Diablo 3 Economy Strategy: Patch v1.07 PTR Crafting Report

Diablo 3 economy strategy time! With the new patch available this afternoon, I hopped on the PTR and tried some stuff out. I tested out my Monk with the new buffed skills, found Demonic Essences, bought the new armor Plans from Squirt, found another Plan from Ghom, crafted a few of the new items, and more.

Demonic Essence

Ghom coughs up a Plan.

Ghom coughs up a Plan.

They are in the game and working as advertised. They’re another type of crafting material, but surprisingly they are yellow in color, like a Rare. I almost didn’t notice the first one since I’m so used to ignoring 95% of rares that my eyes are trained to just scan for the few types I do pick up while ignoring the rest. After that I had to pay a bit closer attention, but it would definitely be nice if they were a different color. If not something really different, then the usual light blue of other crafting materials, which I’m much more used to noticing than the spammy Rare Yellow. (I hope to buy a color of paint by that name at the hardware store one day.)

DEs dropped quite often in my games. I had to play 4 games to get a plan to drop, all on MP2 with my Paragon 20 Monk. Each game I went right for the boss, but tried different ones, so in the process of stacking up and killing Magda, then Zoltan Kulle, then the Spider Queen, and then finally scoring a Plan from Ghom, I found 13 Demonic Essences.

Demonic Essence double drop from same boss pack.

Demonic Essence double drop from same boss pack.

I was playing on MP2, on which DEs have a 26.45% chance to drop from killed bosses. I killed 6 or 7 packs in each game (just enough to get 5 stacks and then one or two more I ran into on the way to the boss); let’s say 26 total, for the sake of the argument. 26 / .2645 = 6.87. Thus I doubled the amount of DEs I *should* have found, via probability. Some observations:

  • 1) My higher-than-probability-expected drop rate was just DiabloWikiRNG. Further testing should help to clear that up.
  • 2) I got 2 DEs from the same boss pack, the leavings of which are shown in the screen to the right. I don’t remember for certain, but I think it was champions and two different champs in the same bunch both dropped? So possibly bosses (yellow name) and each champion (blue name) can drop, giving more chances from champs since they’re always in packs of 3 or 4?
  • 3) I got another DE from a Treasure Goblin. (I had 4 stacks at the time, though stacks aren’t supposed to affect DE drop rates.)
  • 4) I didn’t find any Resplendent Chests, so no testing data from those.
  • At any rate, it seems like we’ll be finding DEs a lot faster than the other mats required to make these new recipes, so I’d imagine DEs will stack up for most, while players who are really into crafting will be buying a lot of Iridescent Tears to keep the new DE-recipe crafting going.

    Why Iridescent Tears? Check out the recipes:

    New Crafting Recipes

    Plans for sale from Squirt.

    Plans for sale from Squirt.

    The new recipes vary a lot. The Archon Armor plans can be bought from Squirt for 1.5m each. There are 4 of them, and you have to buy each one separately to get the armor with Dex, Str, Vit, or Int. They all cost the same to buy and craft, and are very cheap, but have very different values when you craft them.

    Armor Armor of Dexterity, Intelligence, or Strength:

  • Properties: +[ 101 – 115] Mainstat, +5 random affixes
  • Cost: 75,000g, 2 Exquisite Essences, 1 Demonic Essence, 5 Tome of Secret.
  • Armor Armor of Vitality:

  • Properties: +[ 201 – 230] Vitality, +5 random affixes
  • Cost: 75,000g, 2 Exquisite Essences, 1 Demonic Essence.
  • The Str, Dex, and Int are identical. The Vit yields a much higher bonus to the stat, but they all cost the same 75k, with minimal material costs. I made 8 of these armors (I used up all the DEs I’d found since it’s the PTR so why not test?) and yielded 1 that *might* have been vaguely salable on the current market. (The salient stats were 224 Vit, 3 sockets, +pickup radius.) Except of course these armors are all DiabloWikiBoA, and such an item is only sort of useful now, since Vit that high is uncommon… but it won’t be once everyone can make these armors themselves.

    Note that in the crafting economy comparison article I wrote a few days ago, the top stat values on Armors are all well over 200, with around 280 the top for Str/Dex/Int (on Tyrael’s Might; Rares are 200 and down) and up to 299 Vit on Rares. Here are my 8 examples. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

    Theoretically the affixes on these can stack up just like current Rares, so they could go to 300 on the mainstats and 400 on Vit, but you’d need a spectacular roll to get that, and you’d be spending 75,000 an awful lot of times to hit that jackpot. Especially considering that every bad roll is just a gold sink, since you can’t resell any of them on the GAH to recoup some of your production cost. Obviously it’s early, but my quick reaction is that these need better guaranteed stats and/or lower costs to be worth the effort in the current economy.

