Diablo 3 Development is More than Polishing

A fan asks WTF with the endless “polishing” and Bashiok replies with bad news for anyone still hoping that “early 2012” actually means “early” in the sense that anyone other than Blizzard would use it.

It’s making sure everything is perfect. We’re not really in a strictly polishing phase yet though, although certainly that’s true for some areas of the game. Still, we’re in the process of working on some rather large game system changes, some of which we’ll be sharing shortly before or with the next beta patch.

Start your speculation engines. What major game system changes could they be making that we’ll see in a Beta patch? Not Runestones, and probably nothing to do with items, since most of the itemization is taking place on gear found long after the first part of Act One.

Another remake of the active or passive skills system? An attribute remodel, maybe giving players something to customize upon level ups? Quest system changes? New monster behaviors or classification systems? Or do you not even care, since you’re so disgusted at the perpetual revisions and delays, and you’re coming more and more to believe that “iteration” is just an excuse to never do anything right the first time?

Update: Bashiok returned with added additional replies in the thread, the last of which confirmed that they are still shooting for a “first quarter 2012” DiabloWikirelease date.

So this means that once those large game system changes are set, that will be the time when the D3 team goes in the “strictly polishing” phase?
I wouldn’t get hung up on thinking about it that way. It’s a big game and each individual piece may be at some different level of development.

So is the rune system set and is currently being implemented entirely?
Not yet. Once we have an implementation and we’re at least moderately sure it’s going to work out we’ll share all the details.

Are far are you guys (generally) from being able to ship a game that is polished? In other words is it still an early 2012 planned release? (which quarter is planned would be most appreciated, not month, but quarter). Because the way it sounds, it’s like if there’s still a lot of job left and that can scare a bit the people eh!
We don’t know. We were shooting for the end of 2011, and now we’re shooting for first quarter 2012. As soon as we’re sure of something (release date or otherwise) we’ll be sure to let you know.

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  1. I think they’re working on how long it can take them to make a game. They have to revise their schedule to make more room for thumbs firmly inserted in asses.

  2. Duke Nukem forever here we come.

    and IMO –

    this –

    Or do you not even care, since you’re so disgusted at the perpetual revisions and delays, and you’re coming more and more to believe that “iteration” is just an excuse to never do anything right the first time?

    • Well, they clearly said that development started in 2000 @ 8:52 in the retrospective piece released yesterday.
      So, if we spot them the D2 release date as the start of development, they only need to release by the end of 2015 to keep the “Duke” record intact.
      Always gotta look at the bright side.

  3. I just want to see the word “Arena” near the top of the patch changelog.

    • Judging by some of the tweets from the dev team, they may have realized that PvP is exponentially more fun than the game itself.  A good excuse for more delays.

  4. Act 1 revised: The follower and any summoned minions gathers resources (gold, common scraps, wood, bone) while the hero defends the church against waves of fallen.
    Flux: I don’t agree with your repeated criticism of iteration.  From interviews, their development style seems to be to throw everything at the wall, even ridiculous things, and see what sticks.  You suppose that they know what will be right a priori, and somehow (intentionally?) miss it.

    • I dunno. The new systems they’ve designed pretty much wipe out the foundations of RPG gaming and establish new ones. For example I think the new stats are so well-defined and simple to use that I can’t believe no studio thought of this earlier. Although I disagree with freespecs I still believe the present skill system is fresh and innovative, and runestones kick so much ass.

      For a 7-year-development, this is good. Now they should just stop being mother hens and release the game.

    • The last option wasn’t my opinion. I was just throwing it out to provide a wide range of potential opinions as the conversation starter.

      Personally, I’d lean towards them doing something with attributes or skills to make it actually noticeable when you level up and to provide a little more differentiation between chars of the same level.  That’s more of a hope than a prediction, though.

      As for iteration, I think it’s at least partially a crutch. D3 could have been released 18 months ago and been 90% the same game it will be. If Bliz dev teams had real deadlines and a budget to meet, they would make firm decisions and move on, rather than forever tweaking everything without necessarily improving it. (They only tell us about the changes that actually happen and that they think are better; we don’t get news about the 12 months they spent redesigning quests or items or whatever, before returning to essentially the system they had at the start.)

