Diablo 3 End Screen

Spoiler! There, it’s out the way, lest anyone gets a wobbly bottom lip because they weren’t fully aware.

Even though DiabloWiki.Net and the Beta Forum have been filling up over last week with all manner of images the community have mined from the patch 6, Risingred has squeezed another out of the files. You’ll remember we posted the Act load screens the other day well this one comes at the other end, in fact it’s called ‘Diablo 3 End Screen’.  For reasons mentioned at the start it’s posted after the fold. If you don’t like spoilers, whatever you do, do not hit that red button, yes the one taunting you underneath this text.


Although we’ve seen some pretty brilliant pieces of artwork of his head before this is no less impressive. Cries out to be a back tattoo don’t you think?

Diablo 3 End Screen

This has been archived in the Gallery if you want to find it at a later date.

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  1. got me a new background picture 😯

  2. EDIT – Pushing comment down with this text as it’s getting picked up by the comment scroller on the front page and it’s a spoiler. Someone PM’d me to complain so that’s why I’ve done this. ~ Elly

    Looks like Diablo gets away in the end… or perhaps the one we fight in Heaven is not the real Diablo… either way, with an end screen like that it seems likely that Diablo will not actually be dying at the end of the intial game (which makes sense if they really are planning on 2 expansions)…

  3. Just that, no text, as a large poster would be awesome.

    That would probably be too detailed for a tattoo?

  4. …I see a wallpaper in my future that will be a fitting end to something… lol

  5. There will be two expansions so of course Diablo is alive. 8)

  6. The art looks nice, but seriously: Looks like the artist drew only one half of the picture and then mirrored it in photoshop (badly)

  7. Looks like another hero head-butted the soul stone trying to break it!  Or perhaps Tyreal did…

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