Vote: Diablo 3 DPS Meter, Essential Addition or the Worst Thing Ever?

Vote: Diablo 3 DPS Meter, Essential Addition or the Worst Thing Ever?

We’ve seen a lot of requests for a Diablo 3 DPS meter, and Blizzard has turned them all down. There are two more long Blue posts about the issue today, and it’s interesting since the Blues offer the same argument against players with very different points of view. One wants the DPS and Toughness meters removed entirely, while the other wants a much more detailed and accurate DPS meter. (Or perhaps they both want the same thing, and are just offering arguments for it from both sides of the coin.)

Blizzard, please remove sheet damage and even toughness

Reading through the topic “350k dps WD got kicked out of party“, I see a lot of people are still in “D3 vanilla” state. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Sheet damage doesn’t mean [email protected]#$ anymore. There are a lot of offensive stats which aren’t factored into sheet damage: pet damage, elemental damage, elite damage, skill damage, CDR, resource cost reduction, area damage, etc. I know this has been a known issue, but seeing people still giving WD “700k dps should be minimum for T3” or similar things, I just lol.

Toughness is somewhat a less broken measurement but it needs fix as well.

TL;DR: Either remake sheet damage or remove it. What’s the point of a measurement if it gives you wrong information?
Nevalistis: The DPS, Toughness, and Healing stats are all meant to be general, quick evaluations of your character’s power. While you will have a better grasp of exactly what your character is capable of by more closely analyzing your individual stats, these overviews are there to provide this information at a short glance. Similar to the green or red Damage/Toughness/Healing estimations that show up when evaluating a new piece of gear, scrutinizing the details will give you the information needed to make those more precise gearing decisions.

For players that wish to focus a little less on min-maxing, though, those stats are there to provide a sort of surface check. We’re certainly open to feedback on how we can improve on these stats, and as indicated in our Patch Notes, we are keeping an eye on the stats that weigh into this to make sure they’re properly indicative of the amount of benefit they provide.

Bear in mind that some stats are much more tricky to incorporate into this kind of system, with bonus damage versus Elites and bonus Skill damage being good examples. Stats with an orange diamond adjacent to them are not calculated into DPS, Toughness, or Healing, and should be independently considered from these overviews as a result.

It turns out the 350k DPS WD in question isn’t a good poster child for this debate, since he’s actually in very mediocre gear (for T3), and is not kitted out in some super-optimized legendaries and +elemental damage kit that would display poorly on the sheet DPS while kicking ass in action.

This case study aside, that is a real issue with the game today, with so many items capable of adding damage via +elemental, or +skill, or legendary procs, none of which are factored into the “sheet DPS” score. And while it can occasionally be an issue in multiplayer games, it’s more of an issue with players not being able to tell what their actual damage is. I’ve seen many clan chat threads running on issues like, is it worth it to give up some Critical hit Chance to gain more +elemental damage, even if only 1 of their main attack skills is of that element?

Over in the EU forums there’s a more traditional request, which gets the usual Blue denial. The OP is from a player who really wants the DPS meter, and most of the replies seem to agree, but when the Blue appears he quotes one of the few anti-arguments, and builds upon it.

DPS Meter

PLZ BLIZZARD. would make trying new builds so much more fun. We could actualy know exactly how much dmg we would be doing with different items, builds etc.

A build’s worth isnt just defined by its DPS potential, but also by its defenses and utilities
Ulvareth: Well said! We know that a DPS meter is a fairly frequent request and you can be sure that we’ve talked about it. Ultimately though, we feel that a DPS meter would put too much focus on one single aspect of the game and we currently don’t have any plans to implement one.

Let me explain why we feel this way: DPS is certainly important, but Diablo is a combination of activities. Healing and Toughness are are important, too, and your movement and positioning, your ability to aim with certain abilities and using them at the right moment also play an important role in “determining” how “well” you’re doing. DPS alone shouldn’t be the only number that matters when you play.

You’re not competing with anyone but yourself so that DPS number is completely irrelevant to your own experiences.