      You’ll note that there are actual deadlines for some Bliz projects; expansion packs. And they can produce those in 1.5 or 2 years, at a good level of quality. Could they spend 5 years on a WoW expansion? Probably. Would it be that much better to warrant the endless dev time? Probably not.

      • They’ll definitely have timeframes and almost certainly budgets for D3, but they just seem to be quite flexible.

        I really do wonder how they can get so late and still be talking about redesigns of major game systems, though.

        I think Max Schaefer probably nailed it when he said that back when they were doing D1, if they wanted to put in multiple types of chests they could basically get it done in 1 morning. But with modern game design pipelines between developers, artists and animators it can take weeks for something to go from conception to alpha implementation.

  5. ““iteration” is just an excuse to never do anything right the first time?”
    That sounds so bitter lol.  Deep breaths Flux, deep breaths

    • Lets be honest though.  Could many companies, if any get away with development cycles like Blizzard?

      One of the first things they teach you in school, is sometimes you have to let go of your baby and just release the software. 

      The fact of the matter is that Blizzard tends to rework their games from stem to stern after release anyway, all the reworking of already great systems is a bit excessive at this point.

      • Valve rings a bell…Both D3 and HL3 are trapped in purgatory for an unprecedented amount of time. They are both (Valve and Blizzard) getting away with it.

        • One has a gold shitting cow (wow), the other has a gold shitting pig (steam).
          As long as the result in terms of sales is good enough, they both have the resources to go on. forever.


      • Our 10 man software project is behind by 4 weeks now. Our manager’s response?
        “It’s better to be late by 2-3 months and deliver a proper product than to rush out a shoddy product. The customer will gripe for those 2-3 months, but be happy after that, soon forgetting the brief delay. That’s much better than them hating us forever for releasing a broken product that will take way more time afterwards to patch up.”
        Don’t worry. My government-mandated break is done now. Back to putting in more overtime with the rest of the team till I’m delirious…

    • Well…it’s Blizzard. It isn’t like they’re trying out some radical new type of game. Everything they do is a collective re-hash of things that have already been done and proven to work. There’s absolutely no excuse for this type of timeline for the development of a single shallow ARPG.

      • Like I said before,

        The huge RPG Skyrim took 3 years to develop.
        The huge (i mean very huge) MMO SWTOR took 6 years to develop.
        At least a-year delayed Diablo 2 took 3 years to develop. 

        Diablo 3 takes 7-12 years to develop. Better they give us at least the triple amount of content D2 offered.

        • Agreed – but I doubt Blizzard management would agree with the 7-12 number.  As fans, it has been *forever and a day* since D2 was released.
          For Blizz management, they didn’t want to release D3 right away because they wanted to wait for technology to advance so it would be something much better not just a mega expansion.  Then Blizz North noodled around for a long time making prototypes.  Then they shut down Blizz North.  Blizz South probably did the normal software developer thing of looking at their code and saying “What is this garbage – We need to rewrite from scratch so it is designed properly.”
          So Blizz management is probably looking at how long since Blizz South took over and the project started ‘in earnest.’

          • And they started to work on their version in 2005. If we count Blizzard North’s development which was started in 2000 as it was said in the anniversary video it becomes 12. That’s why I wrote 7-12. But at best (7 years) it still takes more time than SWTOR. This long dev time for an ARPG is very absurd.

            In the same time Jay Wilson pointed out that the beta content is the half of Act 1 and Act 4 will be rather small like D2’s Act 4. He also added, the amount of content in D3 will be a little bit less than D2 Classic. 

            I wonder what D3 team really did in all of those years.

  6. @”Or do you not even care?”
    This. Just another meaningless (or overblown) phrase in light of the Korea desaster, and the outrage in the forums.

