Fans have been debating what kind of D3 to buy for months, and with the release date announcement making such discussions much less hypothetical, 1up.com has posted an article on the issue. The author doesn’t seem to have any strong opinions either way, and clearly means the piece purely to spur discussion.

    Upon further reflection, my previous insistence upon buying Blizzard games at retail — including WoW and all of its expansion packs, which I have reinstalled numerous times by downloading them as opposed to using the discs — may have to come to an end if it means playing Diablo III sooner and without having to attend a midnight launch.

    The ability to gain immediate access seems like the strongest argument to me. It’s ironic, but most of us are determined to play Diablo 3 the absolute earliest second we possibly can. Logically, after waiting four (or eleven) years, what’s another few days? And yet…. WANT! Now now NOW!

    The more practical reason for a digital purchase is the fragility of a DVD. Over the years I’ve heard dozens of fans report buying multiple copies of D2 and D2X due to lost/broken/scratched/etc CDs. You might buy a second copy if you need more than 10 character slots, or you want to multi-box, but you’d hate to do it just because you stepped on or lost your DVD, one drunken evening.

    On the other hand, many people (including me) like to actually own a physical object, rather than just paying for online access to it. That seems less essential with Diablo 3 though, since it’s only playable online. After all, if B.net’s down, or I’m offline, or my CD-Key gets banned, a DVD or a digital copy are in the same boat — both as useful as tits on a snake. Thus, we might as well just buy the digital and save on shipping costs, transportation times, etc. Right?

    The wild card, of course, is the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Collector’s Edition, which has swag type stuff within its alabaster depths. Even the regular game box is pretty nice though, if you’re a collector of such objects and want to see it sitting on your shelf forever and ever.

    So what’s your pleasure? Digital purchase? Regulation box? D3CE? Both, for digital speed/convenience + collectibility?

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