Spoiler! There, it’s out the way, lest anyone gets a wobbly bottom lip because they weren’t fully aware.

    Even though DiabloWiki.Net and the Beta Forum have been filling up over last week with all manner of images the community have mined from the patch 6, Risingred has squeezed another out of the files. You’ll remember we posted the Act load screens the other day well this one comes at the other end, in fact it’s called ‘Diablo 3 End Screen’.  For reasons mentioned at the start it’s posted after the fold. If you don’t like spoilers, whatever you do, do not hit that red button, yes the one taunting you underneath this text.


    Although we’ve seen some pretty brilliant pieces of artwork of his head before this is no less impressive. Cries out to be a back tattoo don’t you think?

    Diablo 3 End Screen

    This has been archived in the Gallery if you want to find it at a later date.

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