  7. I don’t even care anymore. All my hype is gone. Yes, I will buy the game… I’m just saying I don’t care anymore.

      • I care, Blizzard. Release date please :mrgreen:

        • Only weaklings don’t care yet they somehow read this site everyday… ironicly enough.
          Still everyday I hope for that big news title popping on my screen: Diablo 3 Release Date! and when that day has arrived all those sad souls that had lived to wait 7+ years… (originally 3,5 years so far since NONE knew before the announcement back in 2008 so F*** all your excuses) … there will be a big smile on those faces, mentally jumping up and down, going crazy. And then you stand at that local store at 23:00 hrs… waiting for the store to open in excitement to buy it asap and rush home to install and play the F*** out of it… tho I kinda am rambling on 😛

  8. I do care, very much. I am excited to see what new/different features they’ve been working on. Every Blizzard game is practically dead-on when it gets shipped. I’ll wait another 6 months if it means getting a game that’s been honed to the point where I’ll still be playing it years from now.
    Plus, it’s interesting to watch their process. I respect them as a company and their game-design philosophy – so their iterations are always interesting to behold. Thanks for the time and work you continue to put into making the best possible games for us Blizzard.
    As for speculation – I would love to Beta test PvP, Hardcore, Runestones, or possibly something with the currently-useless misc Merchants?

    • well they already said they aren’t going to test PvP because people would bitch about the lack of balance at lvl 13, and Blizzard said they really don’t care about PvP balance at lvl 13 
      and runes don’t drop in normal difficulty, especially act 1, so that’s out

      • Well aren’t you Mr. Buzz-kill? 😕
        Just kidding – I know that’s what they’ve “said” – but I wouldn’t put it past them to test things (however unlikely) just to make sure they work the way they’re intending. Obviously there would be disclaimers a-plenty.

      • well they also planned to have a very short beta test. so hopes are that they include more content in the beta. I dont watch beta movies anymore. I have seen maybe 50 runs of lvl 1 characters, I cant stand it anymore. And as long as their beta invitation rounds consist of 10 bet a keys for the US market, I have no chance to get to play the game before release anyway. Right now I dont care about the beta anymore. I hope for runestones and PvP.

  9. Hasn’t Bashiok previously stated that rune stones are the only game system currently undergoing major revision?  Where is it indicated that the game system he is speaking of isn’t rune stones?

    Edit: This is where Bashiok says the changes coming with the next patch aren’t runestones (from the site linked in the post:

    Posted by D3BETA
    So is the rune system set and is currently being implemented entirely?

    Not yet. Once we have an implementation and we’re at least moderately sure it’s going to work out we’ll share all the details.

    Also, check out this quote from the same page:

    Are far are you guys (generally) from being able to ship a game that is polished? In other words is it still an early 2012 planned release? (which quarter is planned would be most appreciated, not month, but quarter).

    Because the way it sounds, it’s like if there’s still a lot of job left and that can scare a bit the people eh!

    We don’t know. We were shooting for the end of 2011, and now we’re shooting for first quarter 2012. As soon as we’re sure of something (release date or otherwise) we’ll be sure to let you know.

    Apparently “early 2012” still means Q1! 🙂

    • ” Where is it indicated that the game system he is speaking of isn’t rune stones?”
      runes don’t drop aren’t in act 1 of normal, so they won’t be in the beta, so Flux assumes runes won’t be the news they’ll “be sharing shortly before or with the next beta patch”

  10. Runestones.
    “Before or with” the next beta patch doesn’t necessarily mean IN the next beta patch.

    • Then why bother mentioning a beta patch at all?

      • To provide some sort of time-frame; even if we don’t know exactly when the next beta patch will be, we will know to expect new info around the same time. Bashiok may have casually forgotten that rest of the world works on a schedule of days, weeks, and months, rather than one of client versions, and tossed out the “next beta patch” comment thinking that it was giving us somewhat more concrete information about a time. Or alternatively, perhaps he was trying to anticipate and deflect the “when?” question – one he isn’t really allowed to answer – by giving us the impression of a timeframe without any concrete information.
        I don’t know for certain, I just know that his comment doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s currently-testable early-act-1 content.

  11. Excited for next beta patch!  Early means July!

  12. “Or do you not even care, since you’re so disgusted at the perpetual revisions and delays, and you’re coming more and more to believe that “iteration” is just an excuse to never do anything right the first time?”
    Stay outta my head!  Whatever the changes, I’m sure that it will mean less choice, more dumbing down, and 90% of the “fans” will love it.
    “Hasn’t Bashiok previously stated that rune stones are the only game system currently undergoing major revision?”
    Yes, yes he did.  He says a lot of things, it seems.