Actually, we believe the frequent call for such a feature is indicative of a desire for a way to measure your progress and compare with others.

One feature that we’re working on and that is planned for our first major content patch are Tiered Rifts, and our intention is to add Leader Boards which will allow you to track your progress. That way, you’ll be able to see how quickly you can clear these special rifts which in turn should allow you to assess your efficiency and compare with the community at large.

We don’t have details to share at the moment, but we’ll have more information on Tiered Rifts (and Seasons) in the future – stay tuned!

So what do you guys think? I thought the DPS display was fine for Diablo 3, but now in Reaper of Souls with so many more ways to boost damage and gear that aren’t just CC/CD/IAS/Mainstat, having a sheet DPS number that doesn’t include anything else is lame. Lame to the point of being misleading, I think. Sheet DPS is fine for early gearing up, but it becomes less and less useful with better and more specialized items, and while I’m fine with the other stuff not being included in the sheet DPS — after all, the game can’t know in advance how much you’re going to use the one of your skills that’s boosted 20% to Fire Damage — it seems pretty dumb that the won’t give us some kind of damage tracker that would record your actual damage dealt.

Why not a feature that added up the total damage you dealt over the last 5 or 10 seconds of combat? The number would fluctuate depending on which of your skills you’d been using, which buffs were active, if you were going full out emptying your resource or maintaining a steady pace, it would skew high if you had a lot of AoE against a large group, or low when you faced a single target, etc… but so what? The number would even out over time and you’d have more data to evaluate your character with. I’d love such a number to help me plan my play style and skills and build, and yes, it would function as something of a skill-rating, showing how much damage a character actually dealt, rather than just the misleading and incomplete sheet DPS number we have today. For privacy issues, Bliz could even include an share/hide option, so you could let others see it, just let friends or clan members see it, or no one else at all.

Perfect solution. Everyone wins! Right?

Would you like an advanced DPS meter in Reaper of Souls?

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55 thoughts on “Vote: Diablo 3 DPS Meter, Essential Addition or the Worst Thing Ever?

  1. Three graphs depicting damage done, damage mitigated and healing done during a set minimal interval appears to me as the perfect solution to provide the player with an overview estimating the effectiveness of his characters, even his own playstyle and what he has to work on itemwise. It would actually be practical to the player, if only the minimal interval numbers (, which on damage will probably always be nil due to the natural downtimes from one mob cleared to the next mob engaged, ) and the maximum interval numbers are actually presented. The ebb and flow of the graphs over time tells the human brain far more, than the hard numbers of damage, toughness and healing can provide. And integrating all three would even weaken an overfocused concentration on damage output, thus could even be in line with the philosophy that keeps Blizzard from refraining from the integration of a damage output meter into the game. Good thinking, Flux 🙂

  2. I would like if anything, something they do with Path of Exile in that you can look at the dps of each skill by hovering over it.

    So when I’m putting on +physical/cold/lightning etc dmg, or + to a talent, you’ll see immediately the impact it has.

    Not a fan of the current set up D3 has at all right now at all, and feel it’s a lazy implementation on Blizzards part.

    • This approach also has the benefit of players easily being able to identify, if affixes are working on a certain skill/rune combo or not, thus providing the room for a deeper, more interesting differentiation than the currently used, rather simple and streamlined itemization design as it is in the game right now. (In regards to D2, a differenciation between attack speed and spell speed could be making it’s comeback then, for example, without any confusion on the player side on which of the two affixes makes sense to stack to strengthen one his used skill setup.)

    • I agree, would be nice if you could hover over skills and see EVERYTHING. Cost, dps vs elite, dps vs trash, damage per hit, hit frequency, life per sec (from loh) etc.

      Current damage stat is ok for getting an appproximate gauge on a party member.

      NO to dps meter in group play. All it does is encourage bad behavior. It would be nice to have an ingame stopwatch for act bosses. You can use them to gauge dps.

