Diablo 3 Expansion #2: Theories!

Heroes of the Storm Diablo-themed.

Heroes of the Storm Diablo-themed.

A couple of fairly dubious (IMHO) maybe teases/hints that we’ll see the next Diablo 3 Expansion fairly soon (@ Gamescom? in August?)

With his great D3X2 speculation articles, Nobbie has earned a reputation amongst skeptics for seeing everything as a D3X2 hint… of course that doesn’t mean he’s wrong! Thus I wasn’t surprised when he took the sighting of the D2 Amazon in the new Hearthstone Diablo-themed map promotion image (seen on Blizzard’s HotS Facebook page) as a premonition!

Blizzard just announced the start of the “Eternal Conflict” for June 30, 2016. If you look closely at the artwork, you’ll notice that the Diablo-themed event comes with new skins such as a D2 Amazon-style Nova. Is this a decent hint that the Diablo 3 Expansion 2 actually takes place on the Isles of Skovos? ^^

I think it’s more likely a hint that the Amazon will be a playable character in Heroes of the Storm… but maybe both!

Elsewhere, a guy on Reddit spotted some Barbarian-looking architecture in yesterday’s FanArt Guy Visits Blizzard HQ video and leapt to Druidic conclusions.

Expansionary Artwork?

Expansionary Artwork?

This Screen is taken out of the “A Journey to the heart of Blizzard” Video. They don’t speak about it, but i think its a concept art for a new expansion class. Could be a druid. What do you guys think?

Other users quickly pointed out that the image in question had a caption visible in the screenshot, “Lady Barb Statue” and most players think this is artwork from the upcoming Ruins of Sescheron tileset, which debuted in the demo at last year’s Blizzcon but still hasn’t gone live in the game. (Which is suspicious in of itself!)

Diablo 3 Expansion #2: Theories! Personally I don’t think either of these are “D3Y expansion coming soon!” hints, but I’m open to being talked into it and I’d like to believe. What do you guys think?

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  1. The druid is perfect, shape shifting, elemental skills and a mix of melee isn’t really in the game just yet, the monk, a little, very little though. On top of spears/pole-arms as the main weapon is good too because there’s a lot of those in the game, aside from heart slaughter, none are used. And the last few podcasts before the last big patch they talk about whats not being used in the game, they want to make useful. Obviously buffing all existing sets and adding affixes to skills that aren’t so much used. On that note, once everything is buffed, and the sader/wd/monk get their new set i feel the expansion will be released.

  2. It’s cool to think about, at least. I applaud Nobbie for his dedication and food for thought, as usual.

  3. That “Sescheron” statue looks VERY druidic to me with the wolf shoulder and spear. The pose of the statue might fit Skovos architecture as well. ^^

  4. “The truth is out there”. I want to believe 🙂
    The Skovos is the new act and the new character is the amazon druid 🙂
    And his/hers main stat will be VIT 😀
    (And to be clear – I’m not being sarcastic just letting my imagination go wild 🙂 ).

  5. I feel D3 needs an expansion right now, sooner the better for me and I really want some new classes and core mechanic changes.

    Captcha speculation lol: “Then Before Now Once More” :). Classes expanded please Blizz.

  6. Next expansion will be set on Skovos, the Amazon Isle. You hear Tyreal talking about it with that Horadrim guy during one of their idle conversations.

    The new class will be the Cabalist, a demon-flavored character to contrast the holy Crusader. This class will fit the niche formally held by the druid by mixing demonic pets, short-medium range spell and infernal shape-shifting.

    The gimmick will be a new progression system/moral system which allows the player to further customize their character as a Paragon of Heaven or Hell, as alluded to by the ending of RoS. This will affect the final boss encounter.

    Other features making a return will be Titles, Charms, More Sockets and Rune Words.

    And then I woke up.

    • If you read the awesomely printed books of Cain and Tyrael, they speak of an angel falling in love with a demon with a prized relic (not Inarius and Lilith, different pair). That relic was….wait…. The searchless Eye or Eye of something or another that was mentioned in d2! (eye of forgotten?…. no…. one sec… Eye of the Sightless Eye!… wait that makes no sense.) These 2 lovers are based out of…. wait…. Skovos Isles!

      I hope they do another “book of XXXXXXXX” because these are awesome, but it they do, just make it a known/interesting chracter with something to say, not someone new or out of the blue. Book of ZAYL!!!!

      http://www.diablowiki.net/Zayl (someone needs to update the wiki)

      word code: turn the tables

  7. Druids are the brothers to the Barbarians…. That’s the ruins of Sescheron…. maybe we will see a npc druid there?

    Here’s a wild stoner theory….. Druids are brothers to Barbarians (as previously stated… uh.. yeah.). They feel the grief and pain of the world, especially their cousins/brothers in the Arreat region. Drives them to dark places…. the new class is a Druid/Necro hybrid! The possibilities/ideas are endless with this concept. Shaeshifting? What about an armor of bone on a werewolf? What about pulling a loyal/natural beast’s spirit of Sancturary (not an evil/demon spirit, but an ancient noble soul that’s passed to the beyond) to shapeshift into, a zombie bear/werewolf? Maybe raise a AoE of vines to pull the demons into their graves? Summon the normal spirit to boost attack and/or lkife like in D2, but with a rune variation for weakening/fearing nearby demons?

    Ironically enough, the code to verify you’re a human is: “Very Doubtful” LOL

  8. I expect the (beta) announcement of Sescheron next week during the “PC Gaming Show” at E3. The 2nd expansion should then be revealed next month at gamescom. This, combined with the start of the “Eternal Conflict” event in HotS, would be a sound marketing strategy.

  9. “Tyreal, I have not heard from the horadram (sp?) that were sent to the skovos isles”
    “skovos is a dangerous place”

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