  13. they want to break the world record of how long a game can be posponded..let them be..poor bastards they are…haha!
    when the game comes the wolrd ends. }:^X

  14. its ok bash illl wait! but.. what the fuck happened to those increased number of beta testers? via opt-inn or whatever… pffft hope thats coming wiht this next beta patch or watever too….. 🙄

  15. If I’m following Flux here, Flux thinks that the system changes Bashiok is referring to don’t involve runestones because runestones aren’t dropping in the beta. However, Bashiok only said that they’d be sharing the system changes they’ve been working on shortly before or with the next beta patch. To me, that doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they will patch the beta to reflect the system changes so that those changes can be tested. It only means that they will share the info on system changes in that time frame. They could conceivably share their “final decision” (I know, oxymoron in Blizzardland – I digress) on the runestone system and drop the next beta patch with unrelated changes in the same time frame. In fact, I think that’s exactly what’s likely here. Otherwise, wouldn’t it make more sense to only share the information about large game system change together with the patch if the purpose of the patch is to test the change in the beta?

    As Kadaj stated, Bashiok is on record that runestones are the only major game mechanic left to be substantially rehashed (paraphrasing Bashiok here of course). If this hasn’t changed, I’d say there’s still hope that the “early 2012” release window hasn’t changed. After all, if they announce the runestone system formally and the beta content doesn’t carry into a part of the game where runestones are going to be tested, then the “large game system changes” don’t necessarily affect the release window. I don’t think we should assume that the release window (now specified as “1Q 2012” according to Bashiok’s new blue post) has changed until they come out and officially announce it has changed or it simply gets too late to see it as a realistic possibility.

  16. Seriously. Half the posters in this thread are crying like a little babies. Hypocrits. You all are gonna buy this game anyway.

    • Aren’t we crying about not being able to buy the game yet ? Don’t see how that is hypocrism :p
      My wild theory there :
      They’ve noticed a few months back that they won’t be able to offer a full quality online service to everyone in the world and that an online only drm is pretty pointless against piracy. Thus they have decided to offer some sort of an offline mode, but seeing how they built the game this is actually a LOT of work.
      That would explain why Bashiok is so sure about the “you’ll understand that it’s not korea that’s drawing us back”.
      And yes I do realize how low there is a chance of my theory being true, but I still think it fits pretty perfectly 😉

    • lol and one poster in this thread appears to be mentally challenged and unable to comprehend written English. read first, use GoogleTranslate to go from English to English and then respond. idiot

  17. Looks like they have a lot of talking to do with South Korea!

  18. Finally, they’ve said it. “We aren’t polishing it, we’re still developing it.” Now I’m not even convinced that the game will be released in july. Development + RMA + polishing + simultaneous launch (which means months of translation, preparation and so on)…

    • I dunno about July, but it certainly seems like too much left to even hit March.  You forgot to mention “rebalance items/skills/classes because of system changes” and “re-test everything due to many code changes” before they can even send it out for translation.
      I’m sticking to my long-time guess of May 31.

  19. they’re adding stat points and skill points to  the game

  20. Flux, WoW Xpacs and D3 are operating on precisely opposite terms, which explains why the former hits schedules and the latter doesn’t.  The Xpacs keep the game fresh, and players interested.  D3 potentially cannibalizes a good chunk of those players. Keeping in mind that WoW still makes a steady 1.5 bil/year and D3 stands to make a one-time 300 mil and possible running 100mil/year between the RMAH and annualized d3 xpacs, which do you think they’re more interested in releasing on time?

  21. I can only think of:

    1) Item stats
    2) Item drops
    3) Party/Quest system on BNET
    4) Skills/Runes
    5) PvP

  22. Early 2012 means late 2019 in blizzard lingo (and in late 2019 blizzard will postpone till “early 2020″….)
    , I’m at the point where nothing even disappoints me anymore.

  23. Seriously – tired of speculating already. It was fun to do it in 2010, 2011… but not anymore!!

    I want some new, solid news from Blizzard.

  24. OMG, thats a news like an desaster. Why???
    Hey, the Game was how long in development? The core, mechanics and the game himself, must stand for some time. And now, nearly, 1-3 months before the release is planned, they development still too???
    Sounds like, some systems dont run good, the dont piontable attributes? Work the Level cap not realy? Some skills or balancing??? Dont know, but for me are all points, were many peaple dislike for months ago and blizz said they would go THIS way. Now the way eventually is wrong???
    Sorry, i dont play one minute this game, but since the news with the levelcap i think, D3 goes the wrong way and cant reach the “cult” of D2. Surly i will play but at some points, i dont the way of development of blizz.