    Just for the sake of comparison, here’s what it costs to make the 3 highest level Rare chest armors from the current crafting plans, pre-v1.07. All must be found or bought; they’re not ones the Blacksmith acquires simply through training. The six-affix version has much higher production costs with no inherent bonus to anything, making the new recipes vastly better options… though of course they’re all BoA, so you can’t potentially sell your great RNG result for a big profit.

    The new plans you find have very different costs and stats. I only found the one so far, so theoretically the others might differ some in stat value, but I’m sure the production costs will be similar.

    New Bracers crafting recipe.

    New Bracers crafting recipe.

    Razorspikes of Vitality:

  • Properties: +[ 101 – 115] Vitality, +5 random affixes
  • Cost: 25,000g, 5 Exquisite Essences, 25 Iridescent Tears, 1 Demonic Essence.
  • I made two of these since I only had 50 Iridescent Tears I had available on the PTR. Both were junk, but that’s RNG for you.

    So these carry a lower gold cost, and you don’t have to buy the recipe in the first place… but you need a heap of Iridescent Tears, which can only be obtained by salvaging level 60+ Rare or Legendary and (occasionally) Magical items. This seems like a very intentional sink, since hardly anyone uses Iridescent Tears for anything these days, with all of the current high level crafting recipes so not worth pursuing.

    I had huge stacks of Iridescent Tears months ago, when I used to salvage most of my finds. I long since sold them off and haven’t been salvaging anything other than Legendaries, and I suspect that’s a fairly common state for players? Someone’s been buying up those Iridescent Tears though, and I bet a lot of you pack rat types have thousands of them socked away… and now’s teh time to dump them on the market, since people will be buying them up to prepare for the v1.07 craft-a-thon!

    Or not, since everyone else has the same idea.

    Or maybe you should *buy* now since once players can start shedding their Iridescent Tears in v1.07 crafting, they’ll need more and the price will rise.

    Personally, as soon as I finished my testing game I logged off the PTR, logged onto the normal realm, and bought 10k Iridescent Tears, hoping/assuming the price will increase as the news of this new use for them spreads (just as gem prices have risen considerably since the patch preview). At that time the price of ITs had gone up about 100g each. An hour later it had increased another 300g to around 700g. An hour after that it was back down to 600g, as news of the new recipe spread and players began to seek profits by dumping their old surpluses. Where the price will go long term is anyone’s guess.

    Personally, I’m holding onto my new crop of ITs for the long sale, since I think the price will rise when the patch arrives. I’m betting that the D3 devs are sick of everyone making fun of how awful their first batch of crafting recipes were, and thus if/when people decide these new ones aren’t good enough, the devs will bump them up during PTR time, ensuring that ITs will be sought once the patch is released. But I could be very, very wrong. That’s why they call it speculation.

    I’ll add info to this post as the other new plan stats are revealed, and will write a separate article detailing some play changes to the Monk and the new Reflects Damage monster property. Happy testing!


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    1. The D3 vendors are going to be flush with new profits after all these newly crafted items get sold to them.

    2. Only masochists still play this game.

    3. I’m a little surprised brimstones didnt work their way into the recipe…

      • I heard a rumor it does for the amulet. I very well may be making that up though…

      • LOL no joke, it costs 300-350k to craft a shiiiitttttttyy Demon’s Skin set chest (150k + materials, 2 brims, 80 essences, 15 tears…) and then they release these with nightmare-level crafting costs?

        Oh the bad decisions never end.

    4. Great post! But the crafting materials for the blacksmith plans actually include tome of secrets.

    5. When you said “Armor Armor of Dexterity, Intelligence, or Strength” and “Armor Armor of Vitality” did you really mean to say “Archon Armor?”

      • Of course he did. Stupid remark.

      • Yeah I was thinking the same .. armour armour .. wtf.

        What is seriously annoying to me though, is when flux refers to Elites as bosses..!!
        Stop calling them bosses .. diablo is a boss, maghda is a boss, skeleton king is a boss .. the yellow named guys are called elites. That’s what everyone in the community refers to them as aswell. Maybe I’m OCD but man it annoys me.

        • We had a whole vote on boss terminology months ago and there was no clear consensus.


          Non-normal monsters have always been called “bosses” in past games, and that was the universally-used term in D2, while “Elites” were a type of item you only found in Hell. Hence it’s weird for me to hear that term used as a name for boss monsters, but maybe people who didn’t play 10 years of D2 (like the D3 devs) don’t mind so much?

          Going by the official terminology, (quoted in the link above) purple names are “uniques” while yellow names are “Rares.” Neither of which I’ve ever actually heard a fan use. Bliz doesn’t appear to make any name differentiation between random trash purples, Magda type sub-bosses, and act bosses.

          Them reusing very familiar D2 item type names for D3 boss type names wasn’t their most inspired moment of clarity in D3 nomenclature. OTOH, if they’re reusing the names of item classes for monster classes in D3, then why shouldn’t I continue the (inexplicable) trend and use “Elite” for all non-normal bosses? At least it’s a shorter word to spell than “exceptional.”

          • Fair enough, i understand your point.

