gamescom? in August?)

    With his great D3X2 speculation articles, Nobbie has earned a reputation amongst skeptics for seeing everything as a D3X2 hint… of course that doesn’t mean he’s wrong! Thus I wasn’t surprised when he took the sighting of the D2 Amazon in the new Hearthstone Diablo-themed map promotion image (seen on Blizzard’s HotS Facebook page) as a premonition!

    Blizzard just announced the start of the “Eternal Conflict” for June 30, 2016. If you look closely at the artwork, you’ll notice that the Diablo-themed event comes with new skins such as a D2 Amazon-style Nova. Is this a decent hint that the Diablo 3 Expansion 2 actually takes place on the Isles of Skovos? ^^

    I think it’s more likely a hint that the Amazon will be a playable character in Heroes of the Storm… but maybe both!

    Elsewhere, a guy on Reddit spotted some Barbarian-looking architecture in yesterday’s FanArt Guy Visits Blizzard HQ video and leapt to Druidic conclusions.

    Expansionary Artwork?

    Expansionary Artwork?

    This Screen is taken out of the “A Journey to the heart of Blizzard” Video. They don’t speak about it, but i think its a concept art for a new expansion class. Could be a druid. What do you guys think?

    Other users quickly pointed out that the image in question had a caption visible in the screenshot, “Lady Barb Statue” and most players think this is artwork from the upcoming Ruins of Sescheron tileset, which debuted in the demo at last year’s Blizzcon but still hasn’t gone live in the game. (Which is suspicious in of itself!)

    Diablo 3 Expansion #2: Theories! Personally I don’t think either of these are “D3Y expansion coming soon!” hints, but I’m open to being talked into it and I’d like to believe. What do you guys think?

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