  25. This is poor game design for a non mmo game. There are no excuses. If you follow proper design principals they wouldn’t be fixing major items in a public beta stage. They are using their popularity to commit design atrocities and people blindly accept this. Rule of loop (iteration) defines if the game is fun to play, they are well past that, the rest is simply filling the game up ready for gold. Whats taking them so long??????

  26. I’m just as big a fan of the Diablo series (playing it since launch day of D1 until now) as anyone on the forum, but for crying out loud, can’t you guys just relax and stop complaining? Aren’t there more important things to worry about in life than the release date of a game?  Blizzard really doesn’t care, they know we will all buy it eventually when it comes out. And Flux, please stop being so pessimistic about a product you are supposed to love and care about.

    • I believe, Flux is a lttle nearer at D3 and the development process as we all. He know of what he speak ( i hope?!) So his pessimistic comments i find ok, not all what blizz do is only sunshine.
      And yes, there is something more than this game in all of our life, but here is not the life board, here is the place to spoke abot D3. 😆

  27. At this point I’m wondering if they’re making a sequel to Diablo II or if they’re making something entirely different. It doesn’t take 7 years of development to make a sequel to something with a solid foundation.

  28. Surely this polish and redesigning they speak of has to do with it being more accessible.
    Surely some grandmother in their focus tests didn’t understand the concept of a “game.”  Maybe they’ve gone back to turn Diablo 3 into a movie so that everyone can understand it.

    When Bashiok types out stuff like this, it’s almost embarrassing to read…

  29. My guess is they are making even more last minute changes than they expected.
    But honestly i don’t care, i know how it is with blizzard and i felt like this when waiting for D2 so i’ll just keep waiting hoping the game turns out to be worth the wait as it was the case with D2.

  30. *sigh* Looks like any lingering hopes for a late February release have been crushed… Now even March is looking iffy despite Bashiok’s claim that they are still shooting for a Q1 release…

    I am currently too tired to rant like I want to so I guess I’ll save my raging for the official thread tomorrow, but suffice it to say that I seriously want to go through the 3 hour flight and the how much ever long drive to get down to Irvine just so I can take a baseball bat to Jay Wilson’s face and balls… What the effing hell are they still in the middle of working on? He makes it sound like it’s multiple systems and not just runestones anymore so wtf is going on down there that they are still full-on developing this stuff?! They should have been in the final polishing stages of every aspect of the game months ago… FML! *slams head on desk*

  31. I believed beta testers mentioned something about quests being exploitable and such, on BNET?

    They probably did something to that, because I wouldn’t want people to start glitching and all that nonsense when the game’s officially out.

  32. I’ve played the beta, it’s nothing spectacular, even 6 years of development would be a joke. I’ll buy it when it’s released but it’s nothing great. It’s just a re-hash as others have said. I read all of the books and enjoyed the story-line and I find it pathetic that the story-line does not go in depth and that it isn’t expansive.I wish that it could have that amount of substance, but with the D2-D3 (Torchlight) style game play. That won’t happen, the developers probably love the game but if it’s like everything else ever made it’s hampered by bureaucratic garbage within the parent company. No disrespect towards the developers, just the people who keep it from being an extraordinary game.

  33. You know what counts as a crucial game system to Blizzard?


    Ta-dah. Mystery solved.

    Yes, Blizzard, please take more time to butcher my childhood memories.

  34. I have lost my intresst in d3, almost. It was fun to ride on the hype during 2008 till the beta start. But now it’s just so anticlimatik. I hope the will ship the game in a near future but i cant feel any hype for it any longer. Its just. meh. 😐

  35. @Coolhawk
    Hmm, ok understood. Your point is valid.  I just sincerely hope at the end what we all are getting is a game we can sink our teeth into. Diablo has always offered a casual approach for the more casual gamer, but also enough to satisfy those (like me and most of the posters here) who like really getting into the dynamics, statistics, min-maxing, etc. I hope this is what they are trying to offer the D3 community (hopefully adding level up stats as some previous posters mentioned).

