Diablo 3 Drops off Top Spot in UK PC Charts

Over the past few weeks I have been keeping you all up to date with how Diablo 3 has been performing at retailers and this week is the first week since launch that Diablo 3 has slipped off the top spot in the UK PC charts. The top ten as is now as follows.

  1. The Sims 3
  2. Diablo 3
  3. Football Manager 2012
  4. The Sims 3: Pets
  5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Based on the charts it appears that sales are now finally starting to slow down. Diablo 3 has managed to keep the top spot for over two months since launch but it will be interesting to see how quickly it slips down that list now . With it being one of the major PC only titles I would expect it to stay in the charts for quite some time.

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    28 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Drops off Top Spot in UK PC Charts



    2. Just curious, who plays the Sims? I honestly don’t know anyone who plays the game, but it’s so damn popular. So who’s the target audience?

      Genuinely curious.

    3. I play The Sims! It’s AWESOME! Plus, a lot of girls like to play it. It’s a fun game where you can be creative with your character, you can level up your painting, playing music, being social, working at a certain job. Then you can customize your character with different clothes, you can design your own house, you can even upgrade your house for a bigger one! Then you can buy a refrigerator, a cool sofa, you can invite other sims over to play with your stuff. It’s a game that allows you a lot of creativity, no one Sim is the same as another. The point is Uniqueness and Choices. The game is easy to play too, you don’t have to worry about things and grief. And the best part? You’re always making progress!

      • When released, The Sims was hard (like RL – hard work, death from starvation, etc…). But players cried alot. And devs made the game easy.

      • I think this highlights the lack-of-social-aspects in diablo 3. Great gameplay. Itemization is near the top of the list of being fixed. Game is a good challenge. However, it’s significantly lacking in good social mechanics. In wow you’re connected by your guild and the zillion things that come along with it. If they added clan support to D3 that would help energize the community and increase it’s longevity.

        While I personally would prefer D3 to a game like “the sims” – you cannot deny that “sims” and “wow” games are much more social – which greatly expands your playerbase.


    4. Sims are one of the few games my brother’s wife will play, so Jazzmanivan is spot on when he says a lot of women like to play it.

      As for the top spot in the UK…I was thinking that sales would be low for all those games in the top spots since nothing “hot” has come out since Diablo 3. It means either everyone has a copy of D3 already or the negativity surrounding the game has impacted the trickle sales enough to lower it.

    5. Dollars to donuts, the Sims is how we will get to the dystopian future portrayed in the movie Gamer.

      Or to those that speak Terminator: EA = Cyberdyne.

      @AlexanderBarin you have never met anyone that plays the Sims because they haven’t emerged from their basement since the Sims launched in 2000.

    6. The Sims 3 is an old game. The fact that is still on top tell us in what kind of big mess the industry is. They have all bet on the wrong horse and now they are losing the market. I would buy more games if not every single damn game was made for casuals.

    7. In Germany Diablo 3 is still by far the best selling game overall (inclusive consoles).

      But consoles don’t sell very well in Germany.

      It is mostly an MMO based country.

      I think Blizzard will announce total sales at their press conference (probably 2nd Quarter total).

      The fact the press conference is 10 days earlier this quarter could mean it is going to be a record revenue as expected Diablo sales were something around 4M and it beat that record with 2.3M in the first week only already.

      Activision Blizzard is on sale by the ailing Vivendi, so it could be an interesting call overall.

    8. I would be more interested in the numbers of actual sales and not a place on the charts.

    9. only one thing is more pathetic than the Sims franchise… the ppl who actually play with these games…

      i’m really having a hard time to comprehend how dumb ppl can be, which is frankly has become an everyday experience, so not a shocker there…

      i cannot express how grateful i am for bio-diversity!

      • The sims is mostly a female public. I think it resembles the Barby and Ken playing public but at a more mature age (12-18 year olds).

    10. I had a friend that used to play the Sims, and I watched him play it for about a minute, which was all I could handle. Its not for me, but clearly is for alot of others.

    11. The Sims was huge 10 years ago. I loved the idea back then, but as a gamer, you move on to other games that push the envelope – and rightly so. Mainstream is where all the $$$ are, but $$$ don’t make a good game.

      Gamers were never mainstream. I used to play games when it wasn’t cool, and I lamented the fact that girls would never play. So much has changed since then.

      I wonder if gamers will slowly die off? We will sit around waiting for the free-to-play games developed by ex-gamers as a nostalgia project, like an alcoholic waiting for the local pub to open when all of his friends have moved on to normal things like starting a family or getting a real job.

      Trying to relive the dream, man. Trying to relive the dream.

    12. The Sims. It’s still a juggernaut and that never ceases to amaze me in an industry filled with boob-bouncing hyper violence IN SPAAAACE!

      Think about that. Think about what people want the most out of RPGs and FPS games: replayability or “end game”. Apparently the Sims has it in spades, and the longevity of the franchise is just astounding.

      I tinkered with it. I liked building houses but that was about it. Yet I cannot deny the obvious appeal it has. If second life would have pandered to a crowd like this with more intuitive UI and in-game systems, then it could have really been something.

    13. Do these numbers include digital sales? Prob not. Sims is for people that dont buy digital. Any steam random game for 5 bugs owns all these titles i guess :mrgreen:

    14. Lets see what does The Sims have? Well it has never ending gameplay (due to the way it works you can play it forever as you just move through the generations of family X).
      It has choices that effect your game-play and these choices mean something like it should in an RPG, unless your playing non ageing or cheat (which means you can replay it and have things turn out differently).

      Lastly the Sims has an appeal to a large proportion of the public, this means that it sells hold fairly steady day in day out, also I believe it being sold cheaply now compared to most games on that list (the Sims 3 base game that is).

      The other games like D3 have huge spikes in sell numbers around release when most of the gamers buy it then it drops off until the sell start..

    15. RisingRed:”It’s still a juggernaut and that never ceases to amaze me in an industry filled with boob-bouncing hyper violence IN SPAAAACE!”

      can I please, please have a game that fits this description? Right now?

    16. The Sims games have always sold well for many years. A lot of people love The Sims games.

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