    • As Abdar said above it seems like the best route would be to apply elemental/skill damage to the appropriate skills tooltip.

      D3 has some of the laziest tooltip design I’ve ever seen. You even have to go into options and enable advanced tooltips to get any meaningful information. If anyone leaves that unchecked is only because they don’t know about it yet. It’s also hard to believe they couldn’t even be bothered to show the impact of CDR on skill cooldowns.

  3. Once again, DPS meters do nothing but reward selfish play. Why buff the party’s damage by 10% when you can buff your own by 15% and look better (while they look worse) on the meters? Why give anyone +resistance shouts when that slot can give you more crit and make you look better?

    If you’re playing solo, you can just… walk out of town and hit something. Was that effective? Did you die? If so, what killed you and how can you fix it? It’s not a difficult problem unless you’re agonizing over fractions of a %, and if you ARE doing that, chances are it’s a trifling issue in the first place.

    And lastly, sheet damage means absolutely nothing in combat. You aren’t going to get the same performance on Ghom as you would on a pack of Fast/Molten/Arcane/Teleport trash with knockback. For that matter, you wouldn’t even get similar performance out of that champ pack and the same type of monsters that rolled with extra health/health link/frozen/waller.

    There’s no way to model everything, and it’s only going to be another tool for idiots to abuse while the wise eschew, no matter what.

    • Well said.
      Also not many of those understand that when your DPS goes up also Demons becomes more deadlier. Not so much when you boost yourself by those few percent from each elemental bonus from your gear.

  4. Oh no no DPS meter… bad idea. People don’t get the idea of different build or doing less damage but still being usefull.

    • People like you just don’t know one can be useful and still dealing damage. I have batter cry and summon ancients and I’m dealing damage.

  5. C’mon, if you are a monk everyone knows hey this guy got 4 auras up at the same time he’s awesome. If you’re a WD people are like good he’s pets tank tons of damage. So what does the DPS meter do? It will tell people “wow this wiz is awesome he’s spamming frost ball.. wait he’s doing 10% the damage in total? Sure he runs blackhole but EVERY WIZ DOES!”

    I mean everyone can see the effect of war cry and even if you’re only contributing 20% of the DPS it’s still fine for a melee class. Those who don’t agree this is simply DH and wiz leechers.

  6. I think scoring points should not just include DPS. Blizzard needs to evaluate the situation and think about what factors should reward the player. Survival and careful play needs to be more rewarding than glass cannoning and dying all the time.

  7. Yes, damage meters would be a great addition to Diablo. Easy to implement, they should have added them long time ago.

  8. I think there are two sorts of damage meters.

    A sort of shared parser that posts out everyone’s output, and something limited to your individual screen showing you the specifics of how much damage X/Y/Z are doing.

    In another non-blizzard game, when I was younger, I used to be one of the people who was heavily into parsers and comparing myself to others. In retrospect, that was a bunch of immaturity and a mistake. I was annoying to people, and made their lives harder by kicking them out of parties, because I was trying to get some sort of subconscious validation of my worth. Yes, the party wasn’t as effecient as it could potentially have been with suboptimal people in it. But hey – if a productive use of time is your #1 concern, you shouldn’t be playing a video game. Full stop. If you’re playing it, it should be because you have some spare time and want to relax a bit and have fun.

    But min/maxing my dps is fun! You say. Fair enough. Go for it. You don’t have to impose your idea of fun on others to still do your thing though. You can even join a clan where there are other people in the same mindset, and you can just group together. Like minded people get to stick together, and everyone wins.

    I don’t object to the second sort of individual DPS meters… it is handy to have some feedback that gives an easy way to guesstimate if something is going to help or hurt you when you put it on. Blizzard’s current DPS output isn’t great. Whoever talked about Path of Exile, and how it shows you what each individual skill is doing – that’s a much more useful approach.

    That said, it seems fairly clear to me that PoE and Blizzard have gone after different key demographics in their two games (although the lines have blurred a bit as PoE became more popular). Blizzard has been all about making this game simple and accessible from the start, and I can’t imagine them abandoning that plan in favor of going super in-depth. Not that I’d mind though. A small rework of the DPS output would probably be helpful.