  36. 1.  All character classes will be removed and replaced by lightsaber-wielding pandas.

    2.  The Korean version of D3 is free, but all item drops are removed.  Koreans can now only acquire items by purchasing items sold by the other regions on the RMAH.  Koreans can sell those items back on the RMAH, but only for Bobbybucks.

    3.  Some other made up crap to cover for their delayed release.

  37. It was about a year and a half or two years ago, somewhere right here on these very forums, I posted my prediction of a July 2012 release date for D3. Well, now I’m in the beta and following very closely the ongoing development of this game, and my new prediction for the release is…

    Still July 2012 🙁

  38. I’m gonna throw in a little bit of conspiracy theory over here… Blizz never intended to release this game by Q4 2011 (their first estimate), and “early 2012” was iffy to begin with.
    They were never close to completing the game. Here’s a few things to support this:
    1) Max Schaefer definitely had inside info, and the game was long from completion – this is why he made a pretty bold statement that 2011 wasn’t feasible.

    2) Blizzard released the Beta saying it was to test stability – which requires tons of testers. Yet they let in beta testers slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. (Yes, Blizzard was buying time)
    3) There are many, many game changes/balances going on under the pretense of “overhauling” the system – as can be seen in this news post. Are they really overhauling, or are they still “in development”?
    So you might ask “What the hell is the motive in doing that?!?”
    When news of a videogame is nearing completion, especially with Beta underway, it’s the perfect marketing gimmick to haul in fans. H-Y-P-E.
    There you have it boys and girls, Blizzard screwed us 360 degrees.

  39. Oh, Oh! I know! They’ve seen how well multiple choice conversations work in The Old Republic and they’re adding ten thousand lines of dialog to the Diablo 3 😆

  40. Guys,as I said last year in early December,I doubt we will see a release date until the end of February.Many ppl started to argue with me,many said no the game will come in January or in February.. rofl
    wake up guys this animal here is fu..ing Blizzard.They have said at Blizzcon 2010 “we need beta soon for all the fans here”-lie. If soon is 10/11 months… They have said” the game will have very short beta to test server stability and b.net features”-lie.Beta test continues 4 months already and we have no clue when will finish.
    They have said”the game will come in the end of 2011″-lie. Korean GRB have rejected to approve RMAH and then immediately came”soon was to soon.. sorry guys but our goal is to ship the game in early 2012″-lie.
    If this one was true,they should tell us release date already,because for me early means January/March.
    They keep silence long time without telling us any important info what’s really going on here, and only Bashiok the kiter tries to tell us some “funny” stories.
    So,I don’t believe Blizzard at all,not anymore,because there is not a single reason to believe them.This game wont come anytime soon,and i hope at least TL2 or Path of Exile to be released in coming months.Better to play both games instead of endless waiting for D3.Good luck to all D3 fans.. 2013 is on the horizon!

    • Only one of those quotes is something they actually said and that’s the “early in 2012” and that wasn’t even a promise, just an educated guess.
      If you actually use “…” to quote something then make sure that those quotes really exist, otherwise you’re just embarassing yourself.

  41. Seeing they’ve recently been tinkering with the ‘charms’ interface textures in beta patch #9, my best guess would be that they’re currently trying to resolve the whole charms/talisman/custom stats concept after all.

    Other than that, they talked about having several more ideas for end-game content to build up on the Inferno-flat-difficulty-system post-release. They might as well use their ‘extra time’ for implementing that right now as a general change to ruleset of Inferno-mode.

    Guess that Amazon.de release date bingo entry of June 2012 wasn’t too far-fetched after all … 😉

  42. I think the next beta patch will fix some of the + stat/dmg on gear discrepancies we’ve seen in the current version of the beta. It will also fix the current Auction House issues such as not being able to filter item results or view the details of sold items. 

    As far as big system changes that I believe are taking place; I believe he is primarily talking about runestones (and all things effected by or affecting them) as well as the precision stat (needs tweaking imo).

  43. Iteration is good when you know what you are aiming for, when you have a vision of what you want to achieve. It’s hard to get stuff right the first time, so it’s natural that you need to revise it a few times until it does exactly what you want.
    Iteration is bad when you don’t know what you are aiming for. You will keep changing stuff without improving it, eventually just going in circles. The result are endless overhauls and delays, without anything actually getting done. As the saying goes: Every path is the wrong one if you don’t know where you want to go.