            I personally referred to the random “elites” in D2 as Champions and Uniques, and Bosses to me were Andariel, Duriel, Diablo etc. I too never referred to any enemies as Elites, which like you said refers to equipment in Hell.

            However in D3, I think they should be referred to Champions > Elites > Mini-Bosses/Uniques > Bosses.
            So purple dudes such as key wardens or event guys are mini-bosses or uniques, though I usually never refer to them as that when I play anyway.

            All in all, I think Champs / Elites suits D3 better, my personal opinion of course.
            And my annoyance is not towards you directly as a person, just when I read it, to me, it doesn’t seem to make sense referring to something that isn’t a “boss” as a boss.

            Also, i think that vote would be skewed a little towards champs / elites / bosses if that was an option in the voting. Mainly because in chat thats what everyone refers to them as. 😀

    6. So… funneling the massive loads of crap I already don’t need, into piles of much more time-intensive crap that will still be crap.

      This doesn’t exactly sound promising.

      • Yep with the small inventory we will be doing lots of trips to the BS to salvage items we didn’t loot before…in need of a salvaging cube now?

    7. Here’s to hoping that the price of Tomes of Secrets shoots up. On a personal level, since I invested a large amount of my gold in them, hoping it will spike upon release of 1.07. Damnit, stupid speculation is the ruin of me again. I hate sports betting for the same reason. I always lose.

      • ToS were up over 2k when I checked yesterday, (they were 400-500 over the past months) but that’s mostly from the big increase in gem consumption and upgrading of late. Iridescent Tears seem to have stabilized around 550, when they were 200 or less for months. I still expect them to go higher once the patch arrives; at least I hope so since I bought 10,000 of them at 400-500 for future sale.

        Best profit right now seems to be grinding for emeralds. FS were up over 12k this afternoon, 1.2m for Stars and 35m for Radiant Stars. You could buy emerald FSs for 4000ish two months ago.

    8. Crafting is still useless… they said they learned from the hellfire ring… the only reason people craft those is the 35% xp bonus. Unless they buff these recipes I don’t see any reason to go crafting – the old crafting were somewhat useful just because you could actually sell what you craft on the auction house. Now that they taken away that too all is left is to /facepalm

      • I agree completely. Hellfire rings are appealing because they have unique properties no other item can get for the slot. The 35% xp, fireball, and stat mean that even a failed one is still godly for a new character.

        These crafted items should have two set modifiers and 4 randoms
        1) – big stat
        2) – something unique or difficult to get in that slot.
        3) – 4 random properties
        Some examples for 2) above:
        Gloves – 0.5 to 1.5% life steal
        Bracers – 25 to 50% critical hit damage
        Chest – 3-7% hit freeze target
        Pants – ias or move speed (either, not both)
        Amulet – not sure on this, may be the only compelling craft.

        Increase costs as appropriate. People crafted in D2 because it gave you access to gear that was substantially different from rares and uniques/sets. These new crafts are more of the same failure that is the crafting game.

    9. It will be soooo annoying to craft stuff. First pick up every crappy rare you find. Then identify them all. Then salvage them all and THEN go craft. Not to mention that you will have to craft 1 billion times to get something worth keeping.
      This is really the time where ID all button would shine.

    10. Anyone who thinks those 8 rolled items indicate the potential of the new crafting recipes is very narrow minded. This is not a pile of free candy. It will take lots of attempts to get something really special, but an item with 6 well rolled useful stats will indeed by quite powerful. (Altho I was expecting the primary stat potential to be slightly higher, looks like it’s competing with yellows instead of legendarys as pointed out in the article).

      • Lots of items have “potential” to be great. I never get those… I get piles of worthless junk. Now, instead of going to the AH for what I know is an upgrade, I can… grind out resources to spend on crafting more junk. This really changes nothing except that instead of my gold going to a botter on the AH, it now goes to the vendor NPC’s, and I won’t know what I’m getting before I pay. (Okay, I’m kidding, I’ll be getting more junk.)

        • Do you not realize though, that as more people craft these recipes they will eventually get items that are better than what they have on at which point it becomes a good idea to sell the old gear? That’s why they’re BoA, because in aggregate it will drive AH prices down as people sell off their formerly best in slot items in favor of the ones they’ve made that they can’t match on the AH. I.e., even if you don’t have good luck crafting, it’s still better for you because it will drive AH prices down.

    11. I will be doing lots of crafting. Why? Because it feels good. Picking up items and turning them into something that is possibly awesome is cool, and once you invest yourself in it, all those piles of shitty rares aren’t quite as bad.

      Personally I see no use sitting on hundreds of millions of gold in this game. I’ve spent millions, I’ve picked up millions, it’s not like you’re going to go broke crafting a few of these here and there. If I have the money, and the time, (and the tools and the talent) I’m going to do something with it.

      While not every recipe will yield BiS godliness, some of them damn well have the chance, and isn’t D3 all about gaining power anyway? And if I have the means to, I see no reason to not make the gamble.

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