    • >> Blizzard has been all about making this game simple and accessible from the start, and I can’t imagine them abandoning that plan in favor of going super in-depth. Not that I’d mind though. A small rework of the DPS output would probably be helpful. <> Blizzard has been all about making this game simple and accessible from the start, and I can’t imagine them abandoning that plan in favor of going super in-depth. Not that I’d mind though. A small rework of the DPS output would probably be helpful. <<
      Unfortunately, this approach also features less facets to explore, while elements and dependencies of such a simple design, that they are so easily understood that not even the tiniest feeling of personal accomplishement is sparked in the process. And running out on either or both aspects to still discover or digging one his mind into, can generally diminish a players interest for a game quite fast, which does actually sum up the core design issue of D3 quite well, which is behind the necessity of regularily having to add new content, if sustaining the players interest longterm is indeed still a goal Blizzard tries to accomplish.

      Self sustained longterm replayability of an arpg is in need of such a degree of complexity and differentiation, being of a logically consistent and deduceable nature, that keeping an overview on the whole interdependency chain linking all the secondary game systems to support and flavor the primary gameplay of Hack'n'Slay, is actually an impossible feat due to the number of interconnections just exceeding the physical capabilities of the human brain. Thus shifting around on the chain is needed to measure up all the possible interdependencies, a build idea can profit or being hurt from, which automatically leads to constantly providing incentives to players to think about the game elements just for himself, also leading them to always having a fresh feeling side to the already known content available, through the constant need of reevaluating interdependencies forgotten, while their part of the chain was shifted out through players focused on examining other interdependencies of the chain. (That's quite far from where D3 is standing right now designwise.)

  9. I like what Abdar says.

    Another possibility would be some added figures in the details tab, under ATTACK that states the total +elemental dmg, and a list of the overal dmg done with your (max. 6) skills assigned in your skillbar. So that I know exactly what changes in dmg when i swap gear.

  10. Number 3. Number 3. Holy crap, Flux, Number 3 THANK YOU.

    I’m all for Blizzards ideas on simplification, I rather enjoy the new Damage/Toughness/Healing system. But it’s true, what the hell is the point of numbers if they don’t take everything into account?

    “This basket of apples is 2 pounds.”
    “It has 4 pounds of oranges in it though, isn’t the basket 6 pounds?”

    “I can’t… add… other fruits… this basket… of apples… is… 2 pounds…”

    • this made me laugh. doesn’t blizzard do so many things like this though? where you scratch your head like, why is this so hard?..

  11. I think if people want a DPS meter so much, perhaps they should consider adding one that shows a character’s DPS to only the character’s owner (like an FPS overlay). Personally, I don’t care about having another e-peen measuring device in RoS. I can already look at the damage numbers when I change a piece of gear, and usually tell whether or not it’s an upgrade.

  12. They should just move it off of the paper doll area and into the details and label it something like “Expected Average Damage Without Taking Into Account Any Of Your Variable Affixes” and leave it at that. I feel like there’s probably a more elegant way to do it, but if we just remove it from a prominent place, maybe people will stop caring so much and instead look at the actual gear being equipped to get a sense of what someone else’s character can do.

    It’s pretty quickly discernable what a Barb or a Monk is trying to do is you see their skill loadout combined with even just a few select items, even when their builds are still in transit/being built up.

    I think we have to free our minds as a community.

    The DPS Meter represents Neo not wanting to believe.

    I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, we won’t need a DPS Meter.

    • Because then you realize, that you can’t improve your play needing a DPS Meter. That’s impossible. Then you’ll start improving your play yourself, easily comletely ditching the need.

  13. Also, Flux, your example idea is terrible because it would lend itself to creating even more misleading results. If you’re going to do a DPS meter, it should at the very least only give you an average number after starting and completing a Rift or something that would provide for a large enough sample size. But this is not me supporting a DPS meter. I support no meters at all. I am the guy who wants comments instead of grades.

  14. I think they should change how the sheet DPS works.
    You should be able to select on of the skills you have equiped and that the DPS of that one skill is calculated. That includes all the +ele dmg and skill dmg you have on the gear.

    Just as a small example of the sheet dmg and how it goes wrong.
    I play a WD and use Locust Swarm a lot. But because its just 1 cast you dont benefit from spell crit or casting speed.
    I play with a 1h(1.4 att spd) and mojo for the +dmg to locust swarm and extra mana.
    Tested it with a random 2h weapon(1.05 att spd) which was a sheet dps decrease of 25% and my actual dmg decreased by 9%.
    So with 25% less sheet dps and 12% less dmg from my mojo I only lost 9% dmg.

    Makes me sad inside:(

    • If I remeber correctly, higher attack speed never contributed in a way shortening the time it takes from one to the next damage tick of Locust Swarm, thus the number of individual ticks always stayed the same. At least at one point of time, attack speed enhanced the actual damage output of other skills being active over a fixed time interval. (Grasp of Dead, for example…) I don’t know, though, if this is still a feature enabled in the current patch version.

  15. Definitely NO to a DPS meter. As many others have said, it’s just a way to encourage bad play, where the one player who cares will push his/her DPS to the extreme, to the general disadvantage of the group at large.

    I also feel like just a DPS meter is misleading in terms of who is actually contributing the most to the fight. For example, if the Wizard has triple the DPS of the Monk, but the monk has 2.5 APS and a 50% stun roll on Sledge Fist, who’s really doing more for the party: the Wizard who specced everything into DPS and dies to a stiff breeze, or the Monk who deals less damage, but CCs every major enemy so hard that they can’t get off a single attack? Especially at the higher end of difficulty, flat DPS is not a good standard to measure character worth by, for a multitude of reasons.

    Frankly, though, all of that aside, the main reason that a DPS meter is a bad idea is simply that it encourages in-party competition to too great of a degree. Some competition is fine, but a DPS meter (or really any kind of meter) would most likely cause the group to care more about personal glories than about actually playing the game. This, in turn, encourages bad play, such as maxing DPS to the exclusion of all else, then using all the other players as meat-shields, while gloating about all the damage you do while they stand in front of you and die. It seems just too easy to be exploited by trolls and griefers. I’m sure that there are a decent number of people who wouldn’t abuse the system, but I’m equally sure that the number of players that would abuse the system far outnumbers the players who wouldn’t.

  16. There are enough 3rd party sites and spreadsheets that the min maxers should have more than enough information to keep them happy. It would be nice to see a bit more information in the display but by no means necessary. As a Min/maxer myself I have a spreadsheet and use 2 sites to value gear but I do not expect the average player to do such things and at the end of the day what is considered a fast clear for one person might seem wildly inefficient by another.

  17. Loot 2.0 drops a lot of loot. It is very helpful to have a quick way to look quickly at a screen full of items and quickly separate the potentially-decent from the terrible.

    Right now I use DPS/Toughness/Healing to make the first cut. If these statistics are close, then I do a more individualized analysis.

    Evaluating loot would take a lot more time if DPS/Toughness/Healing went away. It isn’t perfect, but it’s helpful.

    It might be interesting to do a whole thread on, how do you quickly tell whether an item is potentially decent? I know DPS/Toughness/Healing is flawed in various ways, and maybe I shouldn’t be using it as much as I do. But is there a better way that doesn’t take a ton of time?

    • If the item in question results in “no” to the following questions, shard it/sell it immediately:

      1) Does it have 4 primary affixes? If yes,
      2) Are at least 3 of them the ones you need for your build?

      Yeah that’s pretty much it. Of course this means you have to actually know what you want first, but…

      • Kind of the issue I have at the moment as a newer player.
        Mines mainly if its green Damage and Toughness then I keep it, then check the affixes, but I suppose it’s swings and roundabouts in that situ.