  44. For me its not the point, to get D3 on february or march, it is the point, that they still are in DEVELOPMENT. This is the point. If there problems with the skillsystem, with the attributes or with any importand mechanic ingame, than there is something wrong at this stage we reach. And this is, what me makes angry.

  45. Sell the IP of Diablo to Runic Games and piss off Blizzard your a former shell of what you used to be before Activision brought your dead corpse.

  46. We all know, that we should play in diablo 3 since minimum 1 year.
    I am running out of patience.


  48. Glad I went with Skyrim to pass some time until this hits the shelves in … 2013. Since then I’ve been visiting way less often as the excitement has worn off and Skyrim is a good enjoyment.

  49. They are waiting Torchlight 2 to copy some of their stuff.
    Didn’t they say they would release 2 games per year?

  50. sorry but i would go for the last part of the news 😉
    i dont care …

  51. Development …. IS THAT A BETA OR A FULL DEVELOPMENT ? It’s not clear. Blizzard is jocking with us …clearly.

  52. I remember reading in 2010 that they took Ureh out of the game because if not,the development of the game would have been much longer.I do not see the difference………..

  53. ROFL,I see more “great news” from Mr Bashiok here.Maybe it is his idea for “little something fun”-rofl
    Are you going to”celebrate” now the 15th Anniversary together with Blizzard guys????
    But you know,I will log in for sure in couple of hours.I hope to see another Blizz “diamond” here in blue color.
    Pity I can’t find to  big hammers with Runeword “Beast” and visit Blizz headquarters!!!

  54. Iteration is just so overly exhausted as an excuse. Like most devleopers these days they are so unsure of themselves because they are paranoid once they release a product fans will not like it. If they aren’t sure by now they will never be.

  55. As FLUX mentioned earlier, 90% of the game is probably still the same as it is now.
    Makes one wonder how they thought they could release before Christmas.

    And they’ve yet to implement proper stress tests of their servers for everyone who wants to play – I’ve a funny feeling it’s going to be similar to Eve Online post-release (ie. patch after patch for the first month), and considering what SWTOR experienced with logon times on release, I’m hoping to wait 1 month before playing the game (if I can).

    Oh well, I finally got some mods for Torchlight 1 working, and as much as I want D3 now, I’m happy to attempt getting to level 999.
    I wonder how TL2 is coming along…

  56. I don’t know what everyone is so upset about. There is no obligation to release the game on any schedule but their own. Everyone compares this to another rehash release a la Skyrim, which is probably the laziest sequel I’ve ever played, when it’s obviously a lot more than that. Stop getting so upset about something that, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t really a big deal. It’s just a game, right? I also appreciate these particular blue posts, as they’re as straightforward as can be, and can give me some piece of mind regarding where their at in development. I like to think of the Sistine Chapel in the film The Agony and the Ecstacy here, in which Michelangelo famously cried out in response to the constant pestering of the church regarding the Sistine’s completion. The question being, “When will you make an end!?” To which Michelangelo replies: “When I am finished!” Yes, I just compared Diablo 3 to the Sistine Chapel. I wouldn’t find fault if someone took the opportunity to flame me for this.

    • Well, they did say they were going for a painterly look…
      Seriously though, the only reason this one riles people so much is because they understand now that the game will probably not be released soon (not blizzard soon, actual soon) after the game has korea’s rating. The soonest I expect D3 is march and it’s rather likely that it’ll take longer.

  57. Nothing like a bunch of angry sperglords pissing their little panties about a company taking their time to make the best product possible, and following it up with empty threats! (empty because they’re still going to buy it, and love it)

  58. The goddamn uncertainty about the release date is killing me every time I think about it. I’m so sure that they won’t release D3 in Q1, so I guess we are all just waiting for Blizz to announce that D3 will be delayed again.

    • nono, not delayed. “iterated”. Diablo III will always be on track of the time schedule, because the time schedule for a blizzard game is >=infinity.

  59. CAN’T…..WAIT…….ANY………LONGER……. *eyes popping*
    Ahhh who am I kidding, I’ll wait. Please provide the release date so I can start planning my vacation :mrgreen:

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