  18. One thing I took from the Game That Shall Not Be Named aka PoE is the individual skill DPS calculation, besides overall sheet dps. Hover over one skill, see what it does DPS-wise. I strongly believe blizz would really should consider this model, thus incorporating in the numbers also elemental damage (since it is per skill calculation). Would make for a really nice tool, especially to counter those “tools” in public games who votekick people based on DPS.

    My fresh monk has around 600k dps which is basically shit since I can barely do anything in T1 (lacking % ele dmg atm).

    This is why I love how voting went on the poll, and I hope Flux can use his liaisons with Blizz to push the idea. I mean, rubbing shoulders at the RoSSS party with Melisandre and Tyrion (I’m sure someone will get my point) should count for something.

  19. Yeah, the PoE way is the solution here. It’s detailed while remaining clear and elegant and is much more intuitive than the “what does that number actually mean?” Toughness/Damage sheet we have now.

  20. This. If you have your listed dps and then make your skill dps account for elemental and skill bonuses you could get a much more accurate idea.

  21. It’s also hard to believe they couldn’t even be bothered to show the impact of CDR on skill cooldowns.
    This. So much this.

    • If the skill wouls automatically activate, once cooldown has run out, it would indeed be quite possible to calculate the effect of cooldown reduction. But as the next use of the skill is in the end depending on playstyle and habits of the individual player using the skill, even estimating a rough effect of cdr contribution to overall damage output is quite difficult, while both estimation and calculation would need deep knowledge about the individual player to at least reach an acceptable degree of precision.

      • Jesus man, all of your comments are extremely convoluted. You use 40 words in a sentence that you could say in less than half that; ever heard of fluff before? I get that you’re trying to sound smart but you just come off like a pompous douche.

        • It’s not so much an attempt at sounding smart, as it’s just the way my thinking developed while shifting into a dialectic mindset at its base. And my inability to share my thoughts in a more compact, less convoluted way, is viewed by myself as actually lacking in smarts, as I’m well aware of it being taxing to most. I just can’t help myself there. Mea culpa.

  22. You people do realize that DPS meters incorporate raid buffs and damage utilities now, right? They’re not simply “I do 15% more damage but now I don’t give 10% to the whole party” crap, b/c then they would be useless to the people who actually want and use DPS meters. A per skill tooltip would be much, much better (and guess what, WoW has mods that do exactly that!) Mainly I want a way to pull short, big buffs off the bottom of the damn screen; I can’t see that junk while I’m fighting, put it up near my character!

  23. There are a few things I would like.

    For example:

    Hovering over a skill gives you the real Weapon damage it deals including runes, +%Skill damage, +%elemental dmg, %CDR, %RR

    A few facts:

    Did you know that set bonuses are not calculated in your profile dps?

    Monk always have low toughness in profile because OWE is not factored in the calculation and this sucks.

    Did you know that paragon points are not factored in profile dps?

    Did you know that CDR doesn’t remove seconds from skill counter (AKA the clock-like shaded icon on the skill bar) but it makes the animation move faster?. Explanation: If you have a 100 seconds cooldown skill and are running 10% CDR the actual cooldown of the skill is not 90 seconds, but it is 100 seconds that runs 10% faster than normal seconds? that is one weird way to make things work.

    • I do believe Blizz should concentrate on fixing other measurements in the game than trying to make another DPS meter. The focus shouldn’t be all about dps, which gets old quickly. Killing everything as fast as possible or how high your dps can get is only one facet of the game as they have said.
      But if Blizz wants us to concentrate on other aspects of the game like Healing, CC and using minions etc, they need to have some measurement or incentive so that players are not always just concentrating on sheet dps. They need to make improvements on those.

  24. As a sidenote: In RPGs, doesn’t matter if ARPG, full blown CRPG or even Pen&Paper, I always found it to be soothing, having a firm idea about the how and why a character is playing itself out nicely, even more so, if he does not.

    In addition to spreadsheets doing the calculations for you or you by yourself calculating through all the formulas of the game, thus offering the option of having acountable and precise numbers, it would be quite helpfull answers these questions, if a tool would be incorporated into the game that is allowing the player to select, set up, run and analyze statistics by himself, freely selecting the level of detail and the actual parameters, he deems necessary to narrow down explainations for failing or succeeding with a certain build or an individual skill. Expressiveness of the informations provided by the game itself have improved a bit since initial release, but is mostly still far too thin, to draw concrete enough conclusions to figure out the why of something working differently from whatever concept you had imagined and what steps have to be taken, to modify the concept enough to work, while still fully preserving the initial character idea as it his basic root. So there definitively is plenty of room in the game for tools and additional tooltips, providing a better base for or are directly assisting the players analyzations.

  25. This isn’t WoW. If you want a dps meter to feel good about yourself, your money is spent elsewhere and maybe equally as dumb, like a gun just so you can kill squirrels – BUT AT LEAST IT GIVES ME AN EGO BOOST, AM I RIGHT?

  26. I wouldn’t mind in your advanced statistics tab that after the offensive portion it has “Elemental Damage” which has your sheet dps but its been calculated by the elements. Example: your sheet dps comes out to 100k (I’m not a math wizard don’t yell at me if something is f’ed up). This tab could even factor in Elite Damage as well?

    Fire Skill 20%: 120k
    Cold Skill 15%: 115k
    Poison Skill 0%: 100k
    Lightning Skill 0%: 100k
    Physical Skill 11%: 110k
    Elite Damage 60%: 160k

    I mean, you could probably add a bit more to it with Elite damage + elemental damage types but that might grow to be a bit complex/clunky for the sheet. Alternatively you could just have yet another tab for Elite Damage. If the advanced stats tab gets too big, could it possibly open up a sort of menu that allowed us to enlarge the tabs that we want to look at (offense, defense, resources, ect.).

  27. I have been kicked more than a few times while running non-cookie cutter builds on my DH. Even though those builds had clear advantages for the group as a whole it was clearly ignored and the sheet dps was the only thing looked at.

  28. They really should just mimic PoE’s DPS sheet and show a thorough breakdown per skill either by holding shift when moused over or add an extra tab to look at all the nice numbers. If they’re worried about bad behavior make that DPS breakdown sheet only visible to the players using the character.

  29. I would prefer to have a dps stat on every skill. So if you have +15% arcane damage and +15% magic missile damage and 1mio dps on the sheet it should show 1.322.500 dps when you hover over the magic missile icon. Maybe also add a second number for bosses/elites. I prefer more info over little info. Especially since elite damage stacks like damage reduction which doesnt make any sense. I still dont know if arcane damage is also reduced so it can never reach 100% for example.

    • Thinking about it, I would actually prefere accurate per hit data, thus two ranges shown hovering over a skill. One showing minimum and maximum damage always done, including all affixes and passives in use, influencing skilldamage directly. The other should show a range of damage potential, including all possible triggers that could boost damage like critical hits, for example, though ignoring the probabilities of them actually being triggered, instead. But as that may just be me, I wouldn’t actually suggest this approach.

  30. Think WoW DPS meter, that showed a lot more info than just DPS (eg. buff uptime, dmg taken, biggest crit, number of deaths, etc).

    More information is better, simple as that. Complaining that a dps meter would lead to an epeen fest is: a) a pretty low opinion of the D3 community, b) overlooking the fact we have clans and clanmates shouldnt behave that way to each other.

  31. I don’t really need one, but I wouldn’t be upset if a dps meter was added. I can stack dps just like anyone else here, but I need to take my toon for a spin to see the changes. My dps has gone between 1.5 mil down to 700k several times since I need a balance of dps and survivability depending on what I am doing and what skills I am using.

  32. Idk I always thought high HP target dummies would be just fine. People in my clan usually use bosses (ghom or azmodan) on T4+ to measure their sustained or burst dps.

    However the process is kind of tedious (and somewhat risky for